Chapter 53 – Change of Plans.


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Piore and Krias both eyed Silver with surprise. Obviously, they had no knowledge of Silver’s engagement and hearing of it now; they couldn’t help but be curious.

Feeling the atmosphere tense, Silver cleared his throat and thought it best to change the subject.

“Uncle, why is it that so few youths have enrolled in the Academy while so many have joined the Sect?”

Dion furrowed his brows and let out a sigh,

“You’ll know why soon enough!” was all he said.

He then stood up and moved to his desk.

“Lemarn!” shouted Dion.

Almost immediately after a peculiar man came through the only door in the office,

“You called?”

The young man looked rather strange, he had long purple hair and a plethora of tattoos all over his face and around his neck. The man surprisingly was not dressed in armour but instead had on a tight shirt and shorts.

Silver had never left the territory of the Divine Tiger Clan and as such, this was the first time he had ever seen anyone dressed in such a way. Piore was the same with Krias being the odd man out .

“Lemarn, escort my nephew and his friends to where they will be staying and remain with them until I tell you otherwise.” said Dion in a stricter and harsher tone than the one he used to speak with Silver.

Of course, Silver still had more questions however it seemed like they would have to wait. He stood up and proceeded to follow Lemarn when Dion suddenly whispered some words that only Silver could hear.

“I will come see you later!”

Silver didn’t look back and kept on walking out of the office.

Lemarn was moving quickly when he realised no one was following. He turned back and eyed the group of children who were looking out a window with excitement in their eyes.

“It’s almost lunch, hurry it up!” shouted Lemarn as he stared at Silver.

He had never seen anyone with his type of hair. It was silver yet also had mixtures of gold and violet. Lerman’s own hair could also be considered strange however it was a trait of his people unlike Silver.

Silver was too engrossed in looking around that he failed to notice Lemarn’s stare. It turned out Dion’s office was located at the near top of a tower and from outside it, Silver could see just how large and remarkable this place was.

To the North, there was a magnificent castle that seemed to glow under the sun’s rays and a town that was even larger surrounded it. Far, to the East a silhouette of a tower could be seen and another one just like it in the West. Silver assumed that he was currently in a similar structure and the more he looked at the surrounding area, the more he was amazed.

“This place, where are we?” asked Silver as he faced Lemarn.

“Dead Center of the continent! Now come along before you’re spotted in those clothes.”

Silver took one last look out the window before obediently following Lemarn.

“Are we going to that town? It seems rather far, I doubt we’ll make it there anytime soon!”

Lemarn didn’t respond only pointing towards stairs that spiralled downwards,

“When we reach the bottom, we’ll have arrived at our destination. Ask all your questions now for I will not answer anymore once we cross!”

Silver smiled,

“Are we going to that town?”

“No!” replied Lemarn swiftly.

“Where then?”

“Your housing!”

“Where is that?”

“In the special district, within the castle!”

“Oh! Inside that castle, so I assume there’s a void device down the stairs?” asked Silver.

“Yes! Are you satisfied?”

“Very.” smirked Silver.

Lemarn glared at Silver before leading the group down the stairs, and unsurprisingly a void door much like Ignus had used in the past could be seen in an empty hall at the bottom of the stairs. Two statues of armoured beats stood on either side of it, almost as if on guard.

Lemarn went ahead and opened the door, signalling Silver to go in.

Silver nodded and calmly entered, Krias and Piore following closely behind.

Once he reached the other side, Silver found himself on a walkway that had dozens of identical villas to his left and his right.

There weren’t that many people on the walkway but those that were all turned back and distanced themselves from him. He was confused by this until he saw one of the youths pointing at Lemarn and shouting,

“Why is he here?”

Another youth who seemed to be much older grabbed the shouting child and hastily moved away.

“Why are they so afraid of you?” asked Krias, opening his mouth for the first time since they arrived.

“None of your concern!” was all he got in reply.

Krias shrugged,

“Lead on then.”

Lemarn glanced at Krias and then Silver who seemed to be looking around, not caring about what just happened.

“Your house is on the far end of the Special District. Follow and don’t wander!”

Silver chuckled before gesturing for him to lead and lead he did, for the next hour the group wandered, they passed lavish villa after lavish villa, and anyone they met on the way quickly ran or hid. Silver noticed that everyone here was wearing the same uniform, with a weird badge on their chest, but any attempt to ask a question or get an answer from Lemarn was futile.

They walked some more until finally they came to a stop at probably the largest villa they had seen so far.

“This is where you’ll be staying. Do not leave until I come back with your registration badge and your uniform.”

Ignoring Lemarn’s words Silver began to venture farther down the road when he suddenly felt a tight grip on his shoulder.

“Do not go any further! From here the land no longer belongs to the academy, that is sect territory.”

Silver’s eyes widened with disbelief, it had taken them an hour or so to reach the edge of the Academy’s territory within the Special District but if he was to guess, it would probably take him at least a day to do the same in the Sect’s territory.

“Is the difference in power that large?” he thought to himself.

He then walked away from Lemarn and headed into the house.

“I’ll await you’re return!”

As soon as the three of them entered through the front door, they were welcomed by two men. One who appeared to be a butler because of his clothing while the other was strange to say the least. The man was freakishly tall at probably seven feet, had even darker skin than Krias and looked like he had been carved from a ball of muscle. However that was not what made him strange, what caught Silver, Piore and Krias off guard was the fact that the man was completely naked and well, had no head attached to his body.

The butler who was clearly well groomed, wore a dark suit and had a sheathed sword at his waist.

“Are you the young masters who will be staying here?” asked the butler as he graciously bowed.

Silver’s eyes were fixed on the weird man with no head but he still managed to nod his head in agreement.

“That is strange, however you are here now so allow me to introduce myself. I am Wargel, the keeper of this house.” He then rose and pointed to the headless man by his side. “This is the security, you may call him.... whatever you wish.”

Silver paused and faced Wargel,

“What do you mean by strange?” he asked.

Wargel smiled and pointed towards a picture that was hanging on the wall. In it were four people, all young males wearing the same uniform and posing outside the very villa Silver was in now.

“The people in that picture were the masters of this villa about a week prior to your arrival. They disappeared and today I receive word that the new masters will be arriving, is that not strange?”

The butler had on dark glasses and kept smiling throughout his soliloquy, making it difficult to tell what he was thinking.

Silver folded his arms before turning to the headless man,

“This security, who is he?”

“He is the security! But if you’re asking what he is? All I can say is he is not.....entirely human.”

Silver sighed,

“Again with the secrets!”

He then focused his mind and attempted to read Wargel’s mind.


Wargel  suddenly drew his sword and held it at Silver’s throat, his face remained calm but his voice turned cold,

“What did you just do?”

Before Silver could respond, a dark mist wrapped itself around Wargel and held him in place.

“Stay your hand or die!” said Krias.

Wargel dropped his sword and took a deep breath,

“Free me!”

Krias let out a mocking laugh that quickly turned into a frown when he saw the headless muscle man charge at him.

Meanwhile Silver did not take his eyes off Wargel, he had seen something within the man’s mind. Silver had never looked into anyone’s mind before today, usually the thoughts would come to him in the form of sound or just information transferring into his head, so then why did it happen with this butler.

“You’re not just a mere butler!” said Silver.

Wargel put on his usual smile before whistling.

The headless man plopped to the ground right before he reached Krias.

“Who are you child?” asked Wargel.

“Krias, let the man go! It seems my plans for this place need to be completely changed. This is not just a school but a prelude...” laughed Silver as he patted Worgel on the shoulder.



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