Chapter 41 - My duty.


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“Haha...What nonsense is this!”  barked the fat bandit leader.

A thin red line could been seen on Krias’s chest, caused by the flaming sword attack. However not a single sign of pain or discomfort could be seen on his face.

The dark cloud hit the ground with a lot of force causing it to disperse throughout the plateau. Shavings of black mist passed over the camp, noiseless and bloodless as it enclasped the shrubs.

The two bandits laughed as they pointed at Krias, the skinny one even fell over as he held onto his stomach.

“Haha..he created fog! He calls us trash and yet all he does is create mist.” snorted the older bandit.

All the other bandits in the camp began to laugh and sneer as they moved to surround Krias. The only person who wasn’t smiling was the fat bandit leader whose eyes were focused on Krias’s chest.


“The attack barely cracked the skin!” thought the bandit leader as beads of sweat could be seen dripping from his forehead.

Just as he was about to order his men to fall back, the beautiful middle aged woman standing by his side suddenly collapsed, her body violently trembling as blood leaked from her eyes.

“AHHH~” screamed the fat bandit leader as he fell on his bottom.

He turned to look at his men who were also falling down, one by one like puppets whose strings had been cut off. The same scene of their bodies violently trembling and blood leaking from their eyes played out.

Their current actions resembled that of a fish on land. Their bodies jumping up and down until finally death embraced them.

Krias stood in the middle of the corpses of the bandits who had surrounded him in a *o* formation.

A weird grin formed on his face as he slowly walked over the corpses of the dead bandits,

“Isn’t it beautiful? Death, that is!”

The fat bandit leader’s shorts suddenly became wet as drops of liquid leaked through.

Life is so bright and dazzling that sometimes it can be blinding to me. Some people I don’t mind being dazzling as their light is soft yet far reaching, lighting the path ahead.” paused Krias as he smiled.

“However like you, there are those whose light is nothing but an eyesore. Blinding for no reason and only serving to harm others. Therefore as a man of Zarthar it is my duty to bring darkness where there is unnecessary light.”

Hearing this, the fat bandit leader’s face turned extremely pitiful as he tried to force a smile,

“P-P-Please, spare me! I –havehave- money, yes, money and women. Whatever you want!”

Krias was now standing right in front of the grovelling bandit leader.

“Don’t worry, I already planned on taking your money! As for the women, I’ll take them out of the darkness and back into the path of light.”

He then stretched his hand out and touched the bandit leader’s hairless scalp and as soon as he did so the black fog that was scattered around the plateau began to converge right behind him.

Once the black fog had converged Krias opened his mouth and said,


The mist hurriedly entered the fat bandit leader from his eight orifices, his eyes then turned black asdid his skin. A few moments later, his body began to crack and slowly disperse into an ash-like dust.

Krias wiped his hand on his leather armour while cursing,

“That sweaty bastard!”

He looked around at the pile of dead bodies that were on the ground and suddenly he remembered his orders,

“Ah! I was supposed to scout and report back. Tch! Who cares anyway? It’s just some petty mountain bandits.”

Suddenly an “Eik!” sound could be heard coming from a nearby tent. Krias turned to look over and was shocked to see all the chained women holding rocks and knives that they picked up from the corpses of the bandits.

Their hands trembled as they held their respective weapons and almost all of them had fearful expressions on their faces, however none of them were crying.

This went to show just how mentally strong they were. After living a life of slavery for so long, the sight of dead bodies no longer bothered them. Only, the sight of their captors whom they believed to be unbeatable, falling like ants at the hands of one person caused them to feel fear.

Seeing the women’s actions, Krias walked away from them and entered the bandit leader’s tent. A few moments later he came out holding a small chest which he then threw towards the group of women.

He also took out ten vials of bright gold liquid from his void bracelet and threw them towards the women.

“That’s all the healing medicine I have on me. If you share it, it should still be more than effective.

The chest has all the gold I could find. I’ve taken some as commission so I’ll be on my way now.”

“Wait!” shouted a young girl with big purple eyes.

“You said you’re from Zarthar!?” asked the girl.

Krias turned back to look at the young girl,

“I did. What of it?”

“I’m also from the North, a place called Zerthia. I_....” the girl couldn’t finish her sentence as Krias’s gaze suddenly turned murderous.

“Don’t say another word or I’ll kill you.” said Krias in a low horse voice.

The girl stood frozen where she stood, unable to speak. She had never in her life felt so afraid.

Her knees gave in and she fell to the ground, her eyes becoming teary.

Krias forced himself to calm down and put away his desire to kill. His body then became shrouded in black fog and like a gust of wind he disappeared.


The young girl still sat there scared senseless, even after Krias departed.

One of the slave women, the oldest of the bunch cursed at the young girl,

“Hey, look what you did! Maybe he could have led us to safety but you and your big mouth ruined everything.

How are all of us supposed to travel safely with a chest full of gold and ten vials of healing tonic that is even more precious than the gold, huh!?”

The young girl looked at the older slave and said,

“I don’t kno...” Just before she finished her sentence, she suddenly covered her mouth with her two hands.

“Ah~! I- I forgot.

A few years ago Zarthar was attacked by the Aristov. They asked all their neighbours for assistance but no one came. Zerthia....was Zarthar’s closest neighbour as well as it’s greatest ally but when the Aristov attacked the people protested on the streets forcing the king to not send reinforcements.”


Krias raced through the forest until he suddenly came to a stop.

In front of him was a gigantic tree that was at least thirty metres high. He then took a drawing stance, his grip tightened as darkness spiritual power gathered, forming into a long dark blade.

With a soft cry, [Night Mist blade] was drawn into a beautiful crescent moon arc, slicing through the tree like butter, with no resistance whatsoever.

Only after a full minute did the tree finally topple over. A testament to the speed and sharpness of Krias’s [Night Mist blade].

His chest heaved up and down as he placed his right hand on his left eye.

“A-r-i-s-t-o-v!” shouted Krias at the top of his lungs.

He looked up at the heavens, eyes radiating killing intent.

“I need to see master.” thought Krias.

He then stretched out his left hand, flashing about as he made various symbols.

A small black crow then appeared,

“Tell the Captain that I’ve dealt with the bandits and inform him of the women at the camp.

If he asks for my whereabouts, tell him I’ve gone to Master!”

With a “caw” sound the bird flew away towards Krias’s unit’s camp.




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