IPASH Chapter 3 Pt. 1

A bathtub that was large enough to fit several people was currently filled not with flower petals, but some herbs that Fan Yun Luo brought.

The herbs that were soaking in the hot water started to emit a sweet fragrance. Not only could they help relax the muscles, but they could also help with the flow of blood in the body.

In a corner, Jin Xiu was washing her Lady’s silk clothes. Mechanically her hands scrubbed at the clothing, pondering hard at how she was going to break the news to her; the her soon-to-be husband already had a concubine.

“Just recently, you were outside. Do you see or hear anything important Jin Xiu?” Fang Yun Luo noticed that Jin Xiu repeatedly scrubbed the same place. Guessing that she had seen or heard something outside.

Turning her body, Jin Xiu thought that her Lady could always see through to a person’s heart. “My Lady, when I was outside, I heard the lord he……..”

“There is no harm in saying it.” Seeing that Jin Xiu stammering, Fang Yun Luo had the most terrible premonition.

“Before the Lord had even married, he already took a concubine.  They even said that he practically lives there and that Lady Yun’s beauty is comparable to a deities.” Jin Xiu replied downcast, as if her Lady had already become a abandoned wife.

Her premonition had come true. Though came as no surprise to her, for which noble did not have three or four concubines? She had never imagined that before her marriage, she would already encounter this predicament.

She did not envy other’s wealth and power, but only envied the heaven’s freedom. She knew the moment she was born into nobility, she could not escape her fate of marrying a noble.

“Jin Xiu, the Lord is the Lord. I imagine that he already has three or four concubines already. This is nothing to fuss or worry over.” At most she would be just living her life in the East Wing, living her way of life.

“My Lady, do you not want to fight for the Lord’s favour? This would be very unfavourable for you.” If a women could not obtain her husband’s love, she would be like a jade which had lost its luster.

“Unfavourable? I am the Princess, who would dare to treat me unfavourably? Jin Xiu, you should get in and wash too. Wash away all your worries.”

“I don’t dare. This the Marquis’ home, and not the Prime Minister’s.” This is foreign territory, and if her Lady couldn’t obtain her husband’s love, they would forever be treated as outsiders.

“Don’t dare?” Then Fang Yun Luo scooped a bucket full of water on Jin Xiu and playfully said: “Do you dare now?”

“I dare, I dare, I dare.” With her body now drenched, even if she didn’t want to, she now had to wash. How could her Lady still have the heart to play with her? Even if this doesn’t worry the Emperor to death, it sure will for the Head Eunuch.

When evening came, a handsome silhouette flew to the West Wind and onto Lan Yun’s rooftop.

Quietly, Fang Yun Luo removed a tile and peeked into the room’s interior to see a man’s body and a female body.

She was really curious as to how her future husband looked like and how beautiful that deity-like Lady Yun looked.

She told herself that she was just curious, that she had not come to see how tough her competition was or how she wanted to vie for his love.

Behind the screen you could see a very well rounded body standing and quickly exiting. Next a very robust body got up and followed her.

(TL: ( ̄ω ̄;) Our MC is a peeping tom/girl???…gg Women)

The woman helped drape a bathrobe on the man and then wore one herself and came out from behind the screen together.

From her current position, she could not see their faces and only their intimate, naked bodies.

Immediately Fang Yun Luo lifted her head and persuaded herself: ‘This is bad, this is bad. I only want to see their faces, as soon I see it, I will leave.’

After she felt that her actions no longer made her feel guilty, she lifted another tile and reviewed the room.

Fang Yun Luo could clearly see the woman sitting on the man’s lap, feeding him food.

With the room’s candle flickering, she could not take her eyes off the pair and couldn’t help but look for more than a glance.

She was really comparable to a deity, but looking at her lonely eyes, she couldn’t help but feel pity.

For she was not like that.

“My Lord, thank you for your gift today.” Lan Yun said, her voice full of loneliness.

“You didn’t like the jewellry and clothes?” This was not like her at all.

With the man holding the woman, his back had always faced her. She only saw the man’s rough hand holding the woman’s plump body.

“Tomorrow you will be married. I’m worried that with someone new, you will forget the old ones.”

“Didn’t I already tell you, she is only the Princess and will gain nothing else from me.” The man said.

“You won’t let her bear your heirs?”

“I want my heirs to have the blood of the great plainsmen, she is not fit.”

