IPASH Chapter 3 Pt. 2

Two year ago! The times matched up. ‘That day in the desert what exactly happened?’ So it wasn’t Lan Yun who saved him, but the lady in front of him?

“We saw many corpses littered about, also…..” She promptly stopped: “I know what you want to ask. Though, if I were to tell you the truth, may you promise to me one thing?”

“As long as I can, I will.”

“You must do it.”

“My lady, please say it.”

“I did rescue you in the desert. I helped bandage you and apply your medicine. You were the first man I did that to and I do not want your favor, but just then I heard your conversation with your concubine and couldn’t help question your treatment to your Princess, despicable. So I want you to not even touch your Princess, and she also does not want to bear your children. You just let her live her own life!”

He was the first man she had ever treated and bandaged! That time when she left, she had indeed said those words.

Though the conditions she put were for his Princess left him puzzled. “Miss, your words then were flawed. Who I allow to bear my children, will bear them and how I choose to love, I will love. Even if the Emperor arranged the  marriage, what can he do? More so, you say that the Princess does not want my children? How can I know that you said are the Princess’ wishes?”

“Because women understand each other.”

“That does not make sense.”

(ED: Women don’t make sense, get used to it)

“I once saved you, so please listen to me. Treat it as repayment for saving your life.” Pausing for a moment, she followed with: “Let me restate that; I am not asking for your grace, I am following your wishes.”

“Favors must naturally be repaid. Whatever you demand, I must repay. But this demand of yours I cannot comply with.”

“Then what must I do, to let you agree? You already said that the Princess is not worthy to bear your heirs. Furthermore you already love your concubine, what harm is there?’ Fang Yun Luo lifted her head to look at him.

“The one who saved me was you Miss. If it was your problem, then I would fulfil it with all my abilities. But Miss, one you do not know the Princess, and two it is not your problem. Therefore I cannot promise you.”

You are a bit too righteous! “Okay then, I will tell you honestly. I am Fang Yun Luo. With this, then you are able to agree?”

“You are Fang Yun Luo!” This was far beyond his expectations. Though he remembered in the letter that Prime Minister Fang wrote to him, indeed said that his daughter acted far beyond the ordinary. This was not exaggerated at all.

“That is right! One does not change their name and whatever they do, they keep their name. I am that Fang Yun Luo.”

Qi Er Lun ordered: “Take off this mask.”

“According to tradition, we are not allowed to meet. So will you accept or will you not?”

Qi Er Lun muttered to himself for awhile. She had heard all of his previous statements, so he couldn’t refuse. It was just her demands were really too unconventional, leaving him flabbergasted.

Even if he were to have three-four wives, wouldn’t one still be desperately seeking their husband’s love? She not only didn’t want his affection, but also wanted to cut their relationship?

Though this really reduced his problems. “Okay, I will promise you this.”

“Also you may not kill me as you please. Even if it is to satisfy your beloved concubine, you cannot. For this relates directly to the Prime Minister’s family prestige. So you cannot do what you want.” Fang Yun Luo continued to bind him with silk before it rains. So even if he broke on the seven rules, she was safe.

(TLN: Binding with silk before it rains is similar to strike while the iron is still hot. Planning ahead before something happens.)

Laughing out loud (lol), Qi Er Lun replied: “You would have thought that the Prime Minister would have such a free spirited daughter like the Jiang River. Have I not promised not to touch you?”

“Just a moment ago, you promised me. You cannot go back on your word.” She nervously reminded him.

Seeing her nervous state, Qi Er Lun was determined to tease her a little. “How about this; I will not touch you, but you can touch me or you can touch me but not I you. Which one is better?”

“You, you’re evidently……” His words greatly embarrassed her, for they were extremely provocative.

“Evidently what?” He took a few steps forward.

“Don’t come over! You are a Marquis. If you do not uphold your promise, then I will tell all of Tai Yuan how your brazenly touch women. ”

Hearing this, Qi Er Lun once again laughed out loud (lol again, this guy must love it). She is really too interesting, making him have some regrets promising her.  Though even with all his gold and power, he was left a bit helpless. “Okay, what will we use as proof?”

“This bright moon will be our proof.” She pointed to the crescent moon above.

Qi Er Lun also looked up at at that waning moon: “The bright moon will be our proof.”

“Gentleman’s word.” With the words said and her goal achieved, she once again lifted her face up to the night sky.

“Four horses are difficult to chase.”

(TLN: Basically the same as the gentleman’s word. Like how some say ‘I swear and I cross my heart and hope to die.’)

“Then I shall leave. You and I still should not meet. You must not chase after me.” At this moment, a cloud flew past and blocked out the moonlight. With all things darken, Fang Yun Luo jumped down and went inside her room.

After that cloud blew past, Qi Er Lun jumped down from the roof. When he landed, he was alone, with no one in sight. The cool night breeze blew again, bringing with a faint fragrance.

“My Lord, is it an assassin?” Lan Yun asked to Qi Er Lun as he entered the room.

Qi Er Lun’s expression gloomy, he asked her without answering her question: “Lan Yun, was it really you who rescued me from the Great Plains?”

To be honest, even if she had not rescued him back then, he would still keep her, due to her looks. But what he hated most, was when others lied to him. So he must know the truth.

“Yes, it was!” This matter had long passed, why is he still bringing it up?

“The person back there was not an assassin but a woman. She told me that it was she who rescued this Lord. So either you lied to this Lord, or she did?”

Lan Yun was startled by his expression. “My Lord, I”

“Why did you have to lie to your Lord?”

Lan Yun rushed to the ground to kneel in front of him: “I should have not lied to my Lord. Please my Lord, let me explain.”


“That year of battle, my Uncle had sent out troops for a raid. Although our soldiers were completely annihilated, the Tang army had also suffered great losses. My Uncle heard that my Lord had perished during this attack, but he was afraid that the news was false. So he ordered me to take a few soldiers to verify the news. Not only did you not die, you were suffering from your heavy injuries. I was ordered to bring back your head as proof. But if at that time I did not lie to the few soldiers that you were dead, you would have not been able to escape that day.” Lan Yun said.

According to the facts she could also be considered to have saved him. “Get up!”

Getting up, Lan Yun softly complained: “My Lord, even though the Turkish people have surrendered, my Uncle has yet to die. I’m afraid that my Uncle might one day come and seek revenge from me. If I had not betrayed him, but instead brought your head to him. With the Tang army losing a capable Grand Marshal, I’m afraid the Emperor would not have the title of Heaven Khan.”

“Even though back then I was severely wounded, you still would not be able to obtain my head. The fact that you helped me is the truth, I hate it most when others lie to me. In the future, don’t you dare do it again!”

“My Lord, you forgave this servant. This servant definitely will not dare to repeat it next time.”

“Then I will honestly tell you. That female was no stranger, but Fang Yun Luo.” After saying that, he angrily left.

Fang Yun Luo? The Princess! “My Lord…….”

Looking at the open door, she thought about all she had done for him. As for his heart, she will definitely not lose to that woman who stole her Princess position.

(U have already lost. FYL has the author backing her up. Also he already has an personal interest in her and not a bodily one………so I’m sorry girl.)

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