I’m Dropping I fell and thus I must rise again!

Hey guys,

I know that in the latest chapter I announced that Ifatimra would be published however, due to many complicated reasons that I won't bother to mention I'm now dropping the story.

While writing Ifatimra I gained lots of experience and had lots of fun but with time I started to lose the passion to continue and thus began doing it for the wrong reasons.

That's why I've decided to end the series and completely reboot my approach to writing with Path of Blood. I'm already posting double the regular chapters I used to, so there's a start.


Anyway, Ifatimra is over if you really enjoyed the story and feel that the time you invested was wasted then I'm genuinely sorry. However if you're a fan of my writing then dedication to Path of Blood is the best I can offer.

I do feel as though I've wronged the faithful readers, especially those who've followed this story all the way from royalroad in 2015 when I started writing it. But like I said, I just can't find any semblance of a drive to continue.


Thanks for following the series and supporting me until now.

Your humble author,




  • superdelicious@yahoo.com' Lee says:

    this is the reason why I don’t donate or support any amateur writers. Expecting donations while a novel is being written. This isn’t the first time and won’t be last time a writer quits mid way. They think they have a good idea for a novel and think it’s a quick money maker, only to find the sad reality of what a real professional writers goes through even with the financial support of a publisher. I don’t feel sorry or pity the readers who were dumb enough to support or make donations to these amateur writers, even worse than thugs mugging people in the street in my opinion.


      Here, here, old sport! We should box his ears. All their ears!!

    • insanemooncake says:

      @ Lee

      You’re so entitled… anyone who donates to a writer should understand that there is a chance that for whatever reason the story could be dropped. Maybe you’re right and the writer was just out to get money, but there’s almost always other variable in the mix when a writer drops a story.

      But my main problem with what you said is that amateur writers are “worse than thugs mugging people in the street.” Beyond the fact that the writers on this site and probably most others are writing so other people can enjoy them, (we make less than meal scraps off of this) nobody is forcing you to donate. We just have a button on the side that says that if you donate, we’ll be happy about it and maybe give something back in return.

      Besides, your generalization is just that, a generalization. Every single writer/author in the world that has ever lived was an amateur writer at some point. Are you trying to tell me that someone like J.K. Rowling is worse than a thug mugging people in the street? That Shakespeare was a crook? That Tang Jia San Shao is a villain?

      We’re just people trying to improve our craft. If people want to help us along the way, that’s fine. That’s great. It motivates us to work harder, learn more. If they don’t, then that’s that. We’re still going to work hard and chances are, we’re still going to try and improve. I think that it’s not until some entitled person like you barges in, telling us that we’re worse than thieves just because we don’t want to write something anymore, that we really question if it’s worth it.

      Nobody is putting a gun to your head, going “DONATE. DONATE. DONATE. DONATE. DONATE.” We just want you to read the story, and maybe give some feedback. That’s what we write for. Just because we have a little paypal button on the side, doesn’t make us crooks. Just because we’re amateurs, and aren’t writers with big publishers behind us, doesn’t make us villains.

      • Thank u they always think u have to donate when it is your free will. Thoughts who are stupid only put the blame on others thinking they will get compensation when it is your free will. So if you donate, be glad of what u get cause they try as hard as they can. Also like me they could still be in school

    • blanco.alter@gmail.com' Malcience says:

      Dear little troll, why be such a POS? Is it because you just enjoy deliberately trying to hurt others from the security blanket of Internet anonymity? I hope you get whatever you deserve.

  • agnigreat17@gmail.com' devilsadvocate6 says:

    best of luck mate!

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