Chapter 55 – Silver’s Task (ii).

Regular Chapter.

Time slowly moved on and the light within the study gradually dimmed until all sunlight vanished, leaving the room shrouded in darkness.

Silver didn’t mind though, as he could see just as well in the dark as he could during the day. He currently was laying flat on the ground, eyes fixed on the ceiling.

When Wargel left the study hours ago, Silver dived deep into thought. There were many questions on his mind with more popping up every minute, some he had answers to but others left him clueless. The only break he took was when Lemarn came back to give out the uniforms and the registration badges.

The uniforms were identical to those of the youths Silver had encountered on the way to his villa, blue blazer, blue trousers and a milky white shirt. However, his badge was distinctly different as it was yellow in colour unlike the black of the other youths.

After making sure everyone had received their uniforms, Lemarn left once again and almost immediately after, Silver went back to his thoughts.

The continuous thinking and planning though eventually took their toll on him and when he caught himself having a serious conversation with the desk, Silver decided it was best to relax for a while, which led to him lying on the floor and just letting his mind drift.

He wondered how the life of this body would have gone if his soul had not been placed in it. He imagined a much more normal life for the real Silver, one which didn’t involve conflict with his older brother, one with many friends and considerably less enemies. Who knows, maybe this engagement would actually come to fruition and he would have had a large and happy family.

Images of a different Silver, one surrounded with many friends, family, children and all around jubilation flooded his mind and surprisingly it made him smile for some reason.

“Bastian....what did you get yourself into and how long do I need to serve Shiraz?”

Cold breeze from the open window caused the curtain to sway and some papers that were on the desk to fly across the room.

He contemplated closing the window but he liked the feeling of the occasional cold air brushing against his face,

“The need for revenge put me in the position I am! If there’s one thing I can’t do is be swallowed by such desire again but.....there’s a difference between seeking revenge and simply destroying the enemy standing before you.” Thought Silver.


Someone suddenly knocked on the door,

“Who is it?” asked Silver.

“Your Uncle!”

Silver froze, he knew Dion was coming but he had yet to decide whether or not he would confront him or feign ignorance. Never the less, the first course of action was to let him in.

“Come in!”

The door slowly opened and in came Dion. He eyed the little Silver curiously,

“I didn’t think you’d be this tired! But I guess it can’t be helped, I heard you were bedridden for some time before you came here. Anyway you should rest, I’ll come back another time!”

Dion quickly turned around and just as he was about to leave the room, Silver said something that stopped him in his tracks,

“Can you afford to waste time?”

Dion turned back around and closed the door. He didn’t reply immediately, instead he took off his coat and proceeded to light all the candles in the study.

He then sat next to Silver on the floor,

“I knew you were smart child and although I said you’d find out soon enough, I honestly didn’t think it would be this fast!” He then patted Silver on the head as he sighed, “So then, tell your uncle what you’ve learned.”

Silver left out the parts about Wargel but aside from that disclosed all he knew to Dion.

A smile could be seen on Dion’s face as he patiently listened to Silver talk.

“...And that’s all I know!” concluded Silver.

Dion chuckled as he faintly clapped,

“You’re an extraordinary child, I want you to know that Silver. Also, you’ve saved me some time as I already planned to tell you all that and more.” Dion scratched his head before lying flat on the ground beside Silver.

“I truly do not want to tell you any of these things because by knowing them you automatically become a target. So then why am I going to tell you anyway? It’s because we are currently at war!”

Silver inwardly felt some form of pity for his uncle but on the outside it didn’t show, his eyes were calm and his breathing as steady as can be.

“I don’t know what that clan of Lunatics wish to ultimately accomplish but it’s my job to make sure they’re plan fails.”

“Uncle, when we were coming here the man you sent to escort us. Why were the students afraid of him?”

Dion frowned but answered anyway,

“Lemarn does not work for me. In fact, his main job is to spy on me and keep me from plotting against the Aristov. The children were probably startled seeing a man of the Sect, in the territory of the Academy.”

“Hmm...So that’s how it is! And...Why is it that you always leave with injuries every time you depart from the school?” asked Silver.

Dion burst into laughter as his right hand caressed the scar on his face,

“You wanna know how I got this?” asked Dion as he shifted his head to face Silver. “I got it in a duel, if I won it the Aristov promised to leave the school be as it was but if I lost, I along with all of my staff would no longer be welcome in the inner circle of the school. What do you think happened little Silver?”

“You lost! But if that was it then why do you keep getting injured?”

“That....is because the man who beat me told me that he would allow me to face him as many times as I wanted and that if I managed to win just once, the Aristov would leave the Night Dragon Academy as well as cease all relations with the Sect!”

Silver sat up and sighed,

“There are so many things going on, I honestly don’t know how I could be of any help to you Uncle!”

Dion shrugged,

“Don’t underestimate your Uncle! I’ll have you know I’m a very clever, distinguished, honourable and handsome person, there’s no way I wouldn’t have a plan.”

Silver tried to hold in his laughter but it was no use. He almost toppled over after hearing Dion’s words.

“Good! Children shouldn’t have such serious expressions on their faces, just leave everything to me and everything will be fine. All you need to do is trust me.” Smiled Dion.



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