Chapter 39 - Man power.



Three weeks quickly passed and now only a week was left before Silver was supposed to leave. However before he could leave, certain things needed to be taken care of.

One of them being, successfully passing the qualification test of Night Dragon Academy which would be held the day after tomorrow.

Currently Silver was in the courtyard training with Piore.


Piore’s sword swiftly descended down towards Silver’s head.

Seeing this, Silver calmly held his position until the sword was only a finger’s length away from his head. He then very softly kicked off the ground with his left foot and in a blink of an eye had backed off almost twenty metres.

Piore’s sword cut nothing but air as it descended however just as the sword touched the ground, Silver kicked off yet again and in an instant was already within arm’s length of Piore.

The off- guard Piore wildly swung his sword at Silver, hoping to slow him down.

However Silver simply jumped into the air effectively dodging the wild swing, twisted his waist and launched a kick aiming for Piore’s neck.

Piore was also quick to act as he immediately let go of his sword and raised his hands to block Silver’s kick. He managed to disperse most of the force from the kick however the force from the blow still caused him to be pushed back quite a distance.

“You’re getting much better at adjusting to situations.” said Silver as he calmly landed on the ground.

Piore wiped the sweat of his forehead as he tried to steady his breathing. They had been training for five hours without rest and yet not even a drop of perspiration could be seen on Silver.

“With your hellish training, even a dog could become a capable soldier.” chuckled Piore.

Piore had grown to be quite tall for his age at 5.5 feet tall. The weak, innocent look that previously stained him was long gone and replacing it was a cold indifferent look that was very similar to Silver’s.

His body was less muscular than Silver however in terms of his agility, even Silver had to submit. The reason for this was because Silver had given the vial which contained the tonic of recognition to Piore thus improving his previously mediocre talent and drawing out his body’s full potential.

Coincidentally, the longer than normal tiger fang sign that Piore received just so happened to cover up the scar on his right arm.


“Stop talking nonsense, the training I give is like heaven compared to what I had to endure under Master.” barked Silver as his complexion slightly paled.

Hearing this Piore just shrugged,

“Don’t compare us human beings to monsters like you.”

Silver fiendishly smirked as he snorted,

“First defeat Krias before flaunting your feathers.”


A/n- Reference to Peacocks and how they flaunt their feathers with pride.


Piore’s face instantly fell as he looked away from Silver.

“Hmph! That stupid Krias, thinks he’s so good. Big bro only keeps him around to test how effective darkness is on the light attribute.

Just wait when I learn attack techniques.” mumbled Piore.

Silver’s ears twitched as he stared at the mumbling Piore and couldn’t help but sigh,

“Why can’t you two just get along?”

He then waved his hand and said,

“I’m bored with training. Let’s go get lunch, maybe little Yu and Meir will be there.”

Piore fetched his wooden sword while cursing,

“All you do is use that stupid cloud step to run around and then when you’re bored you leave. What kind of instructor are you?”

Silver suddenly turned around and with a huge smile on his face asked,

“Did you say something?”

Piore felt a cold breeze go through his body,

“Ah! Yes,.....I sa..said you’re spoiling Yu and Meir too much.... y..Yes!”

Silver laughed heartily as he took large strides towards the dining hall. Piore on the other hand simply stared at Silver’s back and smiled, lost in thought.

“Hey, are you not hungry?” shouted Silver as he continued to walk.

Piore woke up from his trance and quickly chased after Silver. The two looked like brothers as they laughed and joked on the way to the dining hall.

All the guards they passed on the way would bow at the sight of Silver and some would even shout greetings.

“I wonder what the Young lord’s Practitioner level is?” asked a middle aged guard with hints of grey in his hair.

Hearing this, a rather skinny guard laughed as he proudly puffed his chest out,

“Hehe...Boss, no one else knows this but one day as I was patrolling the castle at night, I saw the Young Lord fighting on equal ground with Captain Heris.”

The middle aged Boss’s lips trembled as he said,

“Doe..doesn’t that me...mean that he’s already reached surpassed the 60th level?”

The skinny guard immediately grew flustered as he raised his hands to cover the Boss’s mouth,

“Please keep your voice down Boss! If Captain Heris learns that I told someone that he lost the fight against the Young Lord, he definitely won’t spare me.”


“WHAF!?HE LOFT THE FIGHF!” shouted the Boss through the skinny guard’s hands.

The skinny guard stared at the Boss in disbelief thinking, “You’re doing this on purpose. Definitely on purpose!”

The Boss finally calmed down, he looked at the skinny guard and whispered,

“Liren you aren’t lying to me, right?”

Liren furiously shook his head as he swore in the name of the Divine Tiger.

“Good, now I have some dirt on that bum. Just wait till I see him....hehe”

The skinny guard was speechless; all he could do now was curse himself for opening his mouth and await the coming judgement.



On a cliff a hundred kilometres away from Break Jaw Castle,


“This is the only bandit group left on this side of the mountains. Once we’re done, I get to go back home to my sweet Jiri. Ah~ How I miss you.” cried a rather wispy middle aged man.

Hearing this a well built, brown haired youth who although wasn’t handsome couldn’t be called ugly either laughed,

“Mr. Zhe really loves his wife. I would think that by now you would at least have a child though...?”

Hearing this Mr. Zhe jumped up and pointed at the well built youth.

“You...What are you trying to say? Are you questioning I your Father’s man power?” shouted Zhe as he moved his waist back and forth.

Seeing this scene playing out, all fifteen soldiers gathered at the cliff burst into laughter.

“Haha...go ahead and teach that youngling how to do it properly.” barked one of the soldiers.

The well built youth scratched his head as he turned around to walk away.

“Hey, Where are you going? Can’t you see my fantastic moves?” shouted Mr.Zhe as he took yet another obscene position.

The well built youth walked away from the group of jokers and headed towards a nearby tree. He could still hear the other soldiers echoing laughter as they continued to play around.

Suddenly from above him someone said,

“Don’t mind them. They’ve lost comrades during this expedition so they’re trying their best to not think about it. Just think of it as compensation for having your back in battle.”

The well built youth was startled by the sudden voice. He looked up only to find a dark skinned youth sleeping on a branch. The youth had strange markings all over his right arm, clearly visible as he wore sleeveless light armour.

His long black hair danced as the wind blew by, revealing a shallow scar along his left eye.

“Vice Captain, Krias!” exclaimed the well built youth.

Krias lazily opened his eyes as he propped himself up.

“Didn’t Captain send you to scout the area two hours ago?” whispered the well built youth.

As if he didn’t hear anything, Krias continued to stretch his body which was giving off faint popping sounds.

He then took a lengthy yawn before saying,

“Go tell him that if he wants it done so quickly, then he should do it himself?”




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