Chapter 44 – The birth of the impossible.


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Meanwhile somewhere in the shadows,


“Ohoh! This is the moment. I’ve done all I can to provide you with the tools to get past this challenge. Now it’s up to you to prove to me that you really are the one who will bring glory to us once more!” thought the Patriarch as he smiled excitedly.


Using his speed Silver launched himself high into the air, to the point that Krias’s figure was now only a small dot.

“You forced my hand!” frowned Silver as he flipped his body around, his head facing Krias.

He then circulated the other half of the blue divine power in his core. This was the first time Silver had actually ever circulated all of his fused divine power, however it had to be done. This was a matter of pride, who was the Master and who was the follower, this “spar” could not be conceded.

The veins on his arms and face popped out, his muscles actually decreased in size compressing the power within them, ready to explode at any time.

“F*ck!” cursed Silver inward.

“This isn’t enough!”

Silver clearly understood the gap between him and Krias and although the current power he had would be enough to easily defeat someone ten levels or maybe even fifteen levels above him however a gap of almost thirty three levels couldn’t be bridged as easily.

His eyes suddenly turned into those of a Tiger, a ferocious blood thirsty aura burst forth. A faint glowing could be seen on Silver’s chest as two overbearing cats eyes that looked down on the world appeared, then a nose and mouth followed, forming into the face of the Feline God.

53rd,54th,55th….60th level.

The mark increased his cultivation ten levels in total, however Silver still was not satisfied.

He released all the light divine power in his core feeding it to the blue divine power, making it unrecognisably stronger than before.


A faint roar could be heard coming from his core.

This process although seemingly long actually all took place in an instant.

Krias looked upwards at the airborne Silver, he couldn’t clearly see the change that was taking place in Silver however the moment his light energy was released Krias grew extremely alert.

Even though darkness and light were complete opposites and could counter each other, it was still an uphill battle for darkness. When it came to seals and inscriptions, there was no doubt that darkness held the upper hand however in combat, light held the clear advantage against darkness.

Silver suddenly expelled a hint of divine power from his legs.


The shockwave from the sudden release sent him flying towards Krias, head first.

[Blood Claw] shouted Silver.

His arm up to the elbow began to turn violet with touches of crimson at the tips of his fingers.

Seeing this Krias took in a breath of cool air. He couldn’t believe that Silver was capable of unleashing such immense strength with his cultivation.

“So this is what a monster looks like.” mused Krias as he softly chuckled.

He then readied himself,

The first commandment of Zarthar – Absence of light.”

A small spherical ball of darkness divine power suddenly appeared before Krias. He stetched out to grab it and as soon as he did, three daggers appeared.

The daggers all had different heights with the third being the longest.

They revolved around Krias in a circular motion as if saying, “Nothing shall pass.”


Under Krias’s influence two of the daggers blasted towards Silver at incredible speed.

Seeing this Silver’s eyes only got brighter, to him there was no point in winning if in the end there would be doubts to his victory.

He then struck out with a claw fist, aimed for the dagger that was in front.

An illusionary tiger claw that would strike fear in the heart of any man suddenly appeared behind Silver’s fist.


A loud shout that shook both Silver and Krias sounded out.

They both turned towards the source of the sound only to see the Patriarch racing over at unbelievable speed.

Krias turned to face Silver in puzzlement when he suddenly felt himself sinking. He quickly looked down and what he saw shocked him.

The stone platform was sucking him in, deeper and deeper.

Krias had seen once before how the stone platform had squeezed Silver however his current situation was even worse.

First of all the squeezing from the platform was excruciatingly painful, and above him was a fast approaching tiger claw.


The daggers were halfway towards Silver when they just disappeared. Krias could no longer maintain control over them.

The problem now was that Silver had already launched his attack and stopping it with his current power was near impossible. His cultivation had increased however the strength of his body had yet to reach a level where he could walk away from such an attack.

In the blink of an eye, the situation went from the tense, heart pumping atmosphere of battle to the anxious state of worrying for life.

All they could hope for now was that the Patriarch would arrive in time.

“NO!” shouted Silver as he tried to block his own attack.

Enough blood to fill a basin splurged out of his hand however Silver simply gritted his teeth and closed his eyes as he used every ounce of strength he had to try and at least slow down the claw.

Seeing this, the Patriarch frowned. He couldn’t help thinking,

“I am to blame for this!”

His speed increased further however he was still quite a distance away. Whether he would make it or not was hard to say!

The illusionary claw tore through Silver’s attempt to block it and headed straight for Krias.



Just before the claw hit Krias, a long staff appeared in between them. The claw struck the staff with all its might however no reaction could be seen from it, not even a slight trembling.

Although the claw’s power was greatly reduced, a faint amount its divine power remained. It somehow got past the staff and headed straight for Krias’s head.

Krias was unable to think at the moment. His body as if under someone else’s control leaned and twisted, in hopes of dodging the divine power.


The remnants of the [Blood Claw] brushed Krias’s left eye. Blood splattered across his face and on the ground.

His right eye remained wide opened as he looked up at the sky,

“I...I’m alive.”

Silver finally landed on the ground, his arm limping as it continued to bleed and the first thing he did was to                      immediately ran towards Krias to help him out of the stone platform.


The Patriarch suddenly halted his advance, he stared silently at Silver and Krias.

“Should I wait?” contemplated the Patriarch.

Silver quickly arrived before Krias, he sent some divine power into the stone platform to deactivate it.

Not long after, the platform gradually returned to its normal form and at the same time pushed Krias’s out of it.

“Are you alright?” asked Silver.

Krias saw the worry on Silver’s face and couldn’t help but feel warm at heart.

“I’m fine, help me up.” Replied Krias as he stretched his hand out.

Silver’s face relaxed as he stretched his hand to pull Krias up.


“What’s going on?” shouted both Krias and Silver in unison.

The moment that their hands came in contact with each other, a strong suction force began devouring both of their core essence.

It goes without saying that this process is extremely painful.

Imagine having just eaten to the point that you’re stomach is bulging and then something comes along, reaches down your throat and pulls it out.

The only difference is that Silver and Krias were in much more pain.


The Patriarch looked on from afar, his hands began trembling as an excited smile appeared on his face.

“Something that should not exist will be born today.”





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