Chapter 47 - Unexpected test results.


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Early the next day.



A knock could be heard on Silver’s door.

“Come in...” groaned Silver as he got out of bed.

The door opened and in came Manu a light smile on his face.

“Today is the day of the test. I pray for your success.”

Silver saw the sincere, loving expression on Manu’s face and he couldn’t help but feel warm at heart,

“I appreciate your concern but there’s no way I will fail.”

These words were not spoken from arrogance but rather from the supreme confidence he had gained after going through various trials.

“Speaking of failing, have you seen Krias and Piore?” asked Silver.

Manu shrugged saying,

“They were supposed to be having breakfast in the dining hall but once Instructor Yul started eating they both retired to their chambers.”

Silver raised his eyebrows, slightly chuckling,

“Then it seems that I’ll also be having breakfast from my chamber.”

Manu nodded and was about to leave when he suddenly remembered something,

“Did the Lord give you anything?” he asked, his gaze turning serious.

Silver calmly nodded replying,

“He did. However he told me not to reveal it to anyone and also not to sully it.”

Manu seemed to get angry after hearing Silver’s words. He opened his mouth to speak however no words came out. He appeared conflicted over something but in the end choosing not to speak, simply sighed and left the room.

Silver was left confused in his room. His father had only given him a medallion with his name engraved on it, so what was all the fuss about.

“Maybe there’s more to this.....” thought Silver.




In the dining hall, Instructor Yul was ferociously devouring the food before him. However from his expression it didn’t seem like he was enjoying the food as much as he had been during his stay at Break Jaw castle.

Of course, this had nothing to do with the meal itself but rather a letter that he had received the previous night.

“Fuck! What are those bastards doing!? How could they let this happen?” lamented Yul.

Last night, the letter he had received was filled with various names belonging to most of the talented youths that were meant to be recruited by the Night Dragon Academy. The problem and the root of his anger was what was written beside those names.

In total there were twenty five names and aside from six, the rest all had the words “ Acquired by Night Dragon Sect” beside them.

“Those incompetent bastards! These kids better be worth it otherwise this year’s batch of talent will put us to shame especially now that all of the Aristov’s have either joined that snake pit of a Sect or gone elsewhere.”

Just as Yul was thinking this a maid suddenly entered the hall and silently stood behind him. At first he didn’t mind however, after some time passed he could see from the corner of his eye that she was trying her level best to not look at his plate and at times when a piece of meat or a few drops of wine would fly off the table, a faint shriek could be heard.

“Ah! You..What are you here for?” asked Yul failing to mask his dissatisfaction.

Surprisingly, the young maid did not falter confidently saying,

“I was instructed by the young Lord to lead you to the Training hall once you were finished eating.”

Yul looked at the food on the table but before he could say, “Then continue waiting!”, he suddenly remembered the letter and couldn’t help but want to confirm if the children of the Southern branch really were as great as he was led to believe.

“Lead the way then!” replied Yul as he wiped his mouth, his expression completely changing into that of a disciplined and strict soldier.

The maid led Yul to the second floor of Break Jaw Castle where they entered the training hall and then headed to the combat area.

Immediately after entering, on the large platform they spotted Silver and Piore calmly chatting and Krias asleep.

Silver was the first to notice their arrival and with a wave of his hand dismissed the maid who immediately bowed and left.

“Instructor or should I say Captain, I hope you’ve enjoyed you’re stay and I sincerely apologise for keeping you here longer than you planned.”

Yul smiled as he slightly lowered his head before raising it up again,

“No matter! If the Young Lord was unwell then there was nothing that could be done. I presume that you’re ready for the test.”

Silver nodded and while smiling said,

“Yes, you can go ahead and test Piore and Krias’s cultivation levels. However as for myself, I will not be partaking.”

Veins suddenly popped out of Yul’s forehead,

“I’m sorry...but I don’t understand what you mean!”

Still smiling Silver calmly replied,

“My master instructed me not to reveal my cultivation unless absolutely necessary. Honestly, I do not view this is as a problem as you probably have a much better test for gauging strength than a simple cultivation test.”

