Chapter 49 - Counter measure (1).


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Silver stared unblinkingly as the black core eroded and melted, turning into a small pool of a tar like substance.

“This is bad!” thought Silver. “ I have to get to Instructor Yul!”

Silver darted out of his room as quickly as he could. His feet were shrouded in lightning as he used the [Cloud step] to increase his speed.

Those he passed were shocked as they saw a blue blur pass them by shouting, “Move!”

It wasn’t long before Silver arrived at Yul’s chamber. He didn’t bother knocking as he pushed the door open.

“Is somethi...”

To his surprise, Manu was inside the room standing beside Yul. Silver didn’t have any time to think of an excuse and thus shouted,

“Leave us!”

Manu was slightly shocked by this, in all the time they had been together this was probably his first time hearing Silver raise his voice.

Nevertheless, Manu obeyed and left the room saying,

“I’ll be outside if you need me.”

Silver quickly locked the door behind Manu before taking a deep breath. He then slowly walked towards Yul and put a finger under his nose.

“It’s faint but he’s still alive.”

He then placed both of his hands on top of Yul’s stomach, slightly below his navel and closed his eyes. His hands began to glow with a faint violet light.

Silver didn’t know why but he had a feeling that if he focused enough, he could infiltrate Yul’s core with virtually no resistance and after closing his eyes it appeared that feeling was right.

Silver remained in that position for a good long while before a deep sigh came out of his mouth and his eyes finally opened.

“The corrosion has yet to begin but his core essence is agitated and restless. It’s only a matter of time before it destroys itself. I need to find a way to calm it down!” thought Silver.

Unable to immediately come up with an answer, he wiped off the sweat from his forehead and sat on the floor cross-legged.

“In order to quickly remedy Instructor Yul, the power he lost needs to be restored. However the risk of using [Heavenly Cycle] is.....”

Silver sat unmoving for hours on end before he finally came up with an idea.

“Before I go through with this, I need to first make sure that it won’t make the situation worse.”

Silver quickly sat up and stretched out his hand. Three vials of gold liquid and a small mixing bowl appeared in his palm.

Silver took the two vials and poured the liquid within, into the mixing bowl. He then pinched his index finger and a small drop of blood squeezed through, plopping into the bowl. An instant later and the wound was gone.

Silver thoroughly stirred the liquid in the bowl before bringing it close to Yul’s face and heating it using as little as possible lightning divine power. A strange aroma quickly began to fill the room.

It would have been better if Yul drank the mixture but in his current state that was out of the picture thus the plan to make him inhale it.

Not long passed before the liquid dried up and the gas dissipated.

Silver took in a breath before putting the bowl away and placing his hands back onto Yul’s stomach.

A few moments later and a smile could be seen on Silver’s face.

“Phew~ It looks like there are no complications.”

What Silver was trying to do was restore some of the power that Yul had lost as that was the only way to stop the corruption. In order to that, he came up with a way to strip the core essence of its devouring ability. By doing this he could give Yul back some of his power in the form of an elixir that contained the core essence with no fear of it devouring the last of Yul’s spiritual power and in the process killing him.

However before he proceeded, he needed to prepare some things.

Silver unlocked the door to Yul’s chamber and stepped out. The first thing he noticed was Manu who had a light smile on his face as he walked towards him.

“Are you done?” he asked.

Silver smiled back as he hesitantly tried to apologise saying,


Manu suddenly raised his hand, stopping Silver from speaking any further.

“It’s alright, you don’t need to apologise to me. I know you well enough to understand that there is always a reason behind your actions.”

Silver couldn’t help but chuckle as he removed a small note from his chest pocket and passed it to Manu,

“I need these items gathered and brought to me as quickly as possible.”

Manu accepted the note and glanced through the items on the list.

“What are you going....Never mind, I’ll have them delivered as soon as they’ve been assembled!” sighed Manu as he walked off.

Silver was thankful to have someone like Manu in his life however now was not the time to express those feelings as he couldn’t afford to waste any time. He steeled himself and then entered Yul’s chamber once again.

He stood next to Yul and stared straight at his stomach. His eyes suddenly turned into those of a tiger, a deep crimson colour. A faint violet light on his chest soon followed which continued to grow brighter and brighter until the outline of the Feline God’s face could be seen through his clothes.

Silver remained like this for a very short while before spitting out some dark violet liquid onto his hands.

“This should be enough!”

He then quickly but carefully placed the liquid into the mixing bowl and covered it up with a large book that he grabbed from the shelf.


The large book began to shake and jump around almost as if something was pushing it from below. Seeing this, Silver quickly grabbed a larger book and placed it on top of the other one.

Only after seeing that the shaking had stopped did Silver breathe a sigh of relief and take a short rest on a nearby chair.

What he had done just now was look into Yul’s core and measure the least amount of energy he would need to help Yul wake up, after all if he used more energy he’d be endangering himself. How was he able to do this in the first place? Well, because the Feline God’s essence entered Yul’s core and successfully masked itself as part of his essence, it somehow memorised Yul’s essence and core composition. Information which it then shared with Silver.

The only thing was that Silver didn’t know this, all he had was a feeling of being able to by-pass all of Yul’s defences.

Think of it like having a key to every locked door in a very secure prison. The problem that Silver is trying to remedy now, is that the prison guards know that someone has the keys but since they can’t find that person, they thus suspect themselves.




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