Chapter 38 – Young Master to Young Lord.


Regular chapter.



Six years had passed since the tiger hunt ceremony concluded and many things had changed since then.  The most noticeable of which was Silver’s appearance.

He was now thirteen years old however if you just looked at his body you’d find it hard to believe.

From his former 5.2 feet tall stature, he had grown to be 5.11 feet. The previously slim and compact muscles on his chest and arms were now much more bulky and firm, resembling that of a gladiator. His hair which was mostly silver had now become filled with touches of gold and violet.  Also, become slightly shorter, barely reaching his neck.

Currently Silver was sitting inside his study reading a book when suddenly,

*Thump, thump*

Silver put down the book and looked towards the door.

“Who is it?”

No reply came, so Silver asked again,

“Who is it?”

Again no answer came so Silver got up from his chair and walked to the door. He opened it and out of nowhere a figure jumped at him.

Silver caught the figure in mid-air and raised it high into the air.

“Ahh~ Uncle Silvi, too high. Too high~”

Silver threw the figure into the air and caught her as she fell towards him.

“Didn’t I tell you not to disturb me when I’m working?...Now stop crying and take your punishment.”

He then proceeded to tickle her to the point that her sweet laughter turned into a violent cackle.

Suddenly a maid came running into Silver’s room and upon laying eyes on him immediately bowed, not daring to even look into his eyes.

Seeing this, Silver stopped playing with the little girl and in an indifferent tone asked,

“Are little Yu and Meir done with their lesson?”

Hearing Silver speak, the maid slightly shuddered,

“U…Um yes, The morning lessons are over. I told the young Miss that the Young Lord was busy but sh…she didn’t listen.”

Silver looked towards little Yu, who was clutching his left leg and shyly looking away. He patted her on the head before lightly pinching her chubby cheeks,

“If you do this again I’ll tell your brother but for today I didn’t see anything.”

When little Yu heard her uncle say “tell your brother”, her eyes instantly widened and grew teary.

Her brother, Piore was always hard on her and her sister Meir. He would constantly lecture them, telling them that they should take their studies seriously so that in the future they could be of use to Silver.

He would always scold them whenever they skipped classes to play with their Uncle Silvi and sometimes they’d even get pinched.

Little Yu didn’t know the exact details of what happened four years ago but one day her parents were sending her and her sister to live with a funny grandpa who always played with them when suddenly Big brother Piore showed up and brought them to this castle.

They always had good food to eat and drink in Break Jaw castle and there were many interesting places to visit in the City. The people were always nice to her and all of them called her Young Miss.

She loved living here and Piore had told her from the very first day that the reason they had this life was because of Silver and no one else.


Silver turned to the maid who was still bowing and said,

“Take her to mother for her afternoon lesson and call Manu for me.”

Silver patted little Yu on the head and told her to follow the maid. She didn’t want to go but it looked like her uncle was busy, so she had no choice.

Besides, Mama Silvi’s lessons were one of the few she enjoyed so it wasn’t that bad.

As soon as they left the room, the maid holding little Yu’s hand sighed in relief. She then turned to stare at Yu in awe,

“Only the two young Miss’s are able to act like that in front of the Young Lord.”

She looked back at Silver’s door and couldn’t help but feel a mixture of both fright and pride. Fearful of his talent and strength while also proud to serve him.

Silver on the other hand was paying no mind to neither little Yu nor the maid. He already had many things to think and worry about.

For one, he was now the person in charge of running and overseeing most of the matters in the Southern Branch. He managed the accounts, attended meetings with the Elders and Chief’s of various cities and villages in the Southern Branch’s territory. He even marched with the troops during the annual Beast hunting.

Pretty much everyone in the Southern Branch knew of this fact, many were proud of it but of course some disliked it.

However Silver didn’t care about them, the only reason he was doing all this was because Akela was on the verge of a breakthrough and had gone into secluded training. Silver had no choice but to stop his training at the Central branch and come back to help manage the Southern Branch.


“You called for me.” announced Manu as he entered Silver’s room.

A smile immediately formed on Silver’s face. Manu was the one person other than Akela and Saphir, who had been with him since he was a child and now whenever Silver needed help with something, he was there.

“Yes, I wanted to know if the preparations are complete.” said Silver.

Manu sighed as he drew closer to Silver,

“I still can’t believe that in a month’s time you’ll be attending Night Dragon Academy.”

Silver lightly chuckled,

“I have no choice, both father and Master wish for me to go.”

Manu smiled wryly as he patted Silver’s shoulder,

“I know your father told you about what happened to my son so I won’t repeat it. I just want you to know that I think you as my own child and if there’s anything you need don’t hesitate to ask.”

Silver was slightly shocked to hear those words coming from the usually cold and quiet Manu however more than anything he was touched.

“Don’t worry Uncle, you of all people should not be worried.”

Hearing this Manu laughed and waved his hand as he turned to leave,

“Haha…How could I doubt my monster nephew.”

Silver stared at Manu’s back and couldn’t help but sigh, many things happened these past six years but he had never once been away from home for more than six months nor had he ever travelled farther than the Central branch. However now he would be doing both those things.

“Would the things that I’ve learned all this time be enough to secure a place for myself in this world?” wondered Silver.

He then sat back on his chair and waved his hand.

Out of thin air, a small cylindrical mirror appeared before him. This was a spirit tool crafted by the Patriarch himself as a gift to Silver for when he broke through the 50th level. The tool was part of a set that allowed him to communicate with the person who had the other mirror.

Silver was storing the mirror in his void bracelet which was also a gifted to him by the Patriarch when he managed to break through the 60th level.

Silver touched the mirror once and pictured the image of Krias in his mind. A few moments later, Krias appeared inside the mirror,

“Master!” said Krias.

Silver waved his hand as he smiled,

“I told you stop calling me that. Anyway are you done with the task?”

Faint sounds of battle could be heard coming from inside the mirror,

“I’ll be done soon. Is there something else you need?” replied Krias.

Silver shrugged as he said,

“Nothing much, just be back here in a month’s time.”

Krias slightly frowned when he heard this but he still nodded,

“I’ll do as you say.”

Silver waved his hand once again and the mirror disappeared.


“Night Dragon Academy.” thought Silver.















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