Chapter 6 - Break Jaw City.


It has been 6 years since Silver first absorbed light divine power, during that time Akela also taught Silver how to absorb lightning divine power.

Currently the inside of Silver's divine core has two types of divine power constantly fighting for Supremacy.

Akela had told him that normally when one reached the Soul compression stage the stronger attribute would be the one to fuse with his soul. However for now he could use both the light and lightning divine power.

Silver's older brother, Kaz had been sent to Eclipse academy a year ago, it was located at the border of the Divine tiger clan and was just as powerful as any one of the great clans, the reason he was sent to the Academy was because he was born with the fire attribute.

The members of the divine Tiger Clan mostly had the wind and water attribute, having the fire attribute was very rare and thus the divine tiger Clan had very few fire attribute members who of course weren't qualified to teach the young Master of the Southern branch.

At this time Silver was sitting cross-legged in the courtyard as Akela was instructing him on the methods of how to convert lightning divine power into solid lightning.

If Silver was able to covert lightning divine power to lightning it would mean he had reached the first level of [Lightning Storm].

Although Silver is only seven years old because he is constantly absorbing divine power he is already 1.4 meters tall and has hair slightly longer than shoulder length neatly tied into a pony tail.

"Little Silver concentrate on your lightning divine power, send a small part of it into your mind and the rest to your right hand." Said Akela in a low voice.

Silver followed his father's instructions and sent a small part of his lightning divine power to his mind and the rest to his right hand, he could feel a tingling sensation coming from his palm.


“Now, in your mind picture a single lightning bolt striking the ground, then focus on the origin of the lightning bolt and slowly replay the image of the lightning bolt from when it forms into an electric charge up to the point it hits the ground.”

“That is all the help I can give you, Good luck!" said Akela as he looked at his son who had beads of sweat on his forehead.

Silver followed his father's instructions and continued to replay the image of the lightning bolt forming and then hitting the ground, he paid extra attention to the point of origin of the lightning bolt.

Silver then suddenly had a feeling; he felt that if he could project the image of the Thunderbolt forming from a thundercloud to his right hand maybe something would happen.

So Silver projected the image of the Thunderbolt forming to his right hand, when suddenly without his command a minuscule amount of light divine power shot out from his core and headed towards his right hand.


The two different attributes collided , Silver felt a sharp pain in his right hand so he opened his eyes and looked at his right hand only to find that there were countless little lightning snakes coiling around in his palm. The little lightning snakes were flashing a bright dark blue color but with a faint white glow.

“Success.” Silver had a huge smile on his face as he looked at the small lightning snakes coiling around his palm. He didn’t exactly know how he was able to do it but he felt it had something to do with his light divine power.

Seeing that his son had succeeded in creating lightning Akela rushed over with a huge smile on his face.

“Good…you were able to create lightning on your first try!” said Akela while stroking his son’s hair.

However Silver was somewhat disappointed he thought that he would be able to summon huge amounts of lightning not something as small as this, Which was already consuming huge amounts of his lightning divine power.

Noticing the look of disappointment on Silver’s face Akela laughed heartily, “It took me one month and countless tries just to summon lightning while you are disappointed. Hmph! try and fire the lightning in your hand towards that tree.”

The tree Akela spoke of couldn’t be described as a tree but rather a large plant it was about 2 meters long and 3 feet wide.

(A/N - The tree resembles a Japanese white pine but bigger.)

Silver then hesitantly pointed his finger towards the tree and willed the lightning in his palm to attack. The lightning then shot out moving at a terrifying speed and with a *BANG!* sound it hit the tree; the result was that there was nothing left of the tree but ash.

Silver was completely shocked; he never imagined that such a little lightning bolt could have such power. A huge smile appeared on Silver’s face.

“Hmph! That’s enough for today you have the rest of the day off!” said Akela in a low voice with a hint of a smile on his face.

“Yes, Father.” Said Silver as he left.

As soon as Silver left the faint smile on Akela’s face disappeared as he rushed to the spot where the tree had been destroyed and began to examine it.

“How could it have been so powerful it was only the first step? This son of mine is truly destined to become a huge figure in the future maybe he could even go to that place.” Thought Akela while shaking his head.

“What am I thinking, even our patriarch who has lived for 10,000 years cannot go to that place, how can my son? Haaa... I just got too excited.” Said Akela while sighing and laughing bitterly.

When Silver turned 4 he was allowed to leave Break Jaw Castle and roam around Break Jaw City.

