Chapter 7 - Consequences of gaining power.



Low grunts could be heard coming from a small room in the meditation area. Those grunts and sounds were being made by a young man.

It was Silver; however the current Silver was in extreme pain.

One hour ago!

……… ………

Silver had begun to circulate the light divine power through out his body according to the ancient scriptures of the [Re-Birth] technique.

However, just as his bones and muscles began to absorb the light divine power Silver began to feel unimaginable pain.

“Wh….why is there so much pain the scriptures don’t mention anything about pain?” thought Silver.

In fact not only did the scriptures not mention pain, it was written that one would have a soothing feeling like as if your entire body was being cleansed.

The reason Silver was feeling this pain was because of his actions these past few years. Every time Silver would absorb light divine power he would then continue to refine it using the [Divine mind purification] technique.

Light divine power is already the most pure of all divine power, however Silver continued to refine the light divine power to an even purer state thus his current predicament.

At this time Silver could feel as all the pores in his body stretched and huge amounts of filth began to pour out. Due to the pain of his pores enlarging so abruptly plus the pain of his body growing Silver fainted.

Meanwhile outside the training hall it was now afternoon and everyone in Break Jaw castle was in a state of confusion and worry. The reason for this was because early in the morning two servant girls went to wake up the young master however they got no answer so they opened the door and found that no one was inside. Akela was informed of the situation and a search began.

The guards of Break Jaw castle were confident that young master Silver was still somewhere within the castle as they would have noticed if he had left.

After a few hours one of the Elders was heading towards the second floor of Break Jaw castle, the training hall.

He entered and proceeded towards the lecture theatre however he suddenly stopped because he could feel strong fluctuations of divine power coming from the meditation area. The elder proceeded towards the meditation area and when he entered he could see golden colored light coming from one of the small rooms.

The elder opened the door only to suddenly be blown back almost 10 meters fortunately he was an elder who had reached the Soul compression stage; he did a flip in the air and landed softly on the ground.

Strong light divine power as well as blinding golden light was coming from the small room. There was only one person who had light divine power in the entire Southern branch of the Divine Tiger clan and that was the third young master, Silver.

Not wasting another moment the elder left the training hall and headed straight to where Akela was to tell him of his findings.

Akela was currently in the courtyard of Break Jaw castle, he was pacing while thinking of how Silver had disappeared when suddenly an elder came rushing forward while saying, “My lord, I’ve found the third young master!”

After he heard those words Akela immediately felt like a weight had been lifted off his heart.

“Where?” said Akela hurriedly.

Seeing that Akela was anxious and in a hurry the elder didn’t bother to explain and pointed towards the second floor of Break Jaw castle while saying, “In the training hall.”

Immediately lightning appeared under Akela’s feet and with one step he disappeared leaving only after images behind, in the blink of an eye Akela had arrived at the training hall and used his soul to scout the area.

He immediately noticed the divine power coming from the meditation area, he cautiously approached the room that light divine power was coming from. However what he saw shocked him.

Silver was completely naked and his body was enveloped in golden light that was so bright Akela had to squint to see Silver. However what shocked him was that the current Silver was completely different from the Silver of yesterday.

His hair was no longer completely silver and now had hints of gold mixed in. His body had also completely changed.

Before Silver was 4.5 feet tall but now he is 5.2 feet tall and his body was now much more muscular. Not the type of muscles associated with body-building but the type of muscles associated with agility, like those of a leopard or Jaguar.

Black filth was constantly coming out of his Silvers pores.

Seeing that Akela immediately understood because Silver had once explained to him that when he reaches the first level of [Re-Birth] his body would be cleansed and all impurities would leave his body.

Akela then ordered that the training hall would be off limits for now, no one knew why except the elder who found Silver but even he didn’t know the specifics.

Three days had passed Saphir had stayed by her son’s side the entire time however because she wasn’t a cultivator she needed to stay a certain distance away from the light or it would repel her.

Suddenly, the light surrounding Silver begun to gradually fade and after a few hours it completely dissipated.

After another day Silver finally regained consciousness. He’s body was not sore at all,  on the contrary Silver felt extremely powerful like he could do anything.

Akela who was waiting for Silver to wake up threw him some clothes and said, “Go see your mother then take a bath, we’ll talk later.”

After getting dressed Silver walked out of the room and found his mother waiting for him outside, she looked like she had been awake for days.

As soon as she saw Silver, she ran over and took him into her embrace; tears began to flow from her face.

“Thank God you’re alright!” said Saphir.

