Chapter 9 - One week 2.


After the gem in Silver’s hands changed color from purple to white, it started to glow even more intensely.

At this time Silver had began to regain consciousness, he slowly opened his eyes and began to look around. He noticed that the cocoon was no longer there.

“I wonder what happened while I was unconscious?”

Silver started to stretch a bit in the liquid and with every movement cracking sounds could be heard. He felt that his body had once again undergone a change but this change was not as large as the one that occurred when he underwent the Tenshi clan baptism.

Silver’s body had not grown in height but rather his body looked like that of a master warrior, there was no sign of any useless muscles at all. His hair had also grown a bit longer.

After finally stretching within the gray liquid a bit, Silver closed his eyes and focused on his divine core. Inside the divine core Silver could not feel any lightning divine power at all, he opened his eyes and turned his attention to the white gem in his hands.

Although the gem is now white it still has some hints of dark blue on it, and on the sides of the gem are faint inscriptions which Silver hadn’t noticed before.

After what seemed like a day to Silver, the gem in his hands began to vibrate and almost flew out of his hands. Silver grabbed the gem as tightly as he could because he remembered that his father told him not to let it go no matter what. However the movements of the gem got even more aggressive and Silver had no choice but to use the light divine power in his body in order to keep the gem from flying out of his arm.

For now the gem was in check but Silver understood that this wouldn’t last long, he would need to think of a way to make sure the gem would stay in check before his light divine power depleted.

The more time that passed the more aggressive the movements of the gem got, until finally the light divine power in Silver’s body had finally been depleted.

“Shit…why is this happening? Why does this cursed gem want to leave me so badly? After stealing all my lightning divine power it just wants to escape?” Silver’s eyes had began to become watery he felt as though he had been cheated.

The instant Silver’s light divine power was depleted and his grip on the gem weakened, the gem flew out of Silver’s hands however it didn’t fly away from Silver but rather was headed for Silver’s head.

Silver tried to dodge the gem that was headed straight for his head but he was too slow the gem was already too close.

When the gem was about to hit Silver’s head it suddenly stopped in front of Silver’s forehead, the gem stopped glowing and began to shrink. When it reached about the size of a human thumb it stopped shrinking.

Silver was completely absorbed in studying the gem but he couldn’t help but have doubts.

“Didn’t father say not to let the gem go? Is this supposed to happen?”

Silver continued to examine the now thumb sized gem floating in front of him when suddenly the gem shot out and surprisingly entered Silver’s head, Silver had absolutely no time to react.

Almost immediately Silver lost consciousness, but the weird thing was that on Silver’s head there was neither an entry wound nor an exit wound it was if Silver’s head had absorbed the gem.

……. ……………


Silver opened his eyes only to find that he was no longer in the gray liquid pool but to his surprise was now in a place that he was familiar with.

The place Silver is currently in is the same place Silver met the Divine Tiger, the endless void. Suddenly within the dark endless void just like before a door appeared and a powerful familiar voice rang out,          “Get in here!”

Silver immediately rushed towards the light beyond the door,  and when he was inside he could clearly see his body. He was no longer the 7 year old boy Silver but rather was now the powerful looking     middle-aged man dressed in armor, Bastian.

After looking at his current body in confusion Silver began to look around but much to his surprise the view in front of him was completely different from the one he saw the first time he was here.

The place Silver is in can only be described with one word, “Heaven”. The sky was riddled with stars making out a giant tiger and the ground was made of something that can only describe as a cloud. The entire area that seemed endless had hundreds of gigantic mountains covered with lush green forests which had trees that seemed to reach the heavens,  all of which were glowing with a faint white light but the strange thing was that not a single creature could be seen in this magical place.

Suddenly a young man as if from thin air appeared in front of Silver, the man had long white hair with hints of black almost reaching the ground, he also had a body of a martial artist and was wearing a white robe. The man’s eyes were not those of a human but rather a tiger’s.

The man stared at Silver and then a frown appeared on his face,

“Those bastards actually gave him light and lightning, Fuck them!” thought the young man.

Silver  looked at the young man in front of him and noticed his anger, Silver had also figured out that this young man must be the Divine Tiger in human form after all the divine tiger had told him that he was born human.

Silver just stood there not daring to say a word out of fear, when suddenly the Divine tiger spoke,

“Kid, it looks like things haven’t gone according to my plan. Those high and mighty bastards gave you completely different attributes compared to me therefore most of the techniques I gave you are useless and only two of them are accessible to you.”

Silver was shocked he couldn’t believe what he had just heard,

“To think there are those who even a Sovereign refers to as high and mighty.” Thought Silver.

