IPASH Chapter 6 Pt. 1

Inside the carriage, Jin Xiu was crying non-stop. As soon as she started to think positively, Lan Yun; that master and servant pair would deliberately gloat and turn the good thoughts bad again.

“That recent rain really was life-threatening, making it even harder for the Lord to save someone. I’m afraid that the Princess………..” The corners of Lan Yun’s mouth were curved up in a smirk, while she released a long sigh.

“The Princess can’t have such bad luck. She had just been married………..I feel really sad for the Princess.” Taking some breaths, Qiu Yue said sorrowfully.

“That’s right! Apart from the wedding night, the Princess has never again received the Lord’s love. It’s such bad fortune.” Lan Yun once again released a long sigh.

Listening to this, Jin Xiu became furious. “It’s the Princess and the Lord who……” She managed to stop herself in time. Though it just made her even more angry at the fact she could not even speak the truth or block the mouths of those two annoying people.

From afar, the sounds of a horse’s hooves gradually grew louder and louder. One by one, the three people in carriage opened the curtains, peering outside.

“It is the Lord and the Princess who are returning. The Princess did not die. The Princess did not die. Thank the heavens! Thank the heavens!” Jin Xiu was so delighted, that tears began to fall again.

The fact that Fang Yun Luo did not die, broke the Princess dreams of Lan Yun. And the fact that Qi Er and Fang Yun Luo were intimately riding together caused her heart and mind to fly into a rage.

Qi Er Lun urged the horse to Ai Li and the Zhou soldier’s side. After explaining a few things to them, he re-urged the horse forward towards their destination and did not allow Fang Yun Luo off the horse.

“My Lord, why do you not allow this servant to dismount from the horse to ride in the carriage?” She liked to rides horses and like the feeling of being in his embrace even more. But she had to know the reason why she was here.

Qi Er Lun gradually slowed down the horse: “I just do not want you to get off the horse. You have to learn to obey my orders, or I will punish you like you did to me in the cave.”

“Punish?” Did he not just punish her earlier. It cannot be……. “You could not possibly be thinking of divorcing me? Earlier, was it not the Lord who breached the contract first. This servant was compelled to by the circumstances, so you can not divorce me because of this.”

Qi Er Lun just leaned forward to rest his head beside hers, gently stroking her neck. “I will not divorce you. I have decided to permit you, to bear my children.”

Fang Yun Luo suddenly turned her face around and impatiently said: “My Lord, please respect the agreement between us. This servant does not want to compete with others for your love. Lady Yun’s beauty is comparable to a deities, at the pinnacle of human beauty. My Lord, you already have such a beautiful women at your side, it is enough. Since this life is decided, do not waste your time.”

She deliberately mentioned Lan Yun’s beauty to persuade him to give up the idea of wanting to touch her. She did care about him, but it wasn’t enough to make her want to compete with others for him. Let alone sharing a husband with others.

Yet you want to touch him.

“Your meaning is that if this Lord wants you, he must only have you?” His tone had changed slightly. What difference was this from a jealous women?

“That is not this servant’s meaning. This servant’s meaning is that between us, there should be love, and not affections like today. If the feelings were too deep, it would make it too difficult to bear when you lose his affections for another. This makes one very painful.” Ever since he had kissed her on the lips, watching him give his affections to Lan Yun every night, her heart was pierced in a hundred possible ways. Furthermore, if she was to have his child, then she was afraid she would become old and bitter in the mansion.

He did not deny what she had said was false.

Now that he has the capacity to possess many wives, he knew more than her, a woman’s difficulties in this area. And under this helplessness, men still unjustly requested women to open their minds. And the women could only endlessly fulfil the lust of men. Is this really a woman’s destiny?

However, it will be highly unlikely that he would only have one woman because of this. Within his heart, there was always a need for women. And no one woman could satisfy the emptiness in his heart.

These past few days, he was still passing the nights with Lan Yun, but in his heart, he was always thinking of her. It was to the point that with the earlier contact in the cave, he was willing to change his way of thinking. He was willing to let her bear his children. But her way of thinking and her demands, these he was unable to accept or understand. Therefore, he had decided to comply with their agreement.

Seeing his silence, Fang Yun Luo also no longer spoke. She only calming leaned against him, until they reached the inn.

After a few more days of journeying, they had finally arrived at the city borders.

These past few days, Qi Er Lun and Fang Yun Luo had not spoken a single word between them.

As soon as they entered the army camp, Yan Yue swiftly arrived to greet his superior. Furthermore, he brought both Qi Er Lun and Fang Yun Luo on a patrol and check soldier’s living quarters.

