Chapter 5 - Light Divine Power.


Although Silver was right about the fact that this seemingly ancient language was indeed included in the knowledge given to him by the Divine Tiger however the reason why his divine power was being consumed wasn’t because the ancient language was too complex. If that was the case then before understanding this world’s language Silver would also have needed to concentrate and his divine power would also have been consumed, the real reason why his divine power was being consumed was because the ancient scriptures written in the book wasn’t just a language, it was also a magical spell.

After sitting cross-legged concentrating on the ancient scriptures of the Tenshi clan for hours Silver suddenly trembled as if he was hit by invisible lightning, huge amounts of information was entering his brain as the ancient words on the White wing technique book began to fade and then completely disappear leaving only the first two pages.

Silver was shocked, beads of sweat could be seen on his forehead a testament to how hard he needed to concentrate, he then calmed himself down thanks to the [divine mind purification technique] and then closed his eyes, Silver could feel the information of the White Wing technique in his head.

He then opened his eyes and smiled however that smile soon faded and became a frown, the reason being that on the original training manual of the White Wing technique only the first two pages remained with words while the rest were just blank.

The training manual of the white wing technique was completely golden, the material of the manual was not paper but appeared to be some sort of animal skin which was both flexible and as hard as steel at the same time. Staring at the training manual Silver’s mind was running wild with thoughts, “How do I explain this to father?….should I lie to him?...No he’ll see through me immediately.”


Silver then sighed while shrugging his shoulders and said, “Whatever happens, will!” He then continued to examine the White wing training manual’s first two pages which introduced the White Wing technique as the strongest defensive technique of the Tenshi clan, the first page of the book talked about the training methods and how to reach the first level while the second page only gave a brief account of the technique’s power at the second level, “At the second level the user’s body would transform into that of a “Tenshi” clan member and would also grow wings, the colour of the wings would represent potential.”


Silver then put down the book and closed his eyes this time he wanted to look through the contents of the scriptures in his mind, he wanted to know if the scriptures had the training methods to get to the second level.


Immediately a smile appeared on Silver’s face, the scriptures not only contained the training methods to reach the second level but also all the training methods up to the sixth level. However one thing caught Silver’s eye in the animal skin training manual the technique is called [White Wing] while in the scriptures the technique is called [Re-Birth] technique.


The scriptures also contain a brief history of the Tenshi clan which reads,


Our clan descended from a sovereign that resembled an angel who fled to our world after being betrayed by his emissary and was ambushed by two other sovereigns. When he came to our world he was very weak and was fluctuating between life and death at which point in time he was found by a young female tribal girl, that girl was called Saraz and was from a tribe called Tenshi,  Saraz nursed him to health and after 5 years the fallen sovereign Jia had regained ¼ of his full power at which point in time he had grown quite fond of Saraz so he took  her as his wife. Saraz was the daughter of the chief of the tribe, by marrying Saraz and also being the strongest in the tribe, Jia soon became the head of the tribe at which point in time the clan began to expand. After just 2 years the Tenshi clan grew extremely strong, it was then that Jia’s son came into the world however Jia was unhappy because his son didn’t posses wings. After a few months passed Jia examined his son again only to find that his son’s body was noticeably different from his not only did he not have wings his body was also only slightly stronger than that of normal humans however as Jia continued to examine his son he found that he possessed amazing latent talent and only needed to awaken it to become like him. That was when Jia developed the  [Re-Birth] technique. The other clansmen also trained in the [Re-Birth] technique and were reborn into angel like beings although had considerably less power compared to Jia and his descendants.


Silver then opened his eyes and thought to himself, “This technique was developed by a sovereign! , No wonder the Tenshi clan members were so strong, but if they had a fallen sovereign with them why were they wiped out?”

Silver then stood up and walked toward the second light technique he then hesitantly picked it up and opened it, he read through the first two pages which again had a message written by the Patriarch of the divine tiger clan,

“This is an attack type light technique called [Essence Strengthening] which allows the user to strengthen their weapons as well as the weapons of allies. It can only be trained to the first level which would double any weapons attack force.”

Silver couldn’t help but sigh; he was disappointed because compared to the [Re-birth] technique this [Essence Strengthening] technique didn’t seem that powerful. However as Silver turned the next page this time only a little bit of his divine power was consumed and he didn’t need to concentrate that much as he had understood the language.

Information then rushed into Silver’s brain while the ancient scriptures began to fade and eventually disappeared from the manual. Silver then put the book down, sat on the ground cross-legged and closed his eyes, he was focusing on analyzing the scriptures of the second light technique however what he found shocked him. This time not only was the name of the technique different but also everything about the technique was different. It was a whole new technique!


