Chapter 48 – The deception continues.




All colour seemed to drain from Silver’s face as he began to sway back and forth.

Seeing this Piore quickly moved to grab hold of him however was waved off before he could even touch Silver.

“Are you okay?” asked Piore the cold look in his eye gone, replacing it was one of worry.

Silver smiled, “I’m fine!” he said.  “I simply failed to control my strength. There’s no need to be concerned.”

Piore breathed a sigh of relief before pointing towards the instructor on the ground,

“What should we do about him?”

Silver stared at Yul for a long while before furrowing his brow and saying,

“Have him taken to his chamber to rest. Also, tell Manu to make sure he doesn’t leave it.”

Piore didn’t understand but still obediently nodded.

“I’m going to rest for a while. Make sure everyone knows not to disturb me!”

Piore nodded once again before escorting Silver out of the Training hall.




Krias stared unblinkingly at Silver’s back as he left the hall, his eyes narrowed.

“What exactly did he do?” questioned Krias.

He couldn’t understand how someone who was yet to breakthrough to the soul-compression stage would be able to not only leap over that gap but go even further and by-pass an entire tier.

Even him who was currently at the first tier, the early stage of soul-compression would not be able to accomplish what Silver had just done.

The reason for this was not because he lacked the power to do it but rather because it is simply impossible to do.

Once someone successfully fuses their soul with their element, a connection is formed. This connection links the power of the soul directly to one’s element’s spiritual power.

In this case, the moment Yul released his spiritual power that should have made it impossible for Silver or anyone below his level of cultivation to move him. However Silver did the unthinkable and not only moved him but knocked him unconscious.

In order to that, he must have gotten through the soul barrier that was around Yul. The question now was how?

“Just what kind of existence are you?” wondered Krias.

“Countless hours I’ve put in, training to the point that I can no longer move, so then why? Why is the gap growing larger with each passing day?”

Krias caressed the scar on his face, a fierce look in his eye,

“I will not allow myself to fall behind any further!”

He then stood up and walked out of the training hall.


Silver’s chamber.


Silver laid on his bed staring at the ceiling. He seemed to be troubled by something.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen!”

Silver sat up and stretched out his hand. A single vial of gold liquid suddenly appeared in his palm.

“Why was the effect different?” questioned Silver as he tightly clutched the vial.

In truth, he knew the answer to this question but didn’t want to acknowledge it to be true.


The gold liquid in the vial was a personal creation of Silver’s, something that took a vast amount of time to develop and perfect. Of course, he had received some help from the Patriarch who was not aware of what Silver was creating and just answered his questions.

The principle used to create the gold liquid was almost the same as what made Instructor Yul fall unconscious although on a much smaller scale.

The first time Silver actually thought of this principle was right after the Tiger Hunt ceremony. He wondered about the workings of the [Tiger thirst]. “If something can be taken then it can also be given.” Was the first enlightenment he had towards the technique.

The second and most important enlightenment came a year ago when he was training, absorbing the divine power in the air. He noticed that when he absorbed the divine power in the air and stored it in his divine core, there would come a time when he would use it thus returning it back to the heavens. This cycle allowed him to create something that would shock even Shiraz, a technique that could both drain and give power.

Silver named the technique [Heavenly Cycle].


However today, he realised that his accomplishments might not have been entirely his own.

When he touched Yul, he had intended to shock him into moving by injecting a foreign energy into his body. The problem now was that something entirely different happened.

Silver activated the [Heavenly Cycle] but before he could do anything else, his core essence that which he had received from the Feline God flared up and forcefully entered Yul’s core. Once inside,  it devoured almost all of Yul’s spiritual power, luckily Silver stopped it before it killed him.

The core essence then returned to Silver much stronger and larger than before.

That was when Silver realised that the enlightenments he had received were not simply a product of his own hard work but merely help from the Feline God’s essence.

“So this isn’t a new technique.....the one given to me by Shiraz was just half, and now with the help of that bastard’s essence I got the other half. So then, did I really accomplish anything!? Or was it was all just me deceiving myself?” wondered Silver as his grip on the vial grew stronger and stronger until finally the glass broke and the liquid spilt.


A sudden realisation abruptly hit Silver,

“Wait....If the core essence entered Instructor Yul’s core then doesn’t that mean that it not only got through the soul barrier but also his own core essence? How is that possible?”

Silver wiped away the pieces of glass on his palm and quickly got out of bed. He began to frantically search for something among his things.

“Where is it?” whispered Silver as he glanced through the room.

Suddenly his eyes stopped, fixed on a small box under his bed. He quickly grabbed it and threw the cover of the box across the room.

“This is it! I guess I’ll have to forfeit that armour.”

Inside the box was a rather small black triangular object that resembled glass but felt like steel when touched. This was a core of a soul compression stage beast gifted to Silver by Akela in order to make good quality armour for him.

Silver grabbed the core and activated [Heavenly Cycle]. The same thing happened again.

Silver became paralyzed, able to feel what was going on but unable to do anything about it.

“Wh...What is going?”

Silver couldn’t believe what was happening. He had conducted this experiment in order to find out how exactly the core essence was by-passing defences however what he was witnessing now, was beyond his imagination.

The core essence was not battling the defences but rather it was shifting it’s form and mimicking the essence of the black core in order to by-pass the defences. Once inside the core, it devoured all the energy in it and then left like it had never been there before.

However that was not all, a few moments later the black core began to change and erode.

“It’s destroying itself! This.....This is pure corruption!”




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