Chapter 42 - A spirit matter.


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“Thank you for taking the time to meet with us, Captain Yul. The Young Lord will be joining us soon.” said Manu as he showed him to the dining hall.

“No need to thank me. I’ve heard so much about the youth Silver from Dion that I couldn’t help but want to see him for myself.” said Yul as he lightly smiled.

Hearing this Manu couldn’t help but sigh,

“Hopefully the test isn’t too hard.”

Yul said nothing more as he quietly followed Manu to the dining hall. He was here to give the admission test to the youths of Break Jaw city however that didn’t mean that he couldn’t enjoy a good meal, exquisite wine and maybe a fine Southern lady to keep the bed warm.

“Here we are.” said Manu as he stared at Captain Yul’s face, waiting for a reaction.

Tens of dishes of every kind had been prepared and placed on the table, in a manner that was extremely appealing to the eye. The most eye-catching of which, was the giant pieces of juicy frost mammoth meat at the centre of the dining table.

Unfortunately no reaction could be seen from Senior Yul, only blinking once and then immediately following a maid to his seat. However on the inside Yul was practically jumping for joy as he slowly inspected every dish with his eyes. If not for his own self discipline as a soldier, he would probably have already drowned in his own drool by now.

Suddenly, a separate door at the other end of the dining hall opened.

“The Young Lord has arrived.” announced Manu as he stood up from his chair and gave a slight bow.

Captain Yul did not bow but instead lowered his head before quickly raising it up again.

Silver simply nodded towards them as he quickly moved to his seat, he was currently in a fairly bad mood. Krias had yet to arrive and this put him in a very difficult position as he needed to stall for time.

He wore an exquisitely embroidered blue changshan that made him look dignified yet strong but at the same time gave him an air of nobility.

“Please sit, let us eat before we discuss anything further.” said Silver as he took his seat at the head of the table.

Manu had nothing to say as he waved his hand, signalling the maids to serve the food and pour the wine, and of course Captain Yul had nothing to say about it either as he could now wholeheartedly focus on eating, not minding about conversation.

Silver on the other hand didn’t touch his food only lightly sipping on the fruit wine. He was busy pondering on how he was going to convince Yul to delay the testing.

He stared at how unceremoniously Yul gobbled up one dish after another and couldn’t help but sigh,

“He’s in the presence of the young Master of the Southern Branch and still doesn’t see it fit to eat in a more human manner. It looks like he’s the hard headed type.” Thought Silver.

He then put his cup down and sat up straight, crossing his legs.

“Captain, do you mind telling me about Night Dragon Academy.” said Silver.

“Eh! Uh...Yesh,... Ehem..., Of course!” replied Yul as he swallowed down a piece of meat.

“You probably know this already but Night Dragon Academy is managed by two major forces. The Night Dragon Sect and the Western Military.

All youths under the age of twenty five are eligible for entry and once you reach the soul compression stage, you may then choose to graduate or join either the West military or the Night Dragon Sect.

Other matters will be told to you once you successfully pass the test.”

He then raised his glass for the maid to refill.


A smile suddenly formed on Silver’s face,

“Oh! Then why hasn’t a representative from the Night Dragon Sect come to see me?”

Hearing this Captain Yul put down his glass forcing a smile,

“Both the Night Dragon Sect and the Western army recruit their own talents, therefore since Senior Dion was the first to take notice of you, only the West Military can give you the test.”

Silver’s smile grew wider as he suddenly stood up,

“I’m feeling a bit tired today, so I’ll postpone my test to two days from now.”

A surprised Captain Yul also quickly stood up. He turned to face Manu seeking an explanation however he was completely ignored.


“Call me Young Lord!” said Silver as he slowly turned around to leave.

“Y..Young Lord, I was given specific instructions to hold the test tomorrow and return the day after. I can’t disobey those orders.” replied Captain Yul, with hints of anger in his voice.

“Oh! Then that’s too bad, you may leave. Manu, contact the Night Dragon Sect for me.” said Silver as he waved his hand. He then exited the room.

Captain Yul was shocked. He stared at Silver’s back and suddenly burst into loud laugh.

“No need to be so blunt. We’ll do as you say, two days from now I’ll come to administer the test when the Young Lord is healthy.”

Silver was outside the dining hall door, when he heard this.

“Sigh~ Thank goodness, he’s so stupid.” whispered Silver.

Manu looked at Silver’s back and couldn’t help but smile. He then turned towards Captain Yul ready to show him out but to his surprise, Captain Yul was already back to munching down food.

“Hmph! How can I let those thieving bastards get any stronger. Two days, Hah! Even twenty days I can wait if it means getting hold of you.” thought Yul as he filled his cheeks with food.



Later that night,



Silver immediately smiled as he felt a familiar presence outside his window.

“Hurry up and get in here.” said  Silver as he stood up.

The window slowly opened and in came Krias, his face slightly pale.

Silver’s smile suddenly turned into a frown as he quickly moved closer to Krias, a cold glint suddenly appearing in his eyes.

“How many times have I told you not to try and activate it?”

Krias’s face fell as he opened his mouth to talk however before he could say anything Silver was already standing right in front of him,

“You should know by now that with your early soul compression stage strength, there is absolutely no way you can activate it alone!” barked Silver.

Krias wanted to say something but he knew that giving excuses would just make the situation worse thus he decided to stay quiet.

“I’ll deal with the matter of your punishment later, for now let me take care of the pain.”

Silver then stretched his hand out, placing his index finger on Krias’s forehead.

Silver released a bright violet energy into Krias’s head and almost instantly after, a strange mark appeared on his forehead. The mark resembled a sword and on it’s hilt the words “Zara” could be faintly seen.

Krias soflty groaned as he tried his level best to endure the pain.

“The pain is a result of you trying to draw out the spirit without the actual tool. If you keep on doing this, I’m not sure if I will be able to seal the spirit again.” said Silver as he took his finger of Krias’s forehead.

“Thank you.” replied Krias.

Silver then turned around and sat back in his chair.

“Thank me by listening and understanding my next orders.”

Krias nodded as he continued to stand.

“The day after tomorrow Piore and you will take the test for Night Dragon Academy with me. After we all successfully pass and enroll into the academy, I’ll need you to listen to everything I say and I mean everything! Do you understand?”

Krias was slightly confused by Silver’s words. He had never purposefully disobeyed his commands, so why was Silver saying this now?

“Of course, I’ve alwa_....”


“Let me finish! At the academy, I expect there to be members of the Aristov clan.” said Silver as he stared into Krias’s eyes.



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