IPASH Chapter 10 Pt. 1

“During the day, she’s in the dungeon during the day and at night, she serves the Lord?” Lan Yun was in tears. “Cui-er, how long has this situation been going on for?”

“In response to the Princess, it has been happening for half a month.”

Ciu-er was the additional personal maid Lan Yun selected when she became the Princess. She had always felt that Qiu Yue was never close enough to her.

“Half a month??”


“Every night?” Lan Yun asked, fuming with rage.

“Answering the Princess, every night.”

“Follow me to the dungeon.”


Lan Yun took Ciu-er and together they went to the dungeon.

Qiu Yue went to visit the dungeon every two or three days, so naturally she knew that Fang Yun Luo was still receiving the Lord’s affections. This allowed her guilt to slightly decrease, but if Lan Yun was to know of these matters, she would definitely not let it go. Seeing her arrive  in the dungeon, Qiu Yue went to hide in a corner, fearful of what was to come.

“My Lady, it’s Lady Yun. She’s definitely here to cause trouble.” Jin Xiu reported to Fang Yun Luo, who was currently resting on her wooden bed.

“Lan Yun?” Fang Yun Luo rose up. She knew that nightly excursions would sooner or later be discovered by her, and she also hoped that Lan Yun would find out. She needed to have a proper talk with her, for maybe, just maybe, she will allow her to leave the mansion.

Qi Er Lun would only undo her seal during the night, and re-seal her point when she returned to the dungeon; preventing her from ever escaping.

She had discovered that she was pregnant. Though, she did not want Qi Er Lun to discover she was pregnant; he had already divorced her, so why would he want her child. But if she delayed for too long, her stomach will start to swell, making him realise sooner or later. So she must leave this place, as soon as possible.

“Why do you still not kneel when the Princess is here!” Ciu-er shouted loudly.

Fang Yun Luo and Jin Xiu just stared at them silently; like Cui-er was a mad dog barking at its owners.

(TL: Burned! When the Chinese associate you with a dog, that the lowest degradation you can get.)

“They are really too rude. Why don’t you quickly kneel!” Cui-er continued to bark behind her master. Seeing that no one had paid any attention to her words, she shouted again.

When she saw there was still no reaction, Cui-er really wanted to lash out in anger, but Lan Yun curbed her.

“Cui-er, it might be she still thinks that she is the Princess. I will enlighten her on who is the true Princess. Go, call for someone to open her cell’s door.”

“Yes.” Casting them a glance, Cui-er departed.

“Lan Yun, who is the Princess is not important. I wish that you will release us and allow us to leave the mansion. The Princess position, I can allow you to have for eternity.” Fang Yun Luo stated.

“You are willing to leave the mansion? During the day, you are in the dungeon and at night, you serve the Lord. How is this imprisonment? In all of history, I’m afraid that you are the only one to be imprisoned this way.”

“If you allow me to leave the mansion, then you do not have to worry about me returning.”

“I will allow you to leave the mansion, but you will be carried out. And not by foot.”

“You wish to use personal punishment?”

“Since I am the Princess of the Tai Yuan Province, how could I use the personal punishment to teach female convicts of honor?”

“Lady Yun, don’t you dare act reckless. My family’s Lady she…...” Jin Xiu forcibly stopped her next words.

“Jin Xiu.” Fang Yun Luo made eye contact with her, she knew what Jin Xiu wanted to say. Her pregnancy must definitely not be allowed to reach the ears of Lan Yun. Otherwise she would seek blood for blood.

At this moment, the mansion’s guard had entered. “May I ask the Princess what she needs?”

“Go open the dungeon door.”

“Yes.” So he opened the dungeon doors.

“Drag her out for me and shackle her to the torture table.” Lan Yun said, pointing at Fang Yun Luo.

“Yes.” The mansion guard swiftly walked into the cell and prepared to drag Fang Yun Luo out.

Standing in front of Fang Yun Luo protectively, Jin Xiu cried: “You cannot!”

The mansion guard just ignored Jin Xiu and pushed her to the corner, dragging Fang Yun Luo out.

Since Fang Yun Luo had her pressure point sealed, she was as weak as a kitten. Adding on her pregnancy, she could only allow herself to be dragged out and onto the torture table.

Crawling up, Jin Xiu charged to the guard, and went to catch the iron chain in his hand. “If you harm my family’s Lady, the Lord will not spare you.”

When he heard this, the guard lowered the iron chain trembling; just in case what Jin Xiu said was the truth.

“Mansion Guard, are you listening to me or to her? Move your hands, or you will be the first one that I will not spare!” Lan Yun yelled in fury.

