Chapter 50 - Life and experiment.


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Time moved along and soon the chamber began to darken as the sun was setting. Silver much like Yul himself was not aware of this as both men were completely knocked out. One from unnoticed exhaustion and the other for much more complicated reasons.

The room itself was completely silent, with only the occasional sound of bumping made by the covered core essence.  This silence however was soon broken by loud knocking on the door.

“Little Silver, I have the things you asked for!” said Manu.

Silver quickly jumped up when he heard Manu’s voice, he waited for his vision to clear up before fumbling to the door. He stopped for a while making sure to compose himself before opening the door and presenting himself to Manu, who had a small black box in his right hand.

“That’s everything?” asked Silver as he stretched out his hand to take it.

Manu nodded and handed him the box but before he could say anything further, Silver had already turned around and closed the door behind him. Needless to say, this caught him by surprise however after a moment of extreme annoyance, he sighed and left.

Meanwhile inside, Silver had begun preparing. He had already wasted an extremely precious amount of time by dozing off and although it was impossible to regain that time, he could still recover by focusing on not wasting another second.

He quickly lit the candles around the room and then proceeded to empty the box of it’s contents, one by one.

The first thing he picked up was the beast core which he would use as the source of energy. The next thing he picked was one of three vials of pure white liquid.

These vials contained the milk of a white bison, one of the rarest beasts in this world. The reason the beast were so rare was because of their affinity to absorb and use light. Many practitioners believed that if you captured one and drank it’s milk or ate from it’s flesh then you would be able to absorb some of the light energy thus growing stronger. Unfortunately for them, that was untrue as Silver had learned from the Patriarch.

“The only part of the white bison that is even remotely useful is it’s hide which is one of the toughest I’ve ever had to breach” were words the Patriarch had left him after allowing him to examine one of the bison’s that he kept at the Central branch.

He took the vials out of the box one by one and dipped a finger in each, tasting them. After confirming they were good, in exact measurements, he poured them into the mixing bowl and began stirring. He did this for five minutes before raising both hands over the bowl and adding large amounts of light divine power into it. The milk only slightly rippled as it greedily absorbed the light energy.

Silver continued this until his face became drained of all colour and he could feel his arms going numb, only then did he stop.

The liquid was now no longer white and had turned completely gold, however that was not the only change. Its milky texture had also disappeared and in its place was a more clear, transparent liquid that was more akin to water.

Silver took a moment to steady his breath and wipe the sweat of his brow before grabbing the beast core and walking towards the covered core essence.

He slowly lifted the first book and to his surprise the core essence didn’t make a fuss. In fact, it didn’t even move.

He lifted the second book and put it away and now he was staring down at the core essence. Silver didn’t know if he was just hallucinating but as he examined the collection of violet slime, he couldn’t help but feel it was doing the same.

After a minute of complete stillness the violet slime began to wriggle and move to the corner of the bowl almost as if showing that it had lost interest in Silver. Slightly disturbed but mostly intrigued, he then raised the beast core up and just as he expected, the violet slime leaped with excitement as soon as it came within view.

“Ha!” a low laugh escaped Silver’s lips as he smiled.

He found it extremely amusing how the core essence behaved, almost like a pet that wanted to be fed.

However he soon realised that by doing this he was wasting more time and then almost instantly he threw the core into the bowl.

The violet slime quickly wrapped itself around the beast core and began to absorb it. It looked oddly similar to a small viper swallowing a much larger carcass whole, a scene that he recalled witnessing in his past life.

Surprisingly though, it didn’t take that long for the core essence to devour the core and much like a glutton that had consumed his fill, the slime calmed down, seizing all movement almost as if it were asleep.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Silver didn’t waste any time deciding to use the fact that the slime had calmed down to his advantage. He quickly scooped up the bowl and chucked the now double-sized core essence into the mixing bowl.

Almost immediately upon contact, the liquid began to rumble and boil as a loud sizzling sound could be heard. Numerous tentacles of slime tried to reach out of the mixing bowl but unfortunately for it, Silver was there waiting to toss them back in.

The chamber was now starting to fill up with dark smoke and after taking a deep breath in, Silver could tell that the formula was almost ready. It had lost it’s gold colour and was slowly becoming darker, currently though it was a shade of dark brown.

The purpose of the gold liquid was to use the light energy to detoxify the core essence. First he needed a liquid that could absorb light divine power which he had plenty of and secondly he needed the core essence. Now all that was left to do was wait until the liquid turned completely dark and then it would be ready.

Thankfully, it seemed that would be happening sooner rather than later. The more the slime fought, the darker the liquid became and the more gas filled the room.

It soon reached a point where Silver could no longer remain in the room as his body was starting to naturally absorb the energy meant for Yul.

“This should do it!” thought Silver as he brought the mixing bowl towards Yul’s face. He then hastily exited the room, locking it behind him.

After a few coughs and sighs both of relief and of exhaustion, Silver looked up only to find Manu sitting in the hallway, his eyes locked onto Silver’s.

“Explain!” was all he said as he remained seated.

Silver nodded however took his time gathering his thoughts. Manu didn’t seem to mind as he just simply waited as he eyed him.

“Why’re you still here?” asked Silver as he moved to sit down next to Manu.

Manu’s expression showed more shock than annoyance at that question.

“Did you really think no one would notice that menacing aura of death coming from this room?”

In truth, the thought that his core essence would be felt by others had completely slipped his mind and in all honesty, he was too drained to think of an excuse and so he said,

“.....I cannot tell, no, I will not tell you. It’s better that way! I only ask that this remain between the two of us. What I can tell you, is that I almost killed Captain Yul and now I may or may not have succeeded in saving him!”

Manu simply stared at Silver, “There it is again!” that thoughtful and sometimes wise look that this little nephew of his rarely showed but definitely possessed.

It bothered Manu at times but also it was a source of confidence for him, “This is what we need!” he constantly told himself. What the clan needed was someone to grow strong in order to stop the advances of the Aristov. This meant not only in terms of sheer might, but also in that of the mind.

However now, he was starting to think again. “This child’s secrets may come to destroy us!”

With that thought, he smiled and patted Silver on the back,

“Don’t worry! From the looks of you, all that you can do has been done.  But once this is all over, you will tell not only me but also your Father about that aura!”

Silver didn’t respond, and so Manu waited but after five minutes with no response, he moved close enough to Silver to find that he was fast asleep.

A thought came to mind and he looked up at Yul’s chamber doors.

A debate erupted in his mind.


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