Chapter 8 - One week.


Akela told Silver that going through two baptisms in a row would decrease the already slim possibility of success; therefore Silver had to wait for some time.

Currently Silver is in the combat area of the training hall; he is about to begin a sparing match with one of the guards of Break Jaw castle.

Silver is planning on using only his physical abilities in the spar; he is doing this because he wants to gauge his current body’s strength.

The person Silver is facing is one of the few guards allowed to stay in tiger pelt estate. The man is quite large and although his face is that of a middle-aged man he already had quite a bit of grey hair, his name is Reevus and he is dressed in dazzling dark blue armor.

Reevus is armed with a wooden sword while Silver is bare-handed as he doesn’t like bladed weapons.

“Young master get ready I will attack but be at ease I will not injure you.” Said Reevus with a smile.

“Mm…come at me!” said Silver.

As soon as that was said both Silver and Reevus dashed towards one another; however Reevus was a bit faster as he was using divine power. In fact Reevus was shocked with Silver’s running speed; even if you told him that Silver was using no divine power he probably wouldn’t believe you at all and would instead just laugh.

Silver was heading straight for Reevus, he wanted to get as close as possible to Reevus so that when he attacked he would be able to accurately test his reaction time.

Noticing Silver’s intention of attacking head on Reevus acted just like Silver wanted him to. He waited for Silver to get within his attack range and then swung his sword swiftly aiming for Silver’s head; however he only added very little divine power to the sword strike, reason being he didn’t want to harm the young master as that would surely cause him many problems.

However what happened next shocked both him and Silver.

Silver had dodged the sword but the reason they were both shocked was because Silver dodged the sword the precise moment Reevus began his sword movement.


“At that moment wha..what happened?” thought Silver.

The reason even Silver was shocked at himself was because he didn’t control his body when he dodged the sword;  in fact he hadn’t even began to react to the sword when suddenly he felt this powerful sense of danger and his body just reacted.

“Could this be instinct?” thought Silver.

As Silver was lost in thought contemplating on the events that just occurred Reevus suddenly said, “Young master, I have matters I must attend to, please excuse me!”

“Ah! Uncle Reevus, didn’t you promise you would instruct me for two hours?” asked Silver with a slightly annoyed look on his face.

“Haha…I admire you young master you are so young and yet you continuously train!”

Silver was shocked reason being the number of people who knew that Silver was training can be counted on one hand and are all very loyal.

“How did you know I train?” asked Silver with a hint of curiosity in his voice.

“Hmm…. I am a practitioner at the 90th level, even if I was holding back, at your current level of power you shouldn’t have been able to dodge that sword. So I came to the conclusion that Lord Akela was training you in the art of combat, was I perhaps wrong?” said Reevus.


“Oh! So he had misunderstood. Not only was he wrong about the type of training I do, he was also wrong about why I was able to dodge that sword.” Thought Silver.

Silver then smiled at Reevus, shook his head and said, “You have completely seen through me Uncle Reevus but could you please keep my training a secret?”

Reevus smiled and said, “Of course I can but I must say, not only is your brother outstanding but so are you! Our Southern branch will surely prosper in the future.”


“Eh…my brother isn’t he in Eclipse academy?” asked Silver.

“Oh! You haven’t heard, your brother was crowned as the freshman king at this year’s inner-school competition. His performance was so good that Fire Sage Gasul took him as one of his personal disciple.” Said Reevus.


“Ho!...he was that good, do you happen to know what level he has reached?” asked Silver.

“Mm…from what I’ve heard it looks like he’s at the 12th level. Haaaa…a true genius!” said Reevus with a sigh as well as a hint of envy.


“What just the 12th level is considered a genius then aren’t I classified as a super genius! However be that as it may at my current level of power I am just too weak, I must first get stronger in order to be conceited, I won’t make the same mistake twice.” Thought Silver.

Reevus then left the training hall while Silver returned to his room to rest as well as to think.

…. …………

A few hours passed and it was now late afternoon.

“Young master, Lord Akela has ordered that you go to his study at once!” said a servant girl.


“Hmm…Father is ordering me to go to his study? This must be something urgent.” Thought Silver.

Silver got up from his bed and immediately headed to Akela’s study.

When he arrived at the door of the study Silver heard his father argue with another man who had an aged voice.

“Akela the decision is made!” said the aged voice.

Silver waited for a while until there was no sound coming from the study then entered only to find to his surprise only his father was in the room and no one else the only peculiar thing was that his father’s hand was glowing.

“Father, you sent for me?” asked Silver.

Akela had a very ugly expression on his face it could only be described as a combination of anger and rage. He looked at Silver and then sighed.