Hesitating for a moment, the guard pushed Jin Xiu to the side.

Jin Xiu stumbled back a few steps towards the wall. Crashing into it, she fainted and did not rise.

“Jin Xiu!” Fang Yun Luo weakly called out. She was incapable of throwing off the guard and both her hands were already shackled to the table.

“Lan Yun, what do you want?” The feeling of being trampled down upon, left Fang Yun Luo in panic and it was her first experience of the taste of true fear.

“I just want to give you some lessons.” Lan Yun threatened.

“You can not use personal punishment on me. I did not kill your child, and I do not even wish to monopolise the Lord.”

“It’s true! As long as you leave this mansion, then you will no longer monopolise the Lord!”

“Release me and I will leave immediately.”

“I will release you, then I will ask someone to carry you out.” Lan Yun coldly replied.

“You…….” She was void of any strength and was certain that she could not escape her predicament.

Walking to the table containing the various torture devices, Lan Yun selected the whip. Walking in front of her, she swung the whip a couple of times. The sound of the whip cutting the air, left people numb and trembling all over.

Qiu Yue madly dashed towards the anteroom, no matter what, she must find the Lord to go and save the Princess.

“Chief Manager Ai, I need to meet with the Lord.” She said while gasping for breath.

“The Lord in currently occupied with a meeting with local officials.”

“Chief Manager Ai, I must meet with the Lord because the Princess is in danger.” Qiu Yue pressed.

“What danger is the Princess in?” Ai Li asked as if the matter did not matter to him. When Lan Yun became the Princess, he could not help but dislike her arrogant and despotic nature.

“The Princess may be tortured by the Princess.”

Listening to this, Ai Li was really muddled. But as soon as he thought for a second, he immediately understood. “Wait here.”

Entering the anteroom, Ai Li walked directly to Qi Er Lun’s side: “My Lord, please step outside for a quick word.”

“May I ask everybody to please wait for this Lord for a short while.” Standing up, Qi Er Lun said the people present and then walked out of the anteroom.

As soon as Qiu Yue saw Qi Er Lun walk out, she swiftly walked forward and knelt down. “My Lord, I ask you to go to the dungeon. The Princess may be tortured by the Princess.”

When Qi Er Lun heard, he immediately understood what she was saying. “Ai Li, immediately go and bring my orders to the Princess in the dungeon, without this Lord’s order, no one is allowed to touch even a hair on the Princess.” He will not allow even a single mishap to occur to her.

“This subordinate will do as you bid.”

“My Lord, this servant will be so bold as to ask the Lord to personally go there as well. Chief Manager Ai may not be able to stop the Princess.”  Lan Yun’s arrogance was as high as the clouds atop the mountains.

(TL&ED: WOOOO!! You go Qiu Yue, make QEL go and let him see, finally BLOODY sense.)

“Ai Li is bringing my direct orders, she dares not to obey?”   

(TL: ye…..)

“My Lord, you are somewhat unaware that the Princess she…...” In order to obtain the Princess position, she is even able to kill her own child. What does she not dare to do.

“Qiu Yue, finish your sentence.”

Qiu Yue was at first startled, then she gained some vestige of strength, from where she did not know, sticking out her chest and lifting up her head she heroically declared: “My Lord, the Princess, she didn’t really cause Lady Yun’s miscarriage.”

Qi Er Lun’s two bright eyes suddenly narrowed, and his atmosphere instantly turning gloomy. “Continue speaking.”

“My Lord, the medicine that the Princess gave to Lady Yun was indeed supplemental medicine. It was Lady Yun who wanted this servant to go the pharmacist and acquire the abortion medicine, after which it was this servant who was tasked to blame it on the Princess.”

“Damn it you slave.” She actually made him misunderstand Fang Yun Luo, destroying the fragile trust they had painstakingly nurtured, making them suffer so many hardships. With one hand Qi Er Lun went to hit Qiu Yue’s head.

“My Lord, please think again. Qiu Yue is the evidence.”: exclaimed Qiu Yue as she swiftly blocked that hand in the nick of time, the fact she could actually block Qi Er Lun’s hand showed he was not in possession of his right mind.

“My Lord, this servant is also very respectful of the Princess. This one also did not want to do it, but Lady Yun threatened this servant. Saying that if this servant did not comply, Lady Yun would marry this servant to the old chef. This servant would rather die, than marry that old man.” She cried, afraid of the retribution she would suffer for her actions that morning.

“Ai Li, go inform those officials that this Lord has some important matters to attend to. Tell them to first retire, if there are any other problems, tell them to return another day.”

“This subordinate will do as you bid.”


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