Chapter 51 - Changed Plans.


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Manu stood up and walked towards the chamber door, curiosity driving him to find out exactly what was going on in the room. He could still feel the dark, bloody aura that had made his hair stand on end and his body involuntarily shiver. But something seemed different now; the aura was getting more and more faint by the second.

His hand was now on the knob but just as he was about to open the door, he heard a low squeal coming from behind him. He quickly turned only to find a maid standing but a few steps away from him. Her hands covered her mouth as she stared in shock at the unconscious Silver.

“What are you doing here?” asked Manu as he moved away from the door.

The maid took a moment to answer, her curious gaze shifting between Silver and Manu.

“I...ha..I have a message...for Elder.”

“Speak then!” replied Manu with a twinge of annoyance in his voice.

“Your... presence has been requested by Great Elder Mirad!”

“Why?”asked Manu.

However, after a brief moment of silence he realised his mistake and said,

“Tell him I’ll be there shortly!”

The maid wanted to say that “It’s urgent” as Mirad had instructed her to do, but after looking around and assessing the situation, she decided against it. The maid then bowed in respect to both Silver and Manu before leaving.

Manu groaned as he rubbed his temple. He looked at the chamber door and back at the sleeping Silver.

“If only this child could be like this all the time!” referring to Silver’s vulnerable demeanour as he slept.

He then moved closer towards Silver and wrapped his arms under him before slowly lifting him of the ground, being careful not to wake him up and carrying him toward his room.

The walk was silent as it was now the dead of night. Lit torches could be seen down the hall way and beyond, illuminating the path ahead.

As Manu drew closer to Silver’s room, his gaze began to linger and soon it fell on the sleeping Silver. A light smile appeared on his face as he remembered the day of Silver’s birth.

The happy memory made him suddenly pause. He tried to remember a time when Silver showed any weakness and only one time came to mind. The tiger hunt ceremony!

“Something must have happened there, to change him!”

Manu had never been informed about what really happened to Silver or at least what they thought happened to him. In fact, no one apart from Ignus, Akela and the Patriarch knew.

Now that he thought about it, he couldn’t help but rethink why the Patriarch had so much interest in Silver. To the point that he would even take him on as a disciple.

He had been told that it was due to the rarity of his attributes and Manu didn’t bother to question any further. After all, if there were any two attributes that would warrant such treatment, then it would be lightning and light.

The more he thought, the more Manu began to see and the more questions began to pop up in his mind. He even started to blame himself, wondering if he did the right thing in encouraging Silver to learn more about governance and cultivation rather than have him play or interact with others of his age.

A deep frown could be seen on his face and before he could sort out what the feeling at the pit of his stomach was, there he was standing before Silver’s chamber.

He let one arm free to open the door, using the other to hold Silver in place.

Once they were in, he took some time to look around room.

Books and weapons. Vials filled with who knows what and mountains of beast skins filled with numbers titled, “Monthly house management.”

He sighed and set Silver down on the bed. He took the blanket and covered him before turning and leaving the room. However before closing the door, he took one last look and shook his head.



“Father, please make us understand why you choose to not go to war and let the other Divine clans claim all the glory. We cannot allow ourselves to be seen as cowards, especially when the enemy are nothing but mere mortals. ” said Edlar as he addressed his father on behalf of the council.

Bastian sat at the head of the table which was slightly raised making him look down on everyone else. His eyes examined the room and he could tell just from the expressions on his sons and Elders faces that they were all of the same mind.

“Who is the strongest of the Beast Clans?” continued Edlar.


“WE ARE!” he shouted. “ So how can we remain confined to our lands when we need not fear the enemy!?”

“We should be the ones leading the charge! We should take our place as the rightful rulers of this...”


“Enough!” said Bastian.

He spoke normally yet his voice reverberated in the ears of all in attendance.

“We have no right to anything! All we have is power, which was gifted to us. Not for any reason or greater purpose but only as a means to prove that the Divine Tiger is all knowing and powerful beyond imagination.”

“All the more reason to take it in his name. To show the world that our Sovereign controls it.” interrupted Edlar.

Bastian furrowed his brow,

“Edlar, you are my eldest son but you are not fit to be my successor if you continue to spout this nonsense. We have a chance here to stop unnecessary blood from spilling, a chance to show the youth that the power that they are blessed with should not be used to oppress the weak but rather to guide them.

Our Sovereign does not need this land! He has absolutely no use for it! The only thing that he wishes for is more believers, not the kind that we attain through force but the kind that comes through realisation of his power.”

Hearing this, murmurs began could be heard through out the council hall. Edlar glared at his Father before storming out, several Elders in tow.






Silver woke up to find Piore standing over him, his hands gripping his shoulders.

“Thank God! You’ve finally woken up.....”

Before Piore could finish what he was saying an unexpected face barged into the room,

“Is he up!? We need to leave, now!” blurted Yul.

Silver was shocked to see him especially since he looked to be completely fine aside from the barely noticeable loss of colour from his face.

“How long have you been awake?” asked Silver as Piore helped him up.

His blistering headache and stiff neck made him feel as though it was being weighed down by a ton of steel.

“Me?” asked Yul surprised. “ I woke up the day after, to a room full of smoke! You on the other hand have been asleep for an entire week and a half!”

Silver’s eyes widened as he looked to Piore, who nodded and hesitantly said,

“We tried to wake you up but.......”

Yul moved closer to Silver saying,

“I’m just thankful you woke up now, as we need to leave for the academy right away or else you’ll miss the entrance exam!”

Silver was surprised yet again and couldn’t help but ask,

“What about the test we did?”

Yul waved his hand replying,

“That was the test to see if you were qualified to take the entrance exam! And you are, so we need to leave as soon as possible! You’ve already missed registration which Major Dion can get you through but if you miss the exam then you’ll have to wait till next year....”

A beat passed before any further sound was made.

“Fuck!” cursed Silver before suddenly standing up. “We leave in five minutes. Get everything ready!”





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