The living quarters that could house around forty or so soldiers, were filled by the painful cries of injured men. Some men were covered entirely in red coloured rashes, and some red rashes had become blisters, some had high fevers, some coughed endlessly, some had aching joints and muscles and others had great difficulty breathing.

“My Lord, this subordinate has already separated the injured from the rest, and yet other soldiers are falling sick. Thus this subordinate could only seek medical books. Yet I have never seen such symptoms before, and could not do a thing.” Yan Yue saw the soldiers who were having difficulty breathing and could only shake his head in helplessness.

Yan Yue was around thirty years old, cultured and wise. He also had a passion for medical knowledge, and had learned a small amount in the field. He had followed Qi Er Lun for many years, and was the only doctor in this entire army.

“This Lord has already issued a enlistment warrant, and in the next couple of  days, doctors will come. With a few experienced minds working together, perhaps they will be able to find a cure.” Qi Er Lun had no other alternative, and could only watch that soldier who had difficulty breathing roll his eyes; twitching incessantly.

“My Lord, is it possible to allow this servant to examine them?” From the start, Fang Yun Luo had been standing behind Qi Er Lun and Yan Yue. She had suspected that Qi Er Lun had forgotten her existence, or that he believed her medical skills were on par with Yan Yue at his side. So naturally she was unable to do a thing, no?

Qi Er Lun looked at her, he knew that her medical skills were highly perfected, but he really did not want her to show her face in public. Not to mention, he did not want to her to help other men bandage their wounds and apply their medicine. For they will definitely have physical contact. Allowing her to come, allowing her to enter the living quarters was all he could allow because he could not refuse her stubbornness.

“My Lord, he is at his limit!” She could not wait while he hesitated on his decision, and walked towards the bedside.

Her left hand lightly pulled up her right sleeve, and first pressed the soldier’s chest pressure point. Then she turned him over and pressed on his back pressure point. “Jin Xiu, silver needle.”

“Yes.” Jin Xiu swiftly opened the case containing all her acupuncture needles.

In each of Fang Yun Luo’s hands, she held a silver needle, she placed one in his first point, in his chest. Following that she once again, with lightning speed, placed two needles in his second point.

As soon as Yan Yue saw this, he opened his mouth and said: “Reporting to the Princess. These four major acupuncture points, I have already tried on other injured soldiers, but it seems to show no result.”

“I firstly pressed on his chest point, and then his second point to preserve his vitality. Furthermore, utilising these two points, we have temporarily saved his life.”

Sure enough, that soldier’s breathing had begun to calm down and stabilize.

This was unfathomable for Yan Yue: “This method is very peculiar. No one has thought of it and as to what it could achieve, I’m afraid no one dares to try it either. Could the Princess possible be the disciple of the Odd Doctor?”

Everyone understood the same medical theory, but the reason why the Odd Doctor was called this was because of rumors about the methods practised by the Changbai Mountains doctors. All of their pressure point, acupuncture, and prescription methods are peculiar and hard to understand. Often his methods and insights would seem deadly, but could miraculously save those on the brink of death.

“That is correct. The Odd Doctor of Mount. Changbai is my master.”

“Yan Yue is respectful!” He cupped his hands and bowed.

Yet the only one to be respectful in this manner was Yan Yue, Qi Er Lun could not help but ask: “Princess must definitely know what illness they are bedridden with. What treatment methods must be used to cure them?”

“In regards to that my Lord, this servant has once seen these types of symptoms in a small village to the south. These illnesses are transmitted from the local livestock. If a person were to have a cut on their body, it will infect them via their cut. This servant ask for the Lord to pass down a order to execute all livestock who are sick and cremate them. It is the same for corpses of the soldiers who died due to the illness. I will then prescribe certain methods of bathing, external medicine and required clothing to help alleviate their conditions.”

“Doctor Yan, go do as the Princess says.” Qi Er Lun swiftly commanded.

“This subordinate obeys.” Standing up, Yan Yue stole a glance at the slim, pregant-less Princess from the corner of his eye.

A few days passed, with the baths, external medicines and required clothing, along with acupuncture, the disease was brought under control.

Yan Yue and the doctors who are arrived, all worked under Fang Yun Luo. Though her way of acupuncture and medicine usage, none of them could understand let alone dare to use.

Yan Yu always followed closely behind Fang Yun Luo. He was mesmerised by her elegance and medical expertise, but their positions were far too different. Apart from share his knowledge in medicine, he did not dare to step out of line.

Fang Yun Luo was so busy that her head and body were black and blue. Yet Lan Yun was only more