Chapter 56 – Silver’s Task (iii).


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“So how exactly do I fit into your plan?” asked Silver as he took in a deep breath.

Dion paused and looked Silver in the eye, his smile slowly fading away.

“Silver, you are the key to the plan. Without you, my work and my honour will be run through the mud.” Stated Dion as he looked up at the ceiling. “For now though, all you need to do is to become the best prospect in the entire school. Spread your name and showcase some strength as well as flaunt your status and once you’ve done that we’ll move on to the next step!”

Silver slightly frowned,

“I don’t enjoy unnecessary attention especially if I am to be the one to bring it to myself.”

Dion glared at Silver, not threateningly but as if he was appraising him,

“I don’t intend for you to scream your greatness to anyone and everyone with ears. That would be pointless! Two days from now, the test will take place and on that stage is where you must flourish.”

Silver scratched his head,

“Your faith in me is frightening but I will do my best to not let you down.”

Dion smirked mischievously,

“I’ve heard many stories from Akela about you and I very much doubt he would lie to me. If all he said is true then my faith in you is not without reason.”

Silver’s eyes widened. He didn’t expect his Father to trust Dion to the extent that he would share all that with him.

“No need to be surprised. We are family after all!” said Dion.

“Oh! and my confidence does not only come from having you. The other new enrolee I told you about, is not just a random youth. She is part of the direct line of the Blue Woof much like you and the Divine Tiger.”

Silver’s eyebrows raised,

“Who...?” Before he could ask his question. Dion stopped him and quickly stood up,

“I think this is a good a spot as any to stop. If we continued then we’d just waste countless hours talking about things that you will probably know by weeks end. Besides you need to rest.” said Dion as he put on his coat.

“Tomorrow you can go explore the school all you want, it’s why I got you that badge.”

Silver’s eyes turned to the uniform,

“The badge quite frankly isn’t something you should have yet but it should also help spread your status. The badges are basically a hierarchy system but you will know of this too with time, so I’ll be taking my leave now.”

Silver stared at Dion’s back. What he was thinking no one knows.

“Don’t forget to visit your bride and make sure to relay my greetings.” were Dion’s last remarks as he left the study.

“My bride...huh!”


The room was silent once again and Silver had, had enough. He fell back to the ground and just closed his eyes allowing the sweet relief known as sleep to take him away.



Lying in bed at night, Bastian found he could not sleep. He had a feeling that his son, Edlar’s recklessness would bring them problems but all his attempts to reason with the boy had failed.

Suddenly a hand reached out from within the sheets and found itself on his chest. The hand was pale and smooth to the touch yet carried a warmth that seemed to penetrate into Bastian’s heart.

“My love...what is it that worries you so?” came a sweet, caring voice.

Bastian grabbed the hand and affectionately caressed it.

“Your son longs for power.” Replied Bastian.

The woman pulled the sheets away and moved closer towards Bastian. Her hair was brown and long, with green eyes, an enticing figure but her most clear characteristic was her age. She looked to be in her early 40’s, as the spread out wrinkles on her face would show. However, that did not diminish her beauty in the slightest, in fact it made her look natural and timeless.

“Then why not grant our son your seat? Let him take the reigns and guide our clan to even greater heights.”

“Viellam..” said Bastian as he put his hand to her cheek. “Hundreds of years ago, we started with nothing just you and I but now, we have children, grandchildren, great-great grandchildren. We have a family, we have the power to make sure our family never misses a meal and to always live in peace. So then why is it that my son of all people would wish to use the power the Sovereign granted ME to wage a war where the only thing to gain is land and false respect in the form of fear. He is not ready to even be a secretary let alone a leader of men!”

Viellam looked at her husband and felt pain in her heart. Who should she support?

“Then teach him! Edlar is not one of your apprentices that you can simply give up on. He is your son and I will not allow you to forsake him because of politics.”

Bastian groaned as he slid his fingers through his hair,

“I will speak to him one last time but so shall you. If his judgement continues to remain clouded then I will strip him of his birth right!”


Early the next morning, Silver woke up and found himself no longer in the study. He was in a fairly large room that had pretty much everything he had in the Southern Branch. Bathrooms, dinning section, wardrobe room, a large empty space that he assumed was the sitting area of the room and of course a balcony.

Silver himself wasn’t in a particularly good mood.

“Why the F**CK am I having these dreams? Must I relive my pain....”

His eyes were red and his fists were clenched so tightly that you’d think he was about to throw a punch.

“Master Silver, have you risen yet? Breakfast will be ready in five minutes!” Shouted Wargel from behind the door.

“Mm..” groaned Silver as he rubbed his temple.

“I’ll take that as a yes then.” Replied Wargel.

Silver quickly got out of bed and headed into the bathroom. He took of his clothes and moved towards a steel pipe that had a beast core attached to it. Silver pressed the Beast core and a few seconds later water came gushing out.

This was one of the unique uses of beast cores of the water attribute. A good spirit master could manipulate it to make the core absorb water from a spring or lake and then make it spew on command. This process wasn’t commonly used especially by clans that descended from beasts as they felt it was disgraceful to the beast to use it as a household item.

Half an hour later and Silver came out of the bathroom, soaking wet. He then grabbed a towel and rubbed his body down. He would occasionally look at his chest and that was because over the years, Silver had learnt that the Mark of the Feline God would fade away and become invisible if he didn’t purposely activate it however when he came into contact with water it would immediately become visible for unknown reasons.

Once he was done drying himself Silver moved to a nearby stool where his uniform was lying. He swiftly put them on along with the badge before leaving the room and heading down stairs.

He followed the smell of food to the dining hall where he found Krias, Piore, Wargel and Security sitting at the table. A slight smile appeared on his face when he thought how funny it looked for five people to sit at a table that was built to host at least fifteen.

“What did you prepare?” asked Silver.

“These foods are from my home. Calamity crows meat, with longert Beef Stew and Honey leaves. Healthy and satisfying.”  Said Wargel as he served Krias and Piore.

“So despite not being a butler you possess the skills of a butler.” Mused Silver.

Wargel stopped and so did Krias who put his utensils down and awaited an explanation. Piore was slow to catch up and so remained silent.

“Don’t mind my words. Krias and Piore will not leak your secret so settle down and lets eat.”

Silver found a seat for himself at the head of the table and gestured for Wargel to serve him.

“Oh! When we’re done eating I’d like to explore this place. You’ll be my guide!”

Wargel nodded but felt a tinge of killing intent coming from Krias. He could already see his life getting more and more difficult in the future.



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