IPASH Chapter 10 Pt. 2

Finally~ The long awaited ending........

Holding the whip, Lan Yun circled around Fang Yun Luo, occasionally whipping the ground or the cell walls. Purposefully making her beg for forgiveness in fear.

Closing her eyes, Fang Yun Luo refused to look at her. She knew what Lan Yun’s aim was; didn’t she want her to grovel on the ground to her? These were the aftereffects of a love rivalry.

She knew she must now withstand the pain from the whip to gain her freedom, but she would never beg for mercy.

When Lan Yun saw her eyes closed tightly, she couldn’t allow it. She didn’t want to dawdle any longer, standing behind her, she said:  

“This prisoner is still so arrogant, they have certainly been spoilt by the Lord. Today, I must teach you thoroughly, who the true Princess of Tai Yuan is.” Waving the whip, she ruthlessly whipped Fang Yun Luo’s back.

Scorching pain seared her back, Fang Yun Luo shrieked involuntarily and fainted.

Jin Xiu was awoken by this shriek, she swiftly stood up and blocked Lan Yun’s way. “My Family’s Lady is pregnant with the Lord’s child. You better stay your hand.”

Hadd Jin Xiu had not said that it would have been better, but now that Lan Yun learnt of this, she used even more strength. Her child was dead, so she must kill that woman’s unborn fetus.

“Guard, lock this maid up.”

As the guard saw how vicious Lan Yun was, he could only comply with the order. He hauled Jin Xiu back to the cell and locked her up.

“Lady Yun (Bitch), if you want to hit someone, then hit me. Don’t hit my family’s Lady. My lady……..” She said angrily, with a flash of nervousness in her eyes, with tears streaming down her face.

Lan Yun waved the whip again, it streaked towards Fang Yun Luo’s back, but a single flying dagger intercepted the whip, pinning it to the wall.

Qi Er Lun leapt over to Lan Yun’s side and immediately went to (bitch) slap both her cheeks. Hitting her into a stupor, she tripped to the ground.

“Ai Li, go get someone to arrest her.” He rapidly went to pick up Fang Yun Luo. He then unlocked the shackles on her hands, unsealed her pressure point and flew out of the dungeon.

Fifteen days later

On a dark and stormy night, in the dead of the night, two women could be seen carrying several bundles, passing through a couple of unused corridors they arrived at a small door, located at the back of the mansion.

Softly, they opened the door, however when the two women were stepping out...

“Where do you want to go?”

“Chief Manager Ai!” The two women cried out while thinking ‘Darn it!’.

Jin Xiu and Qiu Yue were brought back to the East Wing by Ai Li.

Within Qi Er Lun’s hands was a letter, but when he saw the deserted East Wing, he turned around to look at them. Sternly, he asked:

“Where is the Princess?”

When Fang Yun Luo was reinstated as the Princess, she was gloomy. He thought this moodiness came from the morning sickness due to her pregnancy, so he spoilt her in every way possible. But she actually left a note and disappeared.

“My Lord, the Princess said that she had explained it clearly in the letter.” Jin Xiu answered.

“She did not explain it properly!” He bellowed in rage. She had only written about nonsense in the letter, saying how he didn’t love her. Saying how he will eventually take another concubine, saying he doesn’t really love her child, saying how she’d rather live in seclusion in the mountains than live the rest of her life in bitterness here.

Only the heavens knew how much he loved her. He had finally understood what she meant by a single-minded love, in this life, in this age, he only wanted her. He was only at a loss on how to express his feelings to her, and yet before he had, she had abandoned him.

As soon as he discovered she was pregnant with his child, he was ecstatic like a child eating sweets for the first time. Completely different to how he felt when Lan Yun was pregnant.

The two maids seeing how angry the Lord was, immediately knelt on the ground.

“Where exactly did the Princess go? And where did you two want to go? It’s best if you tell the truth, otherwise I will wed you both to the old chef.”

Inside the mansion, there were numerous servants, so he initially did not know what the old chef was like. When he was managing the situation caused by Lan Yun, his curiosity made him want to learn what the old chef was like. As a result of what he learnt, he spared Qiu Yue of her crimes, and gave her to Fang Yun Luo.

“My Lord, please don’t! We will tell you! The Princess said she wanted to return to Mount Changbai, and ordered both of us to return to the Prime Minister’s house. She ordered us to give the golden medallion and letter to the Prime Minister, and ask him to give them to the Empress.”

“What golden medallion and letter?”

From within clothes, Jin Xiu took out a golden medallion and letter and handed them to Qi Er Lun.

Qi Er Lun opened the letter and read it. Finally, he knew what Fang Yun Luo was trying to do.

He won’t allow her to fulfil her wish. In this life, she can’t even think about escaping from him, she was his wife.

“My Lord, we have told only the truth to you. We beg of the lord, to not wed us to the old chef.” Jin Xiu begged.

“Why don’t we marry Qiu Yue to Yan Yue and you to Ai Li?”

The two maids immediately became red faced, their happiness written clearly on their faces. Yet they did not know how to act.

“No need to thank me, this is what the Princess asked for this Lord to do. So the Princess must return, in order for these marriages to occur. Or we could marry you two to the old chef.” Finishing his words, he took the golden medallion and letter and left the East Wing.

Fang Yun Luo was currently hidden on the rooftop, she did not actually leave. If she did not see Jin Xiu and Qiu Yue safety leave the mansion, how could she be at ease? And now, with the happiness of those two maids in her hands, how could she bear to leave now.

With her light footsteps, she followed Qi Er Lun back to the South Wing. Sneakily, she entered his room, with the intention of retrieving the golden medallion and letter first. Afterall, those were her talismans.

But her body’s fragrance betrayed her whereabouts to Qi Er Lun. Qi Er Lun followed her fragrance and trapped her within his embrace. Turning her around, he pinned her to the bed.

“Princess, has this Lord ever told you of a dream I once had?”

With her curiosity aroused, Fang Yun Luo asked: “What dream?”

“I dreamed that you and I were riding horses towards the great plains. We were living in a cave filled a thousand purple coloured flowers. I practised my martial arts, and you made medicinal pellets, we lived our lives enjoying ourselves.”

“My Lord, is it true? Is this truly what you dreamed?”

“We can make this dream true. The times are now peaceful and calm, fighting has ceased at the borders. We can live the rest of our lives leisurely and free.”

“Just you and me, with no other concubines?”

“In this life, in this age, I want you. And only you.”

“What is your proof?”

“The bright moon…..”

Fang Yun Luo stopped his mouth: “You have already broken a promise with the moon.”

Qi Er Lun wrestled off her hand, and kissed her deeply. With his lips alongside the edge of mouth he told her: “That was because of you. Because of you, that I broke a promise with the moon. So I will use the sun and the moon as the proof.”

In the midst of the darkness, the sweet and honeyed words escaped from in between those tightly intertwined lips………...

The End


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