Chapter 54 – Silver’s task.


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Both Piore and Krias stared at Silver, completely clueless. This had happened many times in the past before but the difference this time was that he did not give an explanation.

As soon as Krias let Wargel go, Silver asked to be left alone with him and not to be disturbed.

“Why do strange things always happen when Big bro is involved?” asked Piore.

There was no one else in the room but Krias, so he assumed the question was for him,

“Without those strange things happening, I doubt you and I would be here today. Besides, somehow things tend to always move the way he wants them to therefore, I see no reason to worry about those things.”

Piore sighed and sat down on the sofa in the common area of the house. Wargel had told them they were free to roam the house but not leave and after exploring the house, they were able to find out just how large it really was. There were at least fifteen rooms all with bathrooms of their own, four kitchens and two large halls, not to mention the courtyard and the basement.

“What do you think they’re talking about?” asked Piore.

“Don’t care! If even the Patriarch doesn’t meddle into Master’s secret affairs then why should I?” replied Krias.

“He probably doesn’t want us to know that’s why he told us to wait here!” thought Piore out loud.

Hearing this Krias let out a loud laugh, “It must take courage to speak the obvious like it’s some insightful knowledge.”


Twenty minutes ago.

Wargel showed Silver to a room that appeared to be the study. It was much smaller than the one he had in the Southern Branch and the shelves were filled with books of various legends instead of instruction manuals, but aside from that they were similar.

“The previous Masters didn’t use this place as much as they should have.” said Wargel as he closed the door to the study.

“Is that so?”

Silver moved towards the window and stared at the territory of the Night Dragon Sect.

“Forgive me for being blunt but..What did you do to me?”

Wargel kept his back towards the door as he slowly approached Silver.

“What do you think I did?”

“I felt a wave go through my consciousness and then.......” Wargel stopped moving when he was arms length away from Silver.

“Then, you repelled it! How? I don’t know, but what I do know is that the bits and pieces I collected although sufficient to give me a clue as to what is going on do not help me in finding out the true problem.”

Wargel was confused, he did not show it but he was.

“Bits and pieces of what?”

Silver smirked as he pointed towards Wargel’s head,

“Your thoughts and memory!” he then took one step forward. “By the way, I suggest you don’t attack or I will kill you.”

The study went quiet before Wargel broke the silence,


“Ha! Like I said bits and pieces so bear with me. Wargel of the Meri, you’re an assassin or are you a bounty hunter and you’re here looking for someone you hate yet also love very much.”

Wargel took off his glasses and leaned on the nearby table.

Silver was slightly taken aback when he saw Wargel’s eyes. The lids had been sown shut.

“Do you expect me to believe that, child!? There are many that know who I am and that I’m looking for som_...”

“Velesa, red hair, black dress , pale skin, and deep purple eyes. Oh! And I should also mention the image I saw from within your mind was of her feeding on another woman......If you wish I could say her name!”

Wargel turned towards Silver but said nothing for a long time. Silver was patient and so waited until,

“Say it!” whispered Wargel.


Wargel’s lip trembled when he heard that name, he stood up and began pacing around the room. He was yet to decide what he was going to do.

“Wargel, one more thing.” said Silver as he found a seat for himself. “I know you’re a necromancer!”

The study went silent once more and this time, it stayed that way for a long time.

“I could kill you!” Wargel suddenly spoke after a whole two hours.

“I sincerely doubt that you could. Besides have you not thought about why I shared with you the fact that I read your mind? I could have remained silent.”

“Why then?”

“Simple. Because I need you’re assistance.”

“With what?”

“I’m not sure yet and that’s why I need you to answer my questions. You help me and I promise to grant you two requests, whatever they may be.”

Wargel quickly put his glasses back on and walked towards the calm Silver,

“Who are you?”

“Silver Tar Aldarion! A simple boy with great ambition.”


“That name is not what you should be thinking about. When I say ambition, I don’t say it lightly as it is the one thing that can turn a beggar into an emperor and an emperor into nothing but a corpse.”

Wargel paused,

“Wait...why do you need me to answer your questions when you can just read my mind again?”