The technique was [Spectral weapon] which allowed the user to condense the light around him and use it as a weapon/weapons i.e. as long as there’s light one can turn it into whatever they want however the scriptures call this technique, “The most difficult technique to train.” One reason being the requirements needed to train in this technique which were;

  • One must be a third level “Tenshi” (the same as someone who’s reached the third level of the re-birth technique).
  • The colour of one’s wings must be grey and above.


The wings of a “Tenshi” were classified in colours which signified potential in learning the clan’s techniques. They are;

  • The lowest level which is Yellow wings.
  • Followed by Violet wings.
  • The Middle level being Grey wings.
  • The Highest level being White wings.


Only Jia and his descendants had Black wings.


Silver then stood up, a huge smile on his face, to him he had acquired one of a kind treasures however he understood that he can’t be too arrogant after all the “Tenshi” clan had these techniques and were still destroyed meaning that the other clans also have their own treasure techniques including the divine tiger clan for example the [Lightning Storm] technique is comparable to [Spectral Weapon].

Just as Silver stood up the door suddenly opened and Akela came inside, immediately the smile on Silver’s face disappeared like it was never there before his face turned slightly pale as he watched his father approach him.


“Have you chosen your preferred techniques?” asked Akela while staring at his son who for the first time was avoiding making eye contact with him.

Silver hesitantly nodded while facing the ground.

“Tell me which one’s you have chosen!” said Akela.

Silver looked up at his father and said, “I chose [Lightning Storm] and [Cloud Step] for the lightning attribute.”

Hearing his son say Lightning Storm a smile appeared on his face as he said, “Good, Good I also practice the lightning storm technique and have reached the fifth stage. As for cloud step I have trained to the second stage. However in the later years of your training you can take up [Thunderclap fist]. Mm”


Silver seeing his father smile sighed and said, “Father, forgive me I only intended to view the light techniques however…..”

Hearing his son apologize the smile on Akela’s face disappeared and was replaced with small frown, “Tell me what happened and leave no detail out.”

Silver then explained everything to his father, leaving out some parts of course.

“Hmm…so you don’t know why the words rushed to your head?” said Akela staring at his son face looking for any signs of him lying however he found no such thing as Silver only appeared to be a cute confused 1 year old with watery eyes, not knowing what was going on-which was of course an act.-


Akela took the light technique books into his hands and just like Silver said, the ancient words had completely disappeared from the book.


“Haaaa….no matter, what’s done is done I can’t change that. Little Silver these books are precious treasures of our clan losing the information is nothing but losing without gaining something is just foolish, so tell me the truth are you able to understand those scriptures?” asked Akela while sighing.

Silver looked at his father and hesitantly nodded; Silver had chosen to trust his father instead of lie to him.


Akela with a sigh of relief said, “Good! You must be tired, go and rest we’ll talk about the rest later.”


It was now nightfall, Silver left the room and went straight back to his room, he closed the door and sat cross-legged on his bed. “It’s impossible for me to train [Spectral Weapon] until I reach the third level of [Re-Birth], and since my body is still that of a child all I can do is practice the breathing techniques of [Re-Birth] and build up my divine power until it’s sufficient enough to reach the first level.” thought Silver.

The [Re-Birth] technique gave the user the ability to transform his body to that of a “Tenshi” who possessed amazingly strong bodies in fact the Tenshi clan members were known for their extremely tough as steel skin as well as unbelievable regenerative power. Once one has reached the second level even if your arm is chopped off it will take at most an hour to regrow.


Silver then closed his eyes and began to follow the instructions on how to accumulate the light divine power/Qi  into his divine core(divine core=dantian). The scriptures say that, “To absorb light divine power/Qi  one must first be able to feel it around them and then will be able to pull it towards them.”


Silver followed the instructions he cleared his mind and attempted to feel the light divine power around him, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours…..nothing.

Silver was unable to feel the light divine power and then suddenly Silver had an idea he looked around his room and found that very little light was in his room because it was nightfall, the only light in the room was coming from rays of moonlight passing through the small cracks on the window.


“Moonlight!  If I go outside maybe I can absorb the moonlight.” Thought Silver as he rushed out of his room and headed towards the courtyard.

He then sat cross-legged next to a small pond in the courtyard; Silver immediately cleared his mind of any unnecessary thoughts and then attempted to feel the light divine power around him. Twenty minutes passed when suddenly Silver could feel a thin milky-white mist like power approach him, “This is it! I’ve finally been able to feel light divine power.” thought Silver as his body trembled with excitement, he then forcefully calmed himself down so as to not lose the feeling.

The mist like power drew closer to Silver until it was within arm’s length of him, Silver then pulled the mist towards him and when it was close enough he directly inhaled it and stored it in his divine core.

Now that Silver had gotten the feeling and had successfully absorbed some light divine power he continued this process until dawn, he stopped because he felt that was the maximum capacity his divine core could handle.


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