Chapter 45 – The two of you.


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The word “ZARA” suddenly became visible on both Silver and Krias’s foreheads.

“Wh...what’s going on?” cried Silver as he gritted his teeth.

The Patriarch who was lost in his own excitement finally came back to reality,

“You must endure it!” shouted the Patriarch as he dashed backwards.


Hearing the Patriarch’s words, Krias’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“He knew this would happen? Then....the window....”

He then stared into Silver’s bloodshot eyes and he couldn’t help but get angry. Feelings of guilt began to well up inside his heart.

“How could I foolishly obey that man’s words?” cursed Krias.

Just as he was about to blame and curse the Patriarch, Krias suddenly began feeling light headed.

His entire body then went numb, unable to feel any of the pain that plagued him just moments ago.

“Wh..wha...ish..dis?” were the final words he spoke before he finally lost consciousness.



Silver grabbed onto his head as he struggled to endure the stabbing pain. His hands tightly clutched lumps of hair, to the point that some of the strands were being pulled out.

“K-Krias, wake u-.....ka-kuuu”

Before Silver could reach out and forcefully wake him up, Krias’s hand suddenly swung forth and wrapped itself around Silver’s throat.


No response came however the mark of “ZARA” that was on Krias’s forehead suddenly began to grow and expand, covering most of his face in a black tar-like substance.

Silver was on the brink of passing out due to lack of oxygen. He forced his eyes open as he tried to signal the Patriarch to intervene.

However almost like a statue the Patriarch remained still and unmoving as his gaze stayed fixed on what was going on.

“One day, you’ll come to thank me!”

Seeing the Patriarch’s reaction, Silver gave up on asking for help and instead decided to fight.

He bit down on Krias’s hand with all his strength, causing him to temporarily let go of Silver’s throat.

“Stop!” shouted Silver as he coughed.

Krias immediately stopped in his tracks, much to the surprise of Silver.

“Zara ivir zara” he whispered.

Silver’s heart shuddered. The moment Krias said those words he felt a sudden pain in his head, almost as if someone had taken a hammer and hit him on the head.

The mark of ZARA on his forehead slowly began to shrink until only a small “.” Mark was left.

When the Patriarch saw this his lips moved whispering,

“The first spirit bonding between two living things.”


Not long after the “.” Mark left Silver’s forehead and began floating in the air between him and Silver.

Almost at the same time, Krias’s body violently shook as the tar-like substance covering his face stretched outwards and departed from him.

It moved towards the floating “.” and as soon as the two came into contact the unexpected happened.

The tar-like substance absorbed the “.”

It then began to form into a small black spherical ball, but before it could fully become whole the ball began to separate into two parts.

They hovered in the air as both Silver and the now conscious Krias watched. However there was one more person watching this and he seemed to be lost in a dream world.

“That...this is beyond my expectations.” thought the Patriarch.

“The nucleus came out!”

Suddenly, the two halves of the ball blasted in opposite directions. One half entered Silver’s forehead and the other was absorbed by Krias.

The two instantly lose consciousness, falling backwards in a fashion similar to one who’s taken an arrow to the head.




As soon as their bodies hit the ground a wave of black energy passed through the entire platform. It quickly dissipated but in it’s place a thick smog appeared.

The Patriarch’s eyes narrowed as he examined the thick smog.

“How could this have happened?...... It’s actually melting!? Could it be....?”

Everything the smog touched began to erode, turning into ash. Krias and Silver however remained unperturbed and undamaged as they lay peaceful in the middle of all of it.

“This can’t be allowed to spread!” thought the Patriarch.

Suddenly an idea came to mind. He quietly eyed the unconscious Krias as he slightly frowned, it was almost as if he was struggling with something.

“There is no other way! It must be done.”



Two weeks later.

Break Jaw Castle.


Silver’s eyes abruptly opened as he blinked several times. He sat up from his bed and hastily looked around the room.

“I’m  home!? Could it have all been a dream?”

He suddenly felt a stinging pain coming from his hand. He turned to look only to see his entire arm bandaged.

“You’re awake!...Good!”

The door to Silver’s room suddenly opened and in walked the Patriarch, a wide peaceful smile on his face.

“Leave!” shouted Silver as he got up from the bed.

“Hoho! Did you perhaps sleep badly?” chuckled the Patriarch.

“You tricked him! I don’t know why nor do I want to know! Just go back to the Central Branch and leave us be.” stated Silver as he walked past the Patriarch without so much as glancing at him.

“I would rather not go but if you insist then I will but remember your companions death is on your head.”

Silver halted his steps as he slowly turned back, his eyes turned into those of a tiger but this time they were blood red. A dark violet aura leaked through them as he coldly stared at the Patriarch. Behind him the image of the Feline God appeared a wicked smile on his face.