“Hmm..Good question! That’s probably because you’re cultivation is much higher than mine. Usually I wouldn’t be able to read your mind but the fact that you’re a necromancer might be the reason I was. Anyway, I only got fragments of information and I’ve been trying to get into your head from the moment we entered this room but to no avail.”

Wargel was stunned. The name Tar Aldarion meant that the child before him was a very important noble and if he killed him, his own head would probably roll soon after. That was not an outcome he could accept, at least not until his mission was completed.

In conclusion, there was no way out from his current predicament apart from helping Silver and using one of the favours owed to him.

“How do I know you speak the truth?”

“You don’t! But that’s what makes having leverage so much fun. It literally puts your fate in my hands, and to be honest I really enjoy being in control.” Noticing he was going off topic Silver quickly calmed himself. “To answer your question, I have never and will never go back on my word unless....you betray me. Once you cross that bridge, the only thing that awaits you is torment.”

Silver’s aura began to leak and a thick killing intent slowly encompassed the room.

“What do you wish to know?” asked Wargel as he unknowingly took a step backwards.

Silver’s aura suddenly vanished and an innocent grin could now be seen on his face.

“From your mind, I gathered that there’s a conflict going on in this place and that the two parties involved are using some rather interesting tactics. Tell me everything you know about this conflict and it’s current status. Oh! I’d also like you to tell me everything you know about a man who holds the title of Major and is named Dion.”

“Is that all!?” wondered Wargel.

“Yes! You tell me all you know and I promise to grant you one favour in advance.”

Wargel put on his calm smile and found a seat for himself,

“Well, I believe the first thing you should know about this whole conflict is that it isn’t only happening here but throughout the continent. The West Army that has control of the western part of the continent has been at war with the Aristov. The common people don’t know of this however there are secret battles being waged everywhere.”

Silver stopped Wargel from continuing,

“I’ve heard of this but where does this school come into play?”

Wargel shrugged,

“Great warriors are brought up by great Masters and this is the best Military school you can find. The Night Dragon Sect is arranging a marriage with one of their daughters and a member of the Aristov clan, once the union is done all the youths that enroll in their sect will grow to become soldiers of the Aristov. In return, the Sect will grow in both power and wealth.”

Silver stroked his hairless chin as he pondered something,

“I’m guessing the West Army didn’t take too kindly to this!”

“That’s right! After all half the school was under their control, they couldn’t just stay quiet. Unfortunately for them, the Aristov had a plan that couldn’t be stopped. They bribed the students to move to the sect, offering them land and titles of nobility as long as they converted and showed results. You also will probably be hearing from them soon.”

Silver let out a low chuckle,

“Interesting! But couldn’t the West Army have done the same thing?”

“Have you ever been in a situation where you’re trying to convince people not to do something someone else tells them to and yet you employ the same tactics in order to stop them from doing it? It doesn’t look very honourable, especially towards the alliance of families and clans that form the West Army.”

“Ha! Honour. The fact that you lose to mere bribes itself causes you to lose your honour but I can understand their circumstances, alliances aren’t as easy to manage as what they stand for.” Said Silver.

His expression then hardened. “ Now tell me about Major Dion and the current state of things here.”

Wargel slightly frowned,

“I don’t know much about him apart from the fact that he became the head of the Academy a year ago and when the Aristov made their move he suddenly relinquished his position. The same thing happened to the rest of the high ranking officials of the Academy, and now most of them can be found in those towers that guard the school.”

Silver’s eyes widened in disbelief,

“You’re telling me he is just a guard!?!”

Wargel cleared his throat,

“Not necessarily! He still holds considerable power but he rarely stays in the school, when he does come back though he...”

“He what?”

“He arrives healthy and leaves with grave injuries!”

“And how do you know this?”

“The same way I know everything else, I’m posing as an employee of the Sect. They know of you’re arrival here but what they don’t know...is that you’re quite resourceful!” Wargel nearly laughed at himself as he said that.

“Who inflicts those injuries on him?” asked Silver as he cleared his throat.

“The current headmaster of the Night Dragon Academy! Or his other lesser known identity, the Aristov’s lackey.”

Silver suddenly stood up and while holding back his voice asked Wargel to leave the room,

“I’ll send for you soon!” was all he said.



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