Chapter 52 – Night Dragon Academy.


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Silver struggled to get out of bed when he suddenly spotted Manu, the two silently stared at each other before a question from Silver broke the silence,

“I trust everything I need has already been prepared?”

Manu nodded saying, “The only thing that’s left is for you to get ready!”

Silver then waved his hand,

“Good! All of you, leave my chamber!”

Yul and Manu both left immediately however Piore was slightly hesitant.

“What is it?” asked Silver.

“Wil..Will you be alright? You don’t look.....”

Silver raised his hand to stop Piore from going on,

“You do not need to worry about such matters; I will be ready before we depart!”

Piore, although still worried obediently left the room, leaving Silver alone.

Once the door closed, Silver took a deep sigh and his hands began trembling.

“Why did I have that dream?” he wondered.

He had been here for thirteen years and yet not once had he dreamt of his past life, so then what changed and why hasn’t the sovereign power healed him yet?

“Are there conditions to its use?” whispered Silver.

He then stretched out his hand and at least a dozen vials of gold liquid appeared on his desk and one by one Silver drank them down. He felt a little bit dizzy at first however after a while he could feel the stiffness leave his body and the headache cooling down but unfortunately his divine power had only recovered a small amount.

“Did I over do it?” he wondered.

Silver slowly stretched his body before sitting cross-legged on the ground and focusing on his core.

“It looks like the core essence I used has yet to recover. Is that why my divine power isn’t being restored as quickly as before? If that’s the case, then it’s probably wise to assume that the sovereign power cannot replenish lost core essence which means that it also may not be able to repair a damaged core!”

This was good information to know, especially for Silver who had powers that he knew almost nothing about and with no one to guide him, every lesson he learns is more valuable than any mineral or rare gem in the world. Not only did he have the uncontrollable sovereign power but there was also the Feline God’s mysterious core essence and then there was the fused divine power that probably resulted from the practicing of the [Divine Mind Purification] technique, also not to forget the Mask of Zara. Silver barely understood any of the basic concepts behind these powers.

“At least something good has come from this situation.” He thought.

Silver quickly stood up from his position, moved towards his wardrobe and picked out a beautiful lime green robe that he had never worn before. He swiftly put it on along with some other trinkets which included a badge and a medallion, one was a gift from Ignus and the other from Akela.

Just as he was about to leave, a knock on the door could be heard. Silver opened it and stepped out only to find Yul and Manu standing outside.

Both men stopped moving and unblinkingly stared at Silver. It was not his appearance that left them stunned but rather the two ornaments hanging on his waist.

“You....Wh..?!?” Yul was tongue tied while Manu on the other hand immediately pushed Silver into the room and closed it behind him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” whispered Manu, clearly enraged.

His eyes widened and his breathing became unsteady as he glared at Silver.

“Hide those NOW!”

Silver was shocked however he still did as Manu instructed but said nothing back as he was sure an explanation would come.

“Child, listen to me very carefully! Those medallions have power that belong to our ancestor Tar, whoever holds them will be not only the next head of the Southern Branch but also....”

Manu held his tongue at the last moment,

“Do not show those in public and make sure that you never lose them! Now come out, you must leave.”

Silver was slightly lost in thought, he had already guessed that the medallion was a symbol of power, that’s why he put them on. However, now it seemed like there was another purpose for the medallions but exactly what, he had no clue?

“I’m growing tired of all of these secrets!” sighed Silver as he put away the medallions and followed Manu out of the room.

“If only everything was made clearer, wouldn’t I be of more use?”

Yul followed behind Manu and Silver as they moved towards the courtyard,

“This child......Does that Dion know?” wondered Yul.

He didn’t know much about the Divine Tiger Clan’s customs but the insignia’s on both those items was something known to most people of status.....it was the symbol of a successor. The strange thing though was that he had two, one had his name but the other....

“How are we going to get to the academy so quickly?” asked Silver.

Yul came back to his senses and a small frown could be seen on his face.

“I have a void stone!” he said proudly yet also somewhat saddened.

“Those are quite rare. How did you get one?” inquired Manu.

Yul sighed saying,

“It was a gift from Major Dion. He told me to use it in case anything went wrong, I did not think anything would happen, however...”

Manu let out a low laugh as he eyed Yul from the corner of his eyes,

“You brought this on yourself, if I’m to be honest.”