After hearing Silver’s explanation Yul slightly calmed down. At this point he just wanted to get done with the tests so that he could be rid of such a problematic child.

“Sigh, There will be two tests for each of you. The first test will be a simple cultivation test and if you meet the requirements then you can move on to the second test. Who’ll be going first?”

Piore quickly stepped forward. The same calm, cold expression on his face.

“I’ll go first!” he said.

Yul stared at Piore from top to bottom and honestly was slightly surprised,

“From what I was told, this child is only thirteen and yet he’s already this big. This might not be a wasted journey after all.”

He then stretched out his hand and a black stone instantly appeared in his palm. He threw it towards Piore and said,

“Squeeze it as hard as you can!”

Piore did as he was told and pressed down on the stone with all his strength. After a few seconds Yul said, “Stop!” and took the now yellow stone from Piore.

Instant shock was the only way to describe Yul’s mindset. He stared at the stone for a good long while before stretching his hand out again and another black stone appeared.

“D..D-Do it again!” he said, his hands trembling.

Piore grabbed the stone once again and in the same manner pressed down on it with all his strength. A few seconds later the stone had turned yellow once again.

“This is unbelievable!” thought Yul to himself.

The black stone gauged the region of one’s cultivation before the soul compression stage. It would turn green for the 10th to 20th level, blue for the 20th to 40th, yellow for the 40th – 60th and red for 60th to 99th level.

“What’s your name again?” asked Yul as he held on to the yellow stone.

Seeing how frantic Yul was a rare smile formed on Piore’s face,

“My name is Piore.”

Yul didn’t mask his happiness as he grabbed Piore by the shoulders,

“Haha...Piore ,you’ve already passed! Forget the second test.”

It was at this point that Krias suddenly woke up,

“Why so much noise? Making me wake up so early....”

Seeing this Silver smiled saying, “Piore’s already passed, you and I are the only ones left.”

Krias snorted stretching out his hand yelling,

“Hey, Instructor!”

Yul didn’t want to pay any attention to Krias as he wanted to properly bag Piore first. However the loud shout did make him glance from the corner of his eye and what he saw caused his jaw to drop.

A sword suddenly appeared in Krias’s hand from thin air.


“Yo..Y-You..have a void!? That means...”

Krias smirked before laying down to sleep.

Silver shook his head as he knew why Krias did what he did,

“Children will still be children, no matter how mature they look on the outside.”


Yul was on his way to go and talk to Krias when he felt someone grab his shoulder and stop him,

“I think it’s time for my test!” said Silver.

Yul looked at Piore and then glanced at Krias before finally stopping at Silver.

“They both call this child Master so there must be a reason. Could he also be in the soul compression stage? At the age of thirteen? That would break the previous school record of sixteen!” thought Yul to himself.

“Young Lord Silver, it looks like I’ve vastly underestimated the Southern Branch of the Divine Tiger Clan.” said Yul as he chuckled.

“Is that so?” replied Silver as he also chuckled.

“You’ve really opened my eyes today, showing me that the world is truly large. That’s why your test will be to make me, a mid-level soul compression practitioner move my feet from this spot.”

As soon as he finished saying that, a powerful light green aura exploded out of him causing Piore to fall back and Silver to stumble.

“Is this really necessary? I doubt there are others who’ve undergone this test!” questioned Silver.

Yul remained silent, ignoring Silver.

“Don’t try and fool me. I know you’re in the soul-compression stage. You can’t hide it so show me!”

Silver cursed in his head,

“Is this man really this stupid? Why would I be coming to your school if I had already reached the soul-compression stage. Fine then, if you really want this then don’t blame me!”

He waved towards the glaring Krias, signalling him to stay down. He then shrouded himself in lightning divine power before slowly walking towards Yul who seemed to be getting more and more excited with each step.

Once he was upon him, Silver using only one finger lightly touched Yul.

The result caused both Piore and Krias to widen their eyes in disbelief.

Yul instantly dropped to the ground and lost consciousness the moment Silver’s finger came into contact with his body.  It looked almost like a puppet whose strings had been cut.




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