IPASH Chapter 5 Pt. 2

Qi Er Lun was flabbergasted. Operation? Since the ancient times, only Hua Tuo dared to cut open a human’s abdominal area. “Could the Princess be referring to Huo Tuo? Furthermore, these have never been seen in the markets. How does the Princess know their name and use?”

“If you were just to talk about Hua Tuo, my master is even more skilled than Hua Tuo! As for these flowers, they are recorded in the Flower Encyclopaedia. Two years prior, the reason why I travelled with my master to the great plains, was to find these Five Coloured Bewildering Butterflies. The great plains’ topography is very special, so we thought they would grow there. In contrast to our expectations, it seems they grow in caves or rock crevices. No wonder, no matter what, we could not find them.”

What she said should have been the truth. When he was in the great plains, the injuries he sustained were not light, yet this master and disciple pair were able to save him.

“Princess, there is a high chance that a thunderstorm will occur. We must leave here quickly. these flowers will be picked on our return trip.”

“All right!”

Qi Er Lun held onto her thin waist, and as he was about to exit the cave, heavy rain poured down and thunder roared. Without any choice, they returned back inside.

The temperature inside the cave was originally very cold, and the rain’s water vapour lowered the temperature even further.

“It turns out that these Five Coloured Bewildering Butterflies draw water out from within the rocks. Additionally, the colder it is, the brighter their colouring. With this rain, the budding flowers from before have all started to bloom. It looks like I am not able to move them away from here.” After returning back to the cave, Fang Yun Luo diligently investigated  the Five Coloured Bewildering Butterflies further, gathering all the information available.

Qi Er Lun was studying the formation of this natural cave. “This is a good place to practise martial arts.”

“If you could live here, it would definitely be great. You would have a natural rock bed, rock table, rock chair and vines as a curtain. It is a great place to practise pill making.” Fang Yun Luo had thought the same.

“Princess, you are from a noble family and actually want to live here!”

“I am not one to be restricted. If not for the Imperial Decree, I would have long gone wandering with my master, while practising my medical skills and not have the Princess position. In all honesty, I can give the Princess position to your concubine, but that would have to be after a few years. I do not want to ruin the Prime Minister’s good reputation.”

“Is this the reason why you will not allow me to touch you?”

“Not completely.” She muttered, and after a short pause: “I do not wish to compete with others for love. I believe there is only one, true love. I wish for a partner that will accompany only me forever.”

Qi Er Lun was unable to take his eyes off her, as he listened. She was special, her way of thinking was also special. She really is an incredible woman; no wonder he was mesmerised by her.

But what was one, true love? This was clearly an excuse of not wanting to compete with others for love. What man did not have three-four wives?

Fang Yun Luo lowered her head as he stared at her, and at that moment, the cold temperature at started to affect her. As she stood up, she crossed her arms across her chest, and started to shiver slightly.

Qi Er Lun’s internal strength was very profound, so he was naturally unafraid of the cold. Taking off his cloak, he draped it over her and pulled her into his arms.

She could only allow Qi Er Lun to hug and warm herself with his body’s warmth.

“My Lord, that fragrance is nice isn’t it?” She was still shivering but because her nose was more sensitive than the average the flowers, possessing a natural paralysis, made her sleepy.

“Princess, you smell sweeter than the flowers.” He replied as he rubbed her head. The flower’s fragrance was not as mesmerising as the fragrance from her body.

“How ticklish!” She nudged him lightly and said: “My Lord, do not be rash. Last time you…….last you have kissed someone’s mouth.”

Don’t be rash? That damned agreement!

“This Lord still wants to kiss your mouth.” He softly licked her lip. Not kissing her, not touching her, he would have to work very hard.

Fang Yun Luo did not refuse, but could not help but to tease and remind him: “My Lord, you have promised this servant not to touch her.”

“Where is the evidence?”

“The bright moon is the evidence.”

“Where is the bright moon?”

(hahaha……….dude shameless)

“The bright moon…….” Though, right at this moment, how could there possibly be a moon? He had really pulled a fast one on her.

“Since the bright moon is obviously not present, you do not need to mention it.” He said as he seized her lip.

That kiss went from her mouth to her ear, from her ear to her neck. The cloak on her shoulders was pulled off, and the clothes on her were pulled down to her waist, leaving only a red undergarment covering her chest and abdomen.

From within her body, rose a burning desire, enough to allow her to resist the cave’s cold. Feebly and seductively she leaned into his embrace, panting incessantly.

Qi Er Lun was intoxicated by her smell and soft thin body. He had loved well rounded women before, when he was holding them in his embrace, there was a real feeling of satisfaction. Yet her body was still able to make his lower part rise, this was not himself at all.

Reaching out, he went to take off her undergarment. Fang Yun Luo quickly regained some sense in her hazy state. Hurriedly she went to catch the falling undergarment.

“My Lord!”

“I want you.” Once again, he went to kiss her.

Resisting she said: “My Lord, please do not forget that you don’t want this servant to bear your child.”

“I do not want you to.” But he really wanted her, this was the first time that he was so sexually attracted to a Han female.

“But I still want you.”

Fang Yun Luo was angered by his unreasonable aggressiveness. Taking the chance while he was off-guard, she went and sealed off one of his pressure points. This sealed all of his movements: “I have offended the Lord!”

“You can hit pressure points?” He wanted to break free of this infuriating seal.

“My Lord, please do not think to rashly break this seal. My pressure point techniques are different then usual, and can harm you greatly. Otherwise, when the rain stops later, we will be unable to return.” She reminded him.

“Princess, this Lord orders you to immediately release this seal.” Without being able to move a single inch, the current him was very embarrassed.

“My Lord, why don’t you rest for a bit. Once the rain stops, I will undo the seal.” Spreading the cloak down on the floor she helped him lay down. Then she went to lie down on top of him, listening to his heartbeat, enjoying his warmth.

Qi Er Lun could not believe that she would be so bold as to snuggle with him. Although he could not move an inch, he was somewhat satisfied.

“My Lord, I can touch you, but you can’t touch me. This was what you personally said.” Her finger boldly traced his mouth, round and round.

“That is correct. I did say that, but your actions are clearly provoking me.” It was just his body movements that were sealed. That did not mean that his desire was.

“You are speaking nonsense. I am not.” Lifting her head, her finger slowly travelled from his mouth, to his neck and stopping at his chest.

She loved his sharp facial features and that muscular body of his.

“Princess, this Lord orders you immediately to undo my seal. You know of the consequences that come from disobeying me.” His lower part had begun to stir and become restless. He really wanted to forcefully breakthrough this seal, and officially consummate their marriage here and now. Tomorrow morning, with his vigor restored, he would be able to jump out of the cave.

She was not frightened by his threat, shaking her head she said: “I want to hug your body while going to sleep.”, She hugged him tightly. Saying that she did not understand what was embarrassing and yet simultaneously innocent, was unquestionable.

Her soft body was tightly pressed to his, making his desire reach the peak, on the verge of breaking out. He really wanted to break this god forsaken seal, outside the rain had ceased.

“Princess, I think the rain has stopped!” If did not stop any sooner, he would have been tormented to death by her.

Fang Yun Luo walked outside; the rain had truly stopped. Walking about inside, she went to undo the the seal on Qi Er Lun and plucked a Five Coloured Bewildering Butterfly.

Before leaving the cave, Qi Er Lun harshly punished her; he kissed her so fiercely that it left her panting for breath. Pleasuring her? to the point that she nearly fell to her knees to beg for forgiveness.

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