Chapter 46 – Preparing for departure.


Regular chapter.




Present day.


Silver and Krias spent the day resting without much work being done. The two of them along with Piore sat in the courtyard, enjoying a cup of tea as they watched little Yu and Meir play.

“Is that instructor staying in the castle?” asked Piore as he sipped his tea.

“Isn’t the answer to that question obvious? He’s personally come to administer the test to Silver, there’s no way we would be disrespectful enough to make him stay at an inn.” Replied Krias.

A light smile appeared on Silver’s face.

“My question wasn’t intended for you! And what do you mean by “we”? retorted Piore. “Did you suddenly become a noble within the time you were gone?”

Krias put down his cup and stared into Piore’s eyes.

“No, I did not but I’ll be more than happy to share with you the fruits of my journey.  Of course, that is if you’re not afraid of me breaking you.”

Silver burst into laughter once he heard this which caused Piore to furrow his brows, dissatisfied.

“That’s enough! What we need to do now is prepare for the test. I’ve already had Manu arrange everything as far as accommodation and fees. All that’s left is to pass.”

Krias smirked as he stared at Piore,

“Apparently due to my cultivation level, I am to be admitted straight into the academy and of course Master is going to pass so that leaves only you.”

Just as Piore was about to say something Silver interjected,

“Didn’t I tell you that was enough!?”

Seeing the look on Silver’s face Krias decided it was best to keep quiet. He glanced at Piore one more time before standing up and leaving.

“Why is it that the two of you cannot get along, even after all this time?”

While avoiding Silver’s gaze, Piore replied,

“The answer to that is simple. He believes that I will become a burden to you because of my cultivation but what he doesn’t know is that his attitude is what will really lead to his Big bro’s downfall.”

Silver stared wide eyed before bursting into laughter once again,

“Your cultivation is lacking? Nonsense! You’ve already reached the 58th level and at the age of thirteen no less. I dare you to show me more than a handful of youths who have a higher cultivation. As for that burden nonsense, I won’t even bother giving a response.

Hmph! Talking about my downfall when I’m still a child whose yet to see the world. I should lock you two up for plotting against me.”

Piore wanted to slap himself in the face,

“Child!?...If you’re but a child then what does that make me, an unborn infant still in the womb?” questioned Piore.

Silver simply shrugged before saying,

“Let me make this simple for you. Let’s say there’s a man whose hands are unbelievably filthy. The man happens to find a wet towel and uses it to wipe the filth of both his hands and when he’s done with it he doesn’t throw the towel away but instead he keeps it and every time his hands get dirty he uses it.”

Piore seemed lost when hearing the story but still paid attention to the end.

“Now, in this story the two filthy hands are you and Krias while the poor hand towel is me. It was my decision to take you in and the moment I did so I became responsible for carrying all your sins and burdens with me. So don’t worry, no matter what you do I guarantee that I will not fall again.” explained Silver.

Piore stared, dumbfounded by Silver’s explanation as he always does. He couldn’t help but wonder what it was that actually went on in his brain for him to so calmly spout out things that seemed to be laced with so much conviction. However one thing stood out that he didn’t understand,

“What do you mean when you say you won’t fall again?” asked Piore puzzled.

Silver seemed shocked when asked that question which was actually the first time Piore had seen him so flustered.

“It’s nothing, just a slip of the tongue. I need to go now as Father wants me to meet him before I leave for the Academy!” replied Silver as he stood up to leave.

He hastened his steps as he headed into the castle. On the way he came across various Elders and guards who all bowed at the sight of him. Silver nodded towards them and quickly went up to the fifth floor of Break Jaw Castle.

On this floor, there was a long hallway at the end of which was a large door that looked more like a gate.

“Mirad, I was summoned by Father. Is he inside?” asked Silver as he stared at the ceiling.

A faint chuckle could be heard as an old man dressed in red suddenly appeared and fell from the ceiling, landing gracefully.

“Lord Akela and Lady Saphir are waiting inside!”

Zilan was slightly shocked to hear that his mother was inside the chamber as Akela had specifically said that no one but he could enter.

“Young Lord, pardon my boldness but how exactly are you able to know my whereabouts so easily? This is something that even your father cannot do!” said Mirad with a slightly threatening gaze.

“Some things are better left unknown...all I can say is that no one else can replicate what I do.” Replied Silver as he passed Mirad and walked into the chamber.


“What a frightening little lord!” whispered Mirad as his body gradually disappeared making the hallway appear empty once again.



The inside of the chamber could be described as being not too small and not too large. The floor had many different engravings and inscriptions that flared up as you walked, it had two rooms, a small grey pond in the middle of the chamber and on the ceiling,  the word Tar was boldly engraved.

Every time Silver would come here, his instinct would act up warning him that there was something very powerful and dangerous that inhibited this room. However, he understood that if he didn’t do anything to flush it out then all would be well.

From inside one of the rooms, faint sounds that seemed like people arguing could be heard.

Silver approached and knocked on the door,

“Father, I’ve come!”

The inside went silent and moments later out came Akela who patted Silver on his shoulder and said,

“Go in and speak with your mother, we’ll talk later!”

Silver stared at his Father puzzled however; he obeyed and entered the room where he found Saphir pacing back and forth.

“Mother is something wrong?” asked Silver.

“Sigh...sit down, I have something to tell you!” replied Saphir.

Silver sat down on the bed and stared at his mother. Although he could easily just read through the contents of her mind and find out what was going on, he felt guilty doing such a thing and so calmly waited for Saphir to speak.

“Little Silver, some time before you were born. Your father and I made a decision that we thought would benefit both parties however time passed and we forgot about it and now the time has come for us to meet our end of the deal.”

Silver listened carefully to his mother’s words but still couldn’t figure out what this was about.

“Before I was born?....Then what does this have to do with me?” he asked completely puzzled.

Saphir seemed slightly disturbed however in the end she sighed and confessed,

“A year after I married your father,  a friend of mine also married into a powerful clan. However they were among the few powers that opposed the Aristov’s expansion and as expected they suffered huge losses. My friend is now gone from this world but before her passing she left a daughter who is roughly the same age as you.”

Silver furrowed his brow as he now had an idea as to where this was going.

“Did you arrange a marriage between us?” he asked, interrupting Saphir.

Saphir nodded apologetically before adding,

“The marriage was arranged when her clan was still powerful as it would benefit both parties but now they’re nothing more than an above average clan.

Your father wishes for me to cancel the arrangement but I gave my word to my friend. I also know you as my son and I know that you do not wish for this, so all I ask for is time.

If I cancel the arrangement, imagine just how much that poor girl will have to go through at the academy. Not only has her clan fallen but her mother has also passed away, add on the fact that her engagement has now been cancelled and even you can sympathise.”

Silver remained silent for a long time. On the outside he seemed calm, lost in thought however in reality he was enraged.

“What is this nonsense? Why was I not told about this?...” were questions that went through his mind.

After a while, he raised his head and said,

“Fine. I’ll give you time but when I arrive at the academy, I’ll tell her the truth.”

Saphir smiled and patted Silver on the head, a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. There was no way she could sleep at night knowing that she ruined the life of her friend’s child by breaking a promise.




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