Prologue - My Fall.


Long ago, an ancient land filled with magic, mystical martial warfare as well as a variety of x beings like elves, beast men, humans and the like, existed.

As time went on humans began to understand the existence of a higher power - The 12 Sovereigns. As humans began to worship these higher beings, four of the Sovereigns decided to bestow some of their powers onto a select few humans who they deemed to be worthy and able to handle their power. These four Sovereigns were The Divine Sovereigns, the strongest of the 12;

- The Divine Tiger (Shiraz)
- The Elemental Dragon (Azul)
- The Emperor Lion (Suleiman)
- The Battle Wolf (Braie)

The powers bestowed upon them by the Sovereigns gave them the traits of their respective Sovereigns. The humans that received the powers were;

- The worshipper of Shiraz, Bastian, who would later form the greatest of the four divine beast clans who practiced a secret martial art with aspects of magic, or in the case of the “four blessed humans”, divine power.
- The worshipper of Azul, Drago, who would form the strongest clan of magicians who relied on their divine power.
-The worshipper of Suleiman, Leo, who would later form the clan with the strongest bodies.
-The worshipper of Braie, Grey, who would later form a clan filled with clansmen with the innate ability to control people as well as being blessed with speed.

The levels of power were the same for all the four clans:

The first level of power - Divine Baptism, the lowest level of power. It enables the members with the ability to sense and drink the divine power from their respective divine Sovereign. After drinking the divine power they gained the power to transform a part of their body, thus strengthening it.

The second level of power - Partial Divine Transformation, which, as the name suggests, allowed the members of that clan to partially transform their body. For example the Braie clan’s partial transformation allowed them to turn into werewolves, with the color of their fur depending on the amount of divine power drank during the baptism. (This was divided into subsections, with the capability to turn into a werewolf being the highest.)

The third - Full transformation that allowed the clan members to borrow pure sovereign divine power to turn into a divine beast, but only temporarily.

And the fourth - The halfway stage where the members were regarded as an emissary of their respective Sovereigns in their world.

Part 2

Hundreds of years passed since the founding of the four clans. Their respective founders were still alive(Divine power gives longer life span) The hundreds of years were filled with ghastly warfare.

The four clans set out to conquer the world in the name of their respective Sovereigns, except the Bastian clan.

However, the other powers of the world teamed up to destroy the four clans before they set out to conquer the world and thus, the hundred years of war begun. Although initially the Bastian clan tried to stay out of the war, the alliance of all the powers of the world wanted to exterminate all the clans founded by the “four blessed humans” so they were forced to join in.

The war went on, and although the four clans were more powerful they were vastly outnumbered. They didn’t stand a chance.

Although Bastian resisted and tried to fight in these hundred years, after having reached the third stage, he was the only one left alive out of the four clans. In an outburst of fury, he cried out to the heavens,

“Oh! Divine One! You granted me power only to watch my kin die. Please grant me the power to rid the world of these heretics and in exchange, you may have my soul.”

Standing on the battlefield, covered in blood, Bastian could barely move when the sky opened up and a bright yellow light came down from the heavens and enveloped Bastian.

The sky closed up again, and everything went back to normal, except for Bastian.
His eyes were glowing white. His hair, also white, fluttered wildly although there was no wind. And then it happened.


Bastian turned into a white tiger, 200 meters tall. This was unlike the transformation of the third stage. This was one where it seemed like all his power had been compressed and then unleashed onto the world. Yes, Bastian had entered the fourth step.

In the form of the divine white tiger, Bastian felt immensely powerful, but there was another feeling; the feeling of his soul being dissolved rapidly. He didn’t care, though. He knew it was worth it. Bastian then lifted his head and opened his mouth. A huge white light began to gather, and he let out a magnificent roar.


The light slanted in the direction of the thousands of soldiers and whatever the light touched began to dissolve, including the human bodies. Cries could be heard from the soldiers trying to run away, but all of them were turned to mush and none escaped.

Hearing the cries, Bastian laughed and bellowed, “Today you all die! Feel the pain that my brethren felt.”

And with those words Bastian turned back into human form and spit out multiple mouthfuls of blood before collapsing on the ground.

Bastian lay still, dead, on the battleground with the ghost of a wicked smile spread on his face as his soul left his body.


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