Yul averted his eyes, clearly feeling embarrassed.

Curious Silver asked,

“I’ve heard of void stones but how exactly do they work?”

Manu decided to explain,

“Void stones are forged by great spirit masters. They allow people to travel to a set location, no matter where in the world they are. The stones themselves are extremely rare as there are only a few masters capable of making them therefore you don’t see many people using them.”

Just as they arrived at the courtyard, Silver stretched out his hand and asked Yul if he could see the stone. Yul strongly refused and moved away from Silver towards Piore and Krias.

Silver smiled and shook his head as he joined the rest,

“It looks like no one is here to see us off!” said Silver.

“I prefer it this way.” Replied Krias as he turned towards Piore. “What about you? I’m sure you’ll miss playing with your sisters.”

Piore glared but said nothing back, which somehow made Krias angrier than if he had said something back.

“That’s enough! Captain Yul, I think now would be a good time to leave.”

Yul nodded before waving his hand and a small black stone flying into the air. As soon it landed on the ground, a small explosion sounded out that suddenly engulfed everyone there except for Manu who leaped away as soon as the stone was thrown.

A second later and everyone was gone, with only a black smudge left on the ground.

“May the Divine be with you!” prayed Manu as he looked up to the sky.



A familiar feeling swept over Silver as he moved through the void but just as he was getting used to the weird fluctuations and sudden sharp turns, he suddenly came to a stop. A moment later and he was no longer in the void, he covered his eyes briefly allowing them to adjust to the light.

“You’re finally here!”

A deep, yet familiar voice sounded out.

Silver opened his eyes and could now see that Piore, Krias and Yul were all standing in what seemed like an office of sorts. The room was unnecessarily large with various animal head’s hung on the walls, either as trophies or maybe as decoration.

He then looked around the room and sited behind a desk, was a man Silver knew as his father’s friend, Dion. His hair was now completely grey with some subtle facial hair growing on his cheeks, but that was not the only new thing about Dion. He had a barely noticeable thin scar that ran across his nose from ear to ear.

“It looks like you took your time getting here, I wonder why that is?” asked Dion his eyes fixed on Silver.

Before he could answer though, Dion raised his hand to stop him and turned towards Yul,

“Get out!”

Yul immediately saluted and marched out of the office.

“HaHaHa.........You’ve grown up well, little Silver! You’ll have to tell me what it is you eat to make you like that.” Blurted Dion as he stood up.

He had on a full coat of armour, the likes of which Silver had never seen. It was completely gold and it was emitting energy, powerful and oppressing energy.

Dion walked over to Silver and gave him a hug while laughing,

“The last time I came to visit, Akela told me you were training at the Central Branch. I’m sure you learnt a lot.”

Silver was slightly surprised by this welcome as quite frankly, he and Dion barely knew each other.

“Ah! And you two must be Piore and.....the young man from that night, Krias. Good to see you’re still alive and no longer powerless.”

Krias, stared at Dion who eyed him back with a strange enthusiasm almost like he was looking at a treasure.

“Um..Uncle, what about the test?” asked Silver as he freed himself from Dion’s grip.

“Oh, it’s been postponed!” replied Dion as he showed Silver and the others to some seats.


Dion smiled towards Silver and said,

“Because my precious nephew was not here!”

The office suddenly became silent.

Silver shrugged and smiled back at Dion,

“I...find that hard to believe.” he said.

“It’s not very cute to doubt the words of your elders.” Said Dion as he patted Silver on the head. “But you’re right, your one of two reasons why the test was postponed. I’ll introduce you to the other reason later.”

Silver couldn’t hide his shock as he quickly asked another question,

“How can two people cause the test to be postpone? There must surely be.......” Silver paused and looked Dion in the eye.

“Uncle, could it be that there are only two people taking the test on the side of the Night Dragon Academy?”

Dion made a sly grin as he slapped Silver on the back causing him to lean forward,

“Not bad!” His face then hardened. “It is as you say, there is only you, your friends and another taking the test for the Night Dragon Academy while the Sect has a total of fifty eight youths.”

Silver sighed and rubbed his forehead which surprisingly caused Dion to break out into laughter,

“Truly like father like son. I remember when Akela used to make that same look, but those were different times with much less complicated jobs. Oh! By the way, I hear you have a bride, it must be nice to be young.”



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