Chapter 4 - Choice.


Silver and his father remained talking for hours about training methods as well as the pros and cons of beginning training at a young age.
“Young Silver, have you made a decision?” asked Akela while staring at his son.



The entire room was quiet, Silver was deep in thought pondering when he realized something, “Father you’ve told me of these techniques however is it possible for me to choose the techniques I want to train in?” asked Silver with a serious face.

“Of course training is already hard, who would be stupid enough to train in something that they aren’t interested in. Listen closely little Silver training is also connected to one’s will. If you don’t have the interest and passion to improve in whatever it is you’re practicing then it will be virtually impossible to improve. Do you understand?” said Akela while looking at his son waiting for a reaction to see if he truly does understand, after all to him Silver is still just a 1 year old child.



“I understand Father, one can only improve if one has interest in training.” Said Silver while looking right at his father who was staring at him.



Akela smiled and said, “Good now go and rest I’ll send Kabul right away to go the library at the Central branch and get the books for you to choose you’re preferred training manual. Given Kabul’s speed he’ll probably be back by morning.”
Silver then nodded while smiling, it was impossible for him to hide his excitement, he had been in this world for a year now and was quite bored as he was not allowed to leave the castle where he was restricted to the first floor.
Silver then returned to his room which he shared with his mother as he was just a one year old child. “What did your father want little Silver?” asked Saphir with a smile. Needless to say Saphir was already quite proud of her son as he could already walk and talk as well as was also quite intelligent.
“Nothing he just wanted to know whether I want to start training.” said Silver while smiling. In his past life Silver was an orphan and didn’t know of the warmth motherly love brings however in this life he was blessed with a loving mother whom he holds, currently as the most important person in his life.

“I see so when will you begin?” asked Saphir while stroking her son’s hair.
“Tomorrow” said Silver.
“Tomorrow! Okay get in bed and rest you’ll need your strength for tomorrow.” Said Saphira slightly shocked.
Silver then went to bed next to his mother. Every night for the past year Silver has been training according to the divine mind purification technique and his divine power has already reached the second level however due to the purification aspect of the divine mind purification technique it is comparable to the power of the 4th level.


The divine mind purification technique like the name suggests gives the user the ability to refine the absorbed divine power compressing it and removing all the impurities however it also gives the user the ability to read the minds of people with weaker souls than the user. The technique also gives the user amazing perception especially during times of danger where it helps keep the user’s mind clear as well as let them detect dangerous situations. Silver has estimated that currently his soul’s strength is comparable to those who have reached the 10th level.


The next morning Silver got dressed with the help of his mother then proceeded to the dining hall to have breakfast , as usual Kaz was glaring at him. After breakfast Silver went to his father’s study, he was about to knock on the door when a deep voice came from the room saying, “Enter!”
Silver entered the room and could see his father sitting on a chair reading a book, Silver then scanned the room with his eyes, they landed on a table which had 8 books placed onto it. Akela seeing his son look at the training books and not even greet his father smiled and said,


“Hmph! I had to part with 300,000 gold coins to borrow these books and you can’t even pay respects to your own father.”
After hearing his father’s words Silver was stunned, it should be known that 1 gold coin was enough for a family to live without worry for a year. For his father to spend that amount of money means 2 things that the techniques he borrowed are very precious to the clan and that his father cares deeply for him. Silver then knelt which surprised Akela and said, “Father, thank you I will not disappoint you.”


Akela stared at his son who seemed to have understood just how big his sacrifice was, he then nodded and pointed towards the table which had the training manuals atop it and said, “I acquired four of the best lightning techniques and four light technique manuals. I have to attend a meeting with the elders and I’ll be gone for about 3-4 hours, within that time take a look at all the technique manuals and you may choose two lightning technique manuals and two light technique manuals. Any more would just hinder training.”
“Yes, Father.” Said Silver as he stood up and headed towards the table with the technique manuals.
“I wonder which techniques this child will choose, it’s a pity those two light techniques can only be trained to the first level.” Thought Akela as he left the room.
Silver carried a chair and placed it next to the table he then sat down and began to read about the six lightning techniques which were;
-        Lightning storm : this allows the user to transform divine power to electricity and use it to attack. It has six stages and at the final stage ones divine power is completely transformed to lightning.
-        Thunderclap fist : this needs one to be struck by lightning at least once to train it, when trained to the fourth(highest) stage one will have the strongest body  as well as the strongest hand to hand combat technique.
-         Cloud step : this allows the user to gather lightning divine power towards their legs granting them incredible speed. When trained to the highest (fourth) stage one will gain the ability to run as fast as lightning.
-        Electro blade: this technique contains sword techniques that boasts the title of fastest blade technique in existence.
“Hmm… I’ll pass on the thunderclap fist technique as I don’t want to be struck by lightning, in my previous life I specialized in using divine power and my body to do combat so the electro blade technique is out. Ok! From today onwards I will practice the lightning storm technique and the cloud step technique. Mm..a good balance of attack and evasion.” Said Silver while nodding in satisfaction.
Silver then turned towards the light techniques however he noticed something peculiar of the four techniques, 2 were created by the Tenshi clan however only the first two pages of the the books could be read while the rest were in another language which looked ancient. Silver decided to look at the other non-tenshi clan books first but he couldn’t help but feel disappointed, the first was a technique called holy light which allowed the user to heal himself and others and when trained fully could even re-grow a limb. The other one is a defense technique called Holy Shield which covers the user in a holy light which can block all attacks and completely nullify them as long as the attacker is weaker or at the same level as the user.
Silver then looked at the Tenshi technique manual and on the cover was a message written by the patriarch of the clan, “this is the strongest defense technique of the Tenshi clan the, White wing technique…..however with the extermination of the Tenshi clan their ancient language has also been lost and thus this technique’s first two pages which was able to be translated because of being written in their native(common) language are able to be practiced while the rest which was written in their ancient language is impossible to decipher.


However these first two pages by themselves are already treasures, they are already very powerful but alas no one except Tenshi clan members has been able to train in it.”
Silver was stunned when he opened the White wing manual because the technique didn’t just help with refining divine power but also if successfully trained to the 2nd level gives one the body of a “Tenshi” clan member which includes wings. The colour of the wings symbolizes potential.
After looking through the first two pages and being completely absorbed in them he unconsciously turned to the next page where only the words written in the ancient language welcomed him. However what happened next completely shocked Silver, the letters in the book began to slowly become readable and Silver began to feel his divine power rush to his head only to be absorbed by his brain.
“What’s going on? Why is my divine power depleting? Why are those words suddenly becoming readable?”  Silver couldn’t understand what was going all he knew was that his divine power was slowly depleting while the words were slowly becoming readable. That was when Silver had an idea which hit him like a lightning bolt,


“Could it be that this language was also a part of the knowledge given to me by the divine tiger!” thought Silver.
Having understood what was going on Silver sat cross-legged and concentrated on the ancient words which were slowly becoming readable.
“What a complex language! No wonder my divine power was depleting there’s just too much information on this language!” thought Silver as he continued to concentrate.


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