The Patriarch’s eyes widened in disbelief, he looked at Silver and the demonic air that surrounded him and he couldn’t help but feel threatened.

He forcefully held back his aura as he took two steps back.

“Enough! Come inside and I’ll explain. You have no idea what you’re about to do!”

Silver took in a deep breath as he forcefully suppressed the anger inside of him. The weirdest part was that Silver wasn’t that angry to begin with, it was as if something that was filled with endless hate had possessed him for a second.

Once inside the room, the Patriarch looked Silver in the eye and he couldn’t help but wonder what the hell it was that he just saw.

“Master’s aura but there was something different! Who, no , What was that?” thought Patriarch.

He inwardly sighed as he thought about how many secrets the child before him was keeping.

“Close your eyes.” said the Patriarch in a serious tone.

Silver didn’t dare argue once he saw the expression on the Patriarch’s face, obediently closing his eyes and awaiting further instructions.

The Patriarch nodded as he continued,

“I want you to picture Krias, concentrate on his image, his aura, anything at all that makes you think of him.”

Silver went back to the time he first laid eyes on Krias, the look in his eyes that reminded him so much of himself when he was still young.

Suddenly the image of Krias disappeared, a cold feeling swept over him. He felt like he was lying on something extremely hard yet cold and also wet.

His body began to uncontrollably jerk and tremble.

“Where am I?” asked Silver as he rolled himself up.

“Go deeper and you’ll know!” replied the Patriarch.

A black liquid began to pour out of him in the form of sweat and as soon as the Patriarch saw this, unbeknownst to him a slight fear of Silver began to grow deep in his heart.

“It’s only been a few minutes and he’s already this far...?”



Silver’s eyes suddenly opened,


Before him, in a small dungeon like place lay Krias. He was completely naked, a strange cloud of pure black smog hovered above and from what Silver could see, it’s thickness was gradually reducing.

The strange thing however, was that there were no windows nor were there any openings in the room. So where was it disappearing to?

Silver tried activating his tiger eyes so that he could examine the smog but for some reason he was unable to do anything, not even move from the spot he was standing.

He stared at Krias for a long while, before he finally figured out that Krias was where all the smog was going. His body was absorbing every bit of it and at an alarming speed.

“His life doesn’t seem to be in danger at the moment.....but where exactly is this place?”

Silver looked around the fairly large dungeon for any other people being kept here and after a thorough search, nothing was found.

Silver sighed in relief as he raised his head however what he saw shocked him beyond belief.


Before Silver could say anything, his body suddenly went limp and almost instantly after he lost consciousness.

“Open.....Open your eyes.”  Shouted the Patriarch.

Silver’s eyes flapped open, he looked at the Patriarch sitting in front of him and a deep fear that goes all the way to ones bones was instilled in him.

“That was you, wasn’t it?” whispered Silver.

“HM! You really are a strange one!” replied the Patriarch as he lightly smiled.

“Enough of that matter. You’ve now seen Krias, what do you have to say?”


“I can’t tell for sure but he’s definitely going through a transformation, one of your making.” Replied Silver politely.

The Patriarch chuckled at the change of attitude from Silver,

“Hoo! You know much more than you think. After all this is all your making, I only quickened the process.

The decisions you two made, two years ago made this impossibility something that now exists in this world.

But it all started when you stole that Mask, no one but me and a few of the Elders know of the origin of that mask.

To tell you the truth, I envy you slightly. In my youth I tried countless times to awaken the mask however in the end I failed. I believed no one else would ever be able to activate it so I threw it away but who knew that you and that companion of yours would be able to do it and by accident no less.”

An awkward grin on his face, the Patriarch continued.

“ The mask needed a high concentration of power to activate, or so I thought but in fact what it needed was purity. The purity of Light but unfortunately or should I say fortunately you ended up activating it with both light and darkness when you fought against that young man.

If I didn’t do what I did, then in twenty years one of you would definitely die.

But thanks to me, that outcome has been avoided.

The very first human spirit and tool in existence is what you are.

When the mask activated, the tool was left with you however the spirit was inserted into Krias. Therefore, I needed to [Spirit Bond] the two of you.

To do that I needed to bring out the power of the mask from both of you, through the blood of battle.

I or rather you succeeded however something unexpected happened. Krias’s half of the nucleus which is the body of the mask ended up melting turning into the smog you saw.

If I let it be then both of you would have passed on before the sun rose the next day, therefore I used Krias to absorb the smog. In the future, his spiritual power will no longer be pure darkness but will instead be a variant of the nucleus smog and the darkness attribute.”

Silver stared wide eyed at the Patriarch’s explanation,

“How can he speak so calmly and lightly? How can one random decision cause such an effect where lives are on the line?”





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