“Little Silver decisions have been made which also concern you; one’s that I cannot dispute.” Said Akela with a look of worry.

“Father what is it?”

Akela looked at Silver who had a look of confusion on his face and said, “In the Divine tiger clan we have traditions that have always been followed. One of which include a culling process to remove the weak and only priorities the growth of those who have potential.”

Silver looked at his father who had a look of worry on his face and asked, “But don’t I already fit the qualifications of one who has potential?”

Akela’s face was filled with even more worry as he said, “That is where the problem lies. The culling ceremony will take place in around 1 week, usually those who are below 10 don’t participate but because in this generation many infants were conceived the clan wishes to categories the useful and the useless at an earlier time therefore you must also participate. However the problem is that your aura is still that of a Tenshi clan member.”

Silver’s face immediately changed, he remembered what his father told him about what would happen if people found out about his Tenshi clan body.

After a seemingly long time of silence, suddenly Silver said;

“Father I understand that undergoing the next baptism so soon after my first one will be dangerous but we have no choice, either way I still face both danger and the possibility of death, at least if I undergo the baptism I still have a chance.”

Akela was shocked, because even though his son looked scared and worried he was still able to make a decision as well as think rationally.

“Ok! However now that we only have one week, the divine baptism must be undergone as quickly as possible as you will also need time to recover afterward.” Said Akela.

Silver simply nodded.

Akela left the room and said, “Follow me!”

Silver followed closely behind Akela, soon they arrived at the third floor of Break Jaw castle which was the testing area only this time they didn’t go through the first door but rather entered the second.

The inside of the room was filled with many statues resembling tigers, the walls of the room were riddled with what seemed like magical incantations even the ceiling had a huge painting of a white tiger which bore a striking resemblance to the Sovereign tiger Silver had met. However the thing Silver was focused on was a huge spherical pool in the centre of the room which was filled to the brim with grayish colored liquid.

Suddenly in Akela’s hand as if out of thin air a red gem the size of a fist appeared, he then threw it to Silver and said, “Take that gem and enter the pool no matter what do not let go of it.”

Silver immediately grabbed the gem and after inspecting it a bit, took of his all his clothes and got into the pool. He swam to the middle where he just floated with nothing happening.

After about 15 minutes the gem in Silver’s hand began to glow and immediately after it did Silver was pulled by a powerful force downwards into the water. He closed his mouth making sure that he held his breath until he could figure out how to get back up to the surface.

Unfortunately the force kept pulling Silver down; after about 10 minutes Silver’s face had turned purple and he was unable to hold his breath any longer. He also realized that even if the force stopped pulling him downwards, to make it back to the surface with his current oxygen supply would be impossible.


Silver released the carbondioxide in his lungs.

However when he breathed in again instead of water entering his lungs it was oxygen.

Silver quickly breathed in the air as he tried to regain his calm. After regaining his calm Silver now had the luxury of looking around him.

Around Silver was the grayish liquid and beneath him he could only see endless liquid and nothing more.

After what seemed like hours to Silver he finally stopped dropping and then suddenly the gem Silver was holding changed color from red to blue. As soon as the color of the gem changed a large amount of grayish liquid encircled Silver until it formed a cocoon.

The blue gem then changed color again this time from blue to green, again as soon as the gem changed color the cocoon formed from the grayish liquid started to turn dark blue. Suddenly Silver felt the lightning divine power move around in his body against his will.

The cocoon had now completely turned dark blue. Once again the gem in Silver’s hands turned from green to black and as soon as it did the dark blue cocoon began to glow.

Immediately that happened the lightning divine power inside of Silver’s body shot out of his body against his will.

The divine power then began to fuse with the cocoon formed by the dark blue liquid.


Silver was going through unimaginable pain at this time, all the lightning divine power was leaving his body forcefully and at extreme speed. His body’s pores which had just began to heal from when they were enlarged last time immediately ripped apart.

The pain was too intense for Silver, his eyes had become bloodshot and his veins were protruding, clearly visible to the naked eye. Although he tried to hold on Silver once again fainted from the pain.

The lightning divine power continued to come out of Silver’s pores until there was nothing left.

….. ……….

After a few hours the lightning divine power had completely fused with the cocoon formed from dark blue liquid and began to change color into black.

The gem in Silver’s hands once again changed color, from black to purple.

As soon as that happened the now black colored liquid quickly began to flow into the gem. The gem was absorbing every last bit of the liquid.

After a few minutes the black liquid had been completely absorbed.

The gem in Silver’s hand changed color for the final time; it turned from purple to white.

However what happened next would be something that would completely transform Silver’s life forever!



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