The first time Silver left Break Jaw Castle he was accompanied by bodyguards and a female servant who explained to him about life within the city.

Break Jaw city is divided into three areas;

  • The first area is comprised of the living quarters for commoners and merchants as well as most of the city guards and is known as Backbone bay.
  • The second area is comprised of the living quarters for the nobles and higher ranking officials and is known as Tiger Pelt estate.
  • The third area is the largest and also the main area where business is conducted within Break Jaw city, it is filled with markets and thousands of shops selling all kinds of things from books to rare animals and even slaves were traded. This area is known as Trade hall.

Break jaw City is surrounded by a huge forest which goes on for miles. Inside of this forest lie many wild beasts therefore majority of goods sold in the trade hall are things acquired by hunters/mercenaries. The most precious of which are beast cores which although cannot be refined to increase one's own power,  are able to boost the power of one's weapons or armor for example beast cores acquired from earth attribute beasts when placed onto one's armor increase it’s defense exponentially.

Beasts are classified based on the color of their cores which are all outside their bodies;

-  The Initial stage levels 1-9 have grey colored cores.

-  The Evolution stage (Divine Baptism) levels 10-99 have white colored cores.

-  The Soul Compression stage levels 100- 100,000 have black colored cores.


There is no way to tell the exact power of a beast, only experienced hunters and mercenaries are capable of differentiating between a 100th level beast and a 500th level beast and so on.

Silver was currently was currently walking through tiger pelt estate heading towards the trade hall.

Most people in Break Jaw city knew Silver not because he was the young master of the Southern branch but because of his unique silver hair.

Silver enjoyed going to trade hall, he liked to buy books on famous heroes such as Graydon who was able to slay a dragon.

However the real reason Silver came to trade hall was so that he could listen to the stories of the various mercenaries that gathered to sell their wares which mostly consisted of beast cores and carcasses.

When Silver arrived at the entrance of trade hall immediately all the people bowed with smiles on their faces, the reason why they were smiling was because they liked Silver not only was he not arrogant towards commoners but he would even urge them not to bow.

"Young master, we will escort you." said the guards standing at the entrance of Trade hall.

Trade hall was filled with a variety of stores on both the right hand side and left hand side; there were also many people who placed their wares on mats lying on the floor.

As Silver continued to walk forward he saw a familiar figure in the distance, it was his big sister Asil.

Silver really liked his big sister because she would always smile and was also the only one in Break Jaw castle aside from his mother who would still treat him like a child.

Asil also noticed Silver and decided to go towards him. "Little Silver why are you here? Shouldn't you be training with father?" asked Asil.

"We finished early!" said Silver while looking at his sister.

Although Asil wasn’t very talented in cultivation she already had the makings of a beauty.

She had slightly pale skin, hair that flowed all the way down to her waist and was wearing a green cheongsam. (https://www.google.com/search?q=changpao&es_sm=93&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAWoVChMIvr3yxMnrxgIVYo3bCh1MRQ-O&biw=1366&bih=643#tbm=isch&q=cheongsam)

“Good!...you and I never get to spend time together, today you will accompany me.” said Asil who had already reached out and grabbed Silver’s arm.

Asil and Silva spent the entire day together browsing the various shops and buying whatever they wanted. They only returned to Break Jaw castle when the sun was setting.

After having dinner they parted ways, Asil returned to her room while Silva went to the second floor of Break Jaw castle which was the training hall.

The Training hall was quite large it was about 100 metres long and 150 metres wide, the training hall had three sections;

-The meditation area which is the smallest of the three and had tens of small rooms    within it.

-The combat area which is the largest of the three.

- The lecture theater which is where seminars on techniques are had.

Silver headed towards the meditation area and entered one of the rooms; the room was completely empty apart from a single mat on the floor.

He then sat cross-legged on the mat and closed his eyes; he focused on reading the scriptures of the [Re-Birth] technique.

The scriptures read, "Once one has accumulated enough light divine power he must circulate the divine power through out his body strengthening his bones and removing the bodies impurities thus improving it however this process must be done before one reaches the 10th level. This is because the process of circulating divine power to one's body is the equivalent of the condensation of the first nine levels to reach the tenth."

Silver opened his eyes breathed in a mouthful of air then closed his eyes again.

Silver was currently at the ninth level of divine power and was stuck unable to advance thus he chose to use this method to break through.

He then began to circulate his divine power throughout his body.








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