Chapter 57 – Council.


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Silver ate his surprisingly tasty breakfast while simultaneously holding a casual conversation with both Wargel and Piore. Krias on the other hand elected to take his plate to another room, probably because of Wargel’s presence.

Silver didn’t seem to mind though, in fact he would have been alarmed if there was a person alive that didn’t in some way or form irritate Krias. Even he had to weather a storm or two, before Krias finally trusted him.

“So where should we start?” asked Silver.

Wargel took a minute to think on his reply,

“We should head to the city first as you’ll probably be spending a lot of time there in the future.”

Piore wiped his mouth and turned towards Silver. He seemed to have something to say but as usual when in front of Silver he hesitated.

“Something on your mind?” asked Silver.

“Can I come along?”

Silver put his fork down and looked at Piore for a brief moment that somehow felt like an eternity to Piore.

“No! Another time.” Answered Silver who immediately resumed eating.

Piore was to about to question the decision when Silver eyed him again,

“Don’t ask why. I have my reasons.”

The hall went quiet and everyone finished their meals in silence. Interestingly though, the most uncomfortable person among them was Wargel who was starting to get malicious looks from Piore as well.

Half an hour later and Silver was ready to leave. Neither Krias nor Piore saw him off, which was slightly saddening as he had grown accustomed to Piore’s loyalty that sometimes literally knew no bounds.

However despite that, Wargel and Silver departed from the villa. They walked a short distance before Wargel who was leading suddenly stopped.

“There should be one here!” he said.

“One what?”

Silver grew confused at the sight of Wargel looking around.

“Oh well, this looks like a good time to show you the abilities of that badge. Just send some divine power into it and see what happens.”

Silver quickly did as he was told and a faint yellow flash of light beamed, a few meters around him. When the light dissipated a void could suddenly be seen just a few steps away from him.

“That’s one of the abilities of the inner disciple badge. I’ll navigate once we get inside the void.”

Silver stopped and slowly asked Wargel a question. He made sure every word coming out of his mouth was clear as the sky above them so as to make sure they weren’t misunderstood.

“Did you just say that this badge strapped to my chest is that of an inner disciple? I have yet to even pass the entrance exam and I’m already an inner disciple? How is this possible?”

Wargel sighed,

“How am I supposed to know? All I can tell you is that having the badge doesn’t necessarily signify that you’re an inner disciple but rather that you’re at the same level of one. Besides, I doubt you’re the only one in this situation but you’re probably the only one this shocked about it.”

With that, the two stepped into the void and an instant later they were standing on a long stone paved walkway.

“This is the market. I’ll show you around the establishments of note.” said Wargel.

Silver looked around at the various vendors  who placed their wares on floor mats, the large storied buildings that probably held lots of expensive yet useful materials and he couldn’t help but sigh at how much greater this market was compared to that of the Southern Branch.

“What are those small symbols?” asked Silver as he pointed at a sign board that had the symbol of a leaf on it.

“They signify what kinds of goods are being sold in their shop. If you see a sign with a small sword, then that shop specialises in weapons trade, if there’s a leaf then it focuses on the sale of medicinal herbs.”

Silver’s mouth formed an “o” as he thought about how effective and helpful this method was for the potential customers.

The deeper in the two went, the more Silver became amazed. There were so many restaurants, special meeting places for students and even various guilds that put out a plethora of missions with promise of reward upon completion.

Wargel introduced Silver to some of the leaders of the guilds as well helped him book a permanent seat at one of the high end restaurants. Silver really had to admire just how well connected Wargel was.

“Where should we go next?” Half a day had now gone by and they had only explored the market, not even dwelling into the heart of the city.

“There’s something you need to see that’s not far from here.” Replied Wargel.

His interest was now peaked, “Something I need to see?”


The two moved at a calm pace as they approached the city square. The scenery was beautiful and there were lots of youths mingling with each other, clearly enjoying themselves. However, Silver didn’t pay attention to any of this, his eyes remained unmoving and fixed onto something extremely peculiar.

“What is that?”

Wargel smiled as he slowly led Silver towards a giant midnight black dragon statue.

“This is the Council of the Dragon’s ranking system. As long as you reach the right level of power the statue will adjust the ranking and add your name.”


Silver eyed the entire statue from top to bottom. Engraved on its scales were names of students with numbers beside them, but on key body parts like the claws, head, tail, wings there were highlighted names that looked extremely majestic.

“Why are those names special?”


“Those are the strongest members of the entire school, their power and authority rivals that of even the head. Although I don’t know why!” explained Wargel.


“It doesn’t matter for now...Wargel, what do you know about a girl called Alia Rivero.”


“Hmm, I don’t know anything about her but I’ve heard of the previous glory of the Rivero family. It’s power was only slightly below your current Divine Tiger Clan but they foolishly challenged the Aristov.”

“I see, do you know where I can find her?”

“Most likely the girl’s dorms inside the school, should we head there?” inquired Wargel.


“Mm..Let’s go!”


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