After having calmed down Saphir wiped the tears from her face and said, “Silver I don’t know what happened because your father refused to tell me but please be careful in the future, if not for your sake then for mine.”

Silver was always happy whenever he was with his mother however seeing her current state he felt like he had done wrong by her.

“I’m sorry mother, I’ll try to be careful in the future!” said Silver.

“Good now go take a bath, you’re very dirty.” Said Saphir with a smile.

Silver left for his room, took a bath and after changing relaxed on his bed while contemplating on the events of the past few days.

He could feel just how powerful his body was; Silver estimated that he was at around the 14th level which means he was now a “practitioner”.

Practitioner is the title given to all under the Soul Compression stage but above the Baptism stage.

However because Silver’s baptism wasn’t a normal baptism he was able to jump to the 14th level of divine power.

Silver then tried to summon lightning, he reached out his right hand and thought of lightning appearing in his hand and in that moment it appeared.

Silver was immediately shocked, before he needed to concentrate and send a part of his lightning divine power towards his mind but now with but a thought he can summon lightning as well as control it much better compared to before.

The lightning Silver had summoned this time was visually bigger, last time they were just tiny sparks coiling around his palm but this time actual lightning was coiling around his arm up to his elbow.

“My previous lightning could turn an entire tree to ash I wonder what this lightning could do.” Thought Silver.

In truth Silver knew that his lightning shouldn’t have been able to destroy a tree and turn it to ash, the reason why Silver’s lightning was able to do such an act was because of the miniscule light divine power that was able to fuse with the lightning divine power in Silver’s body. As to how that was possible it remains a mystery one which Silver doesn’t care to solve, after all the lightning is stronger which is a good thing why should he care why it is so.

….. ……..

Night fell.

“Young master, your father has summoned you to his study.” a female servant’s voice came from the outside of Silvers room.

After hearing the servant girl’s message Silver woke up, tidied up his room and headed to Akela’s study.

This time Silver didn’t bother knocking and just entered.

Akela was currently sitting on a chair, deep in thought. He only came back from his world of thought when he heard Silver come in.

Silver walked closer to his father and then stopped when he was about arm’s length away from Akela.

Akela looked at Silver closely noticing all his son’s differences, from his hair to his body even his aura which had changed considerably.

Akela sighed, “Young Silver, it looks like you were successful in your training however I wish you would have told me before you began. You caused quite a commotion today.”

“Forgive me father.” Said Silver while bowing.

“It’s alright but then again there is another issue I wish to discuss with you.” said Akela.

“Please speak Father!” said Silver.

Akela stared at his son for a good while and then said, “Its about your current aura, it doesn’t befit that of a member of the divine tiger clan and I’m afraid it will bring you problems in the future. However there is a way for you to become more powerful as well as truly become a member of the divine tiger clan but it is also very dangerous. Therefore I want you to make your own decision.”

Silver was stunned for a moment as he tried to wrap his head around his father’s words but after a short while he regained his composure.

“Father, what do you mean my current aura doesn’t befit one of the divine tiger clan and will bring me problems in the future?”

Akela sighed and said, “Your current aura is most definitely that of a Tenshi clan member thus the older generations of the Great Clans including our own, who have lived for thousands of years will be able to immediately tell and will most likely see you as a threat and will seek your death or they will torture you for the training methods of the [Re-Birth] technique.”

Silver hesitantly asked, “Is there where to mask my aura!”

Akela shook his head and said, “There is but powerful people will easily be able to break through the techniques of someone weaker. However like I said there is a way to not only change your aura but can also possibly make you stronger in the process but the danger is considerable.”

“Father no matter what it is I’ll do it.”

Akela seeing his son’s resolve nodded and said, “Good first I’ll explain about the divine baptism of our clan. I’m sure you already know that the other great clans have their own special baptisms while the commoners undergo the exact same type of baptism; our Divine tiger clan is also the same. We undergo the divine baptism which gives us stronger bodies, some traits of our ancestor the divine tiger as well as the aura of the divine tiger.”

Silver then said, “So if I want to get the aura of the divine tiger I must undergo the divine baptism, but is it possible to undergo two baptisms?”

“That’s why it’s dangerous, it is not impossible but it is only possible for those who have two attributes. The danger lies in the fact that it is extremely taxing on the soul.” said Akela.

Silver then thought for some time while occasionally looking at his father. It would be a lie if Silver said he wasn’t scared at this point in time.

However in the end he had no choice but to undergo the divine baptism after all if he didn’t, Silver would become a target for the rest of his life.

The only thing Silver could do was clench his teeth and say, “Father, I’LL DO IT!!”


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