Chapter 40 – Trash.




“Eh!? But everyone thinks you’ve already left?” exclaimed the well built youth.

Krias continued to ignore whatever the youth was saying.

He stared into the distance, his gaze focused on a trail of smoke that was rising up into the air.

“That must be the camp. It’s farther than I thought...” whispered Krias.

The well built youth heard this and while walking towards Krias asked,

“Um...Vice captain, do you mind if I tag along?”

Krias’s expression didn’t change as he continued to stare into the distance, lost in thought.

The well built youth was just about to ask again when suddenly Krias spoke,

“Can’t you keep your mouth shut!  Do whatever you want to do, in this place there’s no one who’ll tell you how to live because we know that death is just around the corner.”

The well built youth stood there confused, “Does that mean I can follow or not?”

Krias paying absolutely no mind to the youth’s confused expression, closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. A rare smile forming on his face.

“It’s almost time. I hope they’re leader doesn’t disappoint me.” Thought  Krias.

The well built youth unblinkingly stared at Krias as he found himself unable to look away. The wind blowing through his hair, the peaceful smile on his face, the powerful posture, all coming together to make Krias look like a mysterious otherworldly being.

The well built youth was just about to say something to Krias when suddenly something unexpected happened.

Krias slowly opened his eyes as the previously peaceful smile turned into a confident grin. He slightly bent his knees and with a burst of energy *leapt* forward where nothing but air and forest laid beneath.


The place he had leapt from was left scarred as various cracks formed due to the force Krias had kicked off with.

The well built youth quickly ran to the edge of the cliff to try and see whether or not his Vice Captain was still among the living. However what he saw was even more shocking to behold than Krias’s sudden leap of the cliff.

“WHAAAAT!!?” scremed the well built youth.

This shout caused all the soldiers who were gathered at the cliff to quickly be on alert.

“Is that an alarm?” exclaimed one of them.

“That sounded like Lero, a few of us will go check it out. You guys stay here.” ordered a somewhat old looking middle- aged man, whose hair was mostly grey but whose body resembled that of a youth. Lean and strong.

The other men nodded as three among them followed,

“We’ll go with Captain. You guys keep a look out for any enemies.”

The man known as Captain led the three men towards Lero’s position and by the speed they were moving,  it could be clearly seen that they were all in the soul-compression stage.

In but a few seconds they reached Lero’s position, only to find him staring down from the cliff edge with both his eyes and mouth wide open.

Lero noticed the Captain’s presence and while making “AhhhAhhh” sounds pointed downwards.

Seeing this, the Captain took a powerful step forward and an instant later was standing beside Lero. He glanced down at the cliff side and with a light sigh relaxed his shoulders.

He then waved towards the other three saying,

“False alarm, you can go back and rest.”

The Captain looked down again and lightly smiled.

Krias was halfway down the small mountain, running at extremely fast speed. His feet seemingly glued to the cliff side as he bolted down.

His body was shrouded in black fog making him appear to be a demonic presence, descending from the heavens to punish all mortals.

With a “bang” sound, he landed on the ground. Dust and rock dispersing into the air.

Not wasting any time he dashed into the forest, disappearing from Lero’s and the Captain’s line of sight.


The Captain faced Lero as he said,

“You’ve only been with us for two months so you don’t know about Krias’s abilities. What you just saw was the [Three steps of darkness] skill. I don’t know much about it, but as you saw it’s a high level ***** movement skill.

Probably a gift from the young Lord.”

Lero looked down at the forest beneath and then back at the Captain,

“You mean Young Master Silver!?”

The Captain shrugged,

“Who else? That child has done so many crazy things that it’s gotten to the point that Young Master Kar’s name has almost been forgotten by the people.

However, probably the one thing that people don’t know about is Krias. The Young Lord formed this unit five years ago mainly to get rid of the bandit groups that were growing too strong but that wasn’t the whole reason.

The true purpose of this unit is to train Krias.”

Lero was both shocked and puzzled. “Why is the Captain telling me this?”

Seeing this the Captain laughed,

“Don’t worry, all the guys know. You’re the only one who didn’t!”

After saying that, the Captain turned around heading back towards camp. Lero on the other hand stayed behind staring downwards, in hopes of catching a glimpse of Krias.



Two hours had passed and night fall was quickly approaching.

Krias had reached the bandit’s camp a few minutes ago and was in the process of assessing their strength.

“This place is really well hidden.” Praised Krias.

There were many twists and turns as well as hidden pathways that caused him quite a headache when trying to find this place. If he didn’t have prior information of its location as well as the smoke to lead him here, he probably wouldn’t have found it.

The bandit’s nest was located on a plateau that was only accessible from two places, a carefully hidden pathway and from the sky.

The nest was filled with stumbling drunk men, wildly wrestling and dancing as various chained naked women were forced to play musical instruments.

The women had scars on their bodies clearly from being whipped and some even had serious injuries like broken bones. However that didn’t stop the drunk bandits from violently defiling them.

“Disgusting bastards!

Twenty two men, fourteen women and six children. The leader of this group should be the fat one.

I’ve seen enough, time to hunt.”

Night finally fell as Krias slowly exited the shadows heading for the Bandit’s camp.

He then opened his mouth and chanted in Zarathan,

With darkness there can be no light, the greatest light is life, let there be darkness.

Fifth commandment of Zarthar!”

As soon as he finished reciting, an especially dark cloud formed right above the plateau followed by a bone freezing cold that caused all the lighted torches in the camp to go off.

“What’s going on?” shouted a shockingly fat man who came running out of his tent, barely clothed.

A half naked middle aged woman also came running out of the same tent. Her body screamed seduction, lust and desire, all the qualities needed to ensure her safety in a bandits nest.

“What the f**ck is going on?” cursed the woman as she stood by the fat man’s side.

Krias had already arrived at the camp and was slowly making his way to the fat man. His mouth constantly moving as he did so.

Seeing this, the fat man, narrowed his already small eyes.

“Halt! Who are you?”

Neither Krias’s steps nor his mouth stopped moving as he completely ignored the fat man.

Two bandits who were irritated by Krias took it upon themselves to stop him as they stepped forward,

“Wheeere d’ya think yeeer goin’? Can’t yeeer see the boss’s talkin’ to yeer?” sneered a rather skinny bandit.

“I don’t know where you came from but don’t think you’ll be heading back alive.” Snorted one of the older bandits who quickly drew his sword and dashed towards Krias.

Krias didn’t so much as look at the two bandits who were quickly approaching him, only focusing on his chant and getting to the fat bandit leader.

The two bandits were now within attacking range and in an obviously practiced manner, launched their attacks simultaneously. The skinny bandit used a blade technique of the wind attribute aimed at Krias's neck while the older bandit used a fire technique that sent a flaming sword flying towards his lower half.

Halfway towards Krias the two attacks merged together forming a flaming sword that was double the original size.

“Haha...how yeer like that, this is the ultimate technique of the Flaming sword brothers. Dieee!!”

Just before the attack landed, Krias stopped chanting and only said one word.

“Trash! All of you.”

He then raised his right arm and then threw it down.

The dark cloud floating above the plateau, quickly descended until finally it hit the ground.






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