Hearing this Fang Yun Luo was furious. This met her demands exactly. She didn’t want to compete with others for his favor nor have children. Otherwise she will have to care for them and then compete with others for the child. When that comes, not only would she suffer, the child will suffer too.

Afterwards, she saw the man turn his head……

Sh cried out in her heart, how could it be him?! That was the person she and her master had saved in the plains.

Those clear cut features, and those perfectly sculpted facial features; she did not remember wrongly. She would often, at random times think about him and unconsciously compare him with other men she knew. And each time, he was slightly better than them.

When she learned of this marriage, she immediately thought that her fiance would be him, but she had never thought it would be true. He was a Marquis!

“My Lord, you have promised me. As long as she violated one of the seven rules of marriage, you will kill her and make me your Princess.” Lan Yun pleaded like a spoilt brat.

“That is correct!”

Those couple of words echoed inside Fang Yun Luo’s mind. She saved his life, and yet he couldn’t wait to kill her!

She previously thought that her kind facial features made her feel suffering.

With her hand trembling, concentrating she tried to replace the ties soundlessly.

“Who is it?” Qi Er Lun heard a noise on the roof. Pushing Lan Yun to the side, he rushed out and in one breath, jumped onto the roof.

wooo! she deserves it.

“My Lord!” Dazedly, Lan Yun fell to the ground. She hadn’t heard a single sound.

Seeing that she was exposed, Fang Yun Luo wanted to leave the West Wing and return to the East Wing.

With her butterfly-like foot arts, her speed was faster than Qi Er Lun’s. But she was not thinking straight and in one leap, he caught up to her.

Following her closely, Qi Er Lun leapt forward in one great jump as he saw about to enter the East Wing. Blocking her, he asked: “Miss, who are you and why do you not dare to show others your face? What motive do you have to enter my home in the dead of the night?”

Fang Yun Luo rejoiced that she thought to wear a mask. “I don’t have a motive. I just heard there is a new master, so I wanted to look around. If I offended you, please forgive me.”

She tried to be as courteous as possible, making her escape easier. Though currently she was feeling great amounts of resentment towards him.

She knew of her husband’s skill well. Her master had previously given her a five lily needle. Why didn’t she bring it with her! If she did, she would be able to escape.

“Wanted to look around?” He clearly laughed: “Then I will accompany you to look around.”

As Fang Yun Luo saw him advance forward, she threw a hairpin towards his foot and immediately leapt onto the roof.

She had not aimed for any particular place, for she didn’t want to harm him, only escape.

Qi Er Lun immediately caught the hairpin and followed her onto the roof.

As two shadows flitted across the roof under the crescent moon the night breeze blew. With the breeze, it carried a fragrance perfume to Qi Er Lun’s nose.

This fragrance…..

Qi Er Lun then leapt high up above her head and grabbed her body. “Miss, please wait.”

“Why is the Lord acting like this? I only wanted to look around.” Fang Yun Luo replied as she retreated a few steps.

He was now certain that fragrance came from this girl’s body. This girl actually smelled like the fragrance he had longed for. He had always thought he had hallucinated that perfume from the extreme blood loss.

He did not remember incorrectly; this was the fragrance herb like smell he remembered. Why did she have this fragrance, when Lan Yun didn’t?

“Miss, I would like you to take off your mask, so we can chat.” Qi Er Lun said as he spun the hairpin in his hand. Baiting her to retrieve it and let him see her face.

Of course Fang Yun Luo would not be tricked. She continued to stand where she was unmoving. “My Lord, what do you want to talk about? Would you like to first return my hairpin through?”

In a moment’s desperation, she had used her hairpin as a needle and had forgotten it was her mother’s memento.

Qi Er Lun saw the panic in her eyes, and with a wave of his hands, the hairpin slot itself back in her hair.

“Seeing that you returned my hairpin, let us talk!” While she said that, Fang Yun Luo looked up at the crescent moon,from the corners of  her eyes she analysed the roofs. She had thought of an escape plan.

“Miss, have you ever been to the great plains?” Not only did he suspect Lan Yun as to whether she really saved him or not. But he also greatly missed that sweet perfume he smelt when he was semiconscious.

“I have been there.” Why did he ask about the great plains? She was sure, that with his condition then, he couldn’t clearly see her appearence.

“When did you go?”

“Two years ago.” Seeing that he was asking about his savior, she did not withhold the truth from him. He did not seem like the person to treat his savior shamelessly.

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