On the face of the Divine Tiger Shiraz a faint smile appeared but disappeared soon after, why did he smile? This was because as the creator of the [Divine mind purification] technique, Shiraz was able to read the minds of those with a lower cultivation level. Naturally he was able to read Silver’s thoughts and he was actually pleasantly surprised because not only was Silver not confused but he had actually figured out that the person before him was none other than Shiraz,  plus Silver was even thinking about existences that surpass a sovereign.

“Kid, there’s no need for you to think about existences that surpass sovereigns because there is no meaning to it.”

Silver was confused, “what does he mean by it has no meaning to think about such things?” thought Silver.

Shiraz once again had heard Silver’s inner thoughts and so decided to explain;

“Kid, the existence’s above sovereigns are known as Paragods! The reason I told you there was no meaning in thinking about Paragods is because they aren’t humans nor are they living. The paragod’s job is to maintain balance in all the worlds, in existence there are only four Paragons;

  • The Paragon of Life.
  • The Paragon of Death.
  • The Paragon of War.
  • The Paragon of Fate.

These four keep balance in the universe and are the most powerful beings in existence, for a person or anything for that matter to achieve a Paragod’s level of power is impossible. The reason that is so is simply because the Paragods were brought into existence together with the universe and are at the same time a part of it as well. The Paragods are neither living nor dead, they simply exist!”

After listening to Shiraz Silver now understood why he said there was no meaning to think about it.

Shiraz continued,

“Tch!..you made me go on about such trivial things when time is of the essence. Listen carefully to me kid if you don’t do as I say you are going to die and will never be able to re-incarnate again.”

Silver couldn’t believe what he just heard, to his knowledge he had done nothing wrong. Why was he now at the brink of death?

“Kid…the technique I gave you [Divine mind purification technique] is behind your current predicament. The Divine Baptism of my Tiger clan requires one to have their divine power drained and placed into a crystallized form of my blood which then embeds the divine power with my aura as well also serves as a purifier for the divine power.

In your case, things are a bit more complicated because not only is your divine power extremely pure thanks to the [Divine mind purification technique] but because a part of the light divine power which has already been embedded with a powerful aura has managed to fuse with your lightning divine power has caused the gem to mutate. I created the gem so that no matter what was done to it my blood could not be extracted from it nor could the gem be used as a weapon, however the current gem is no longer under my control and even I don’t know why it entered your body nor what will happen to you but what I do know is that if the gem dissolves it will destroy you, your soul as well as everything within a million mile radius.”

Despite his fear Silver tried to calm himself down but the thought of the gem which contained a drop of Sovereigns blood dissolving inside his body made him want to vomit.

Silver steadied his voice and asked, “Is there anything I can do to prevent the gem from dissolving?”

Shiraz looked at Silver and sighed while saying, “There is a way but it comes with consequences.”

Without allowing Silver to speak and as if guessing what he would say Shiraz continued,

“If I help you now I will not be able to communicate with you nor will I be able to assist you ever again at least not until….” Shiraz immediately dismissed what he was about to say.


Contrary to Shiraz’s belief, Silver was actually not bothered by not being able to communicate with Shiraz in fact Silver wanted to make his current world his own without relying on other people’s power.

Shiraz once again had heard Silver’s thoughts but this time he got extremely angry,

“You little bastard, do you really think I would expend a quarter of my power just to re-incarnate a soul for my amusement? I have plans one’s which involve you and I will not have them tampered with!”

Silver was shocked and at the same time afraid, he didn’t understand what Shiraz meant by he had “plans” for him.

Noticing Silver’s confusion Shiraz coldly snorted and said, “Hmph!...the current you is of no use to me nor is a dead you therefore I have no choice but to help you.”

After saying that Shiraz stretched out his arm and from it came a white mist-like substance that flew towards Silver and then fused with his soul.

Immediately he could understand the information, and after reading through it he immediately kneeled in front of Shiraz and said, “Thank you, my Lord!”

Silver understood what type of relationship he and Shiraz had after all, he had practically sold his soul to the guy.


After hearing the words, “My Lord” come from Silver’s mouth Shiraz got even angrier,

“You fool, even after all I’ve done you dare call me your Lord! I have passed onto you techniques that took me billions of years to create and perfect. I have granted you power in not one but two worlds and you still call me Lord!”

Silver was completely baffled. Had he mistaken what type of relationship he and Shiraz had?

“Forgive me! If I may be so bold as to ask if you are willing to take this humble servant as your disciple?” said Silver.

“Hmph! If I cannot be called your Master then who can?”

A smile appeared on Silver’s face as he said, “Thank you. Master!”


“Mm….now you must leave before your body suffers too much. Oh! And I forbid you from using the technique I’ve given you until you reach the Soul Compression Stage. Finally and most importantly you must go to the “Gate” only then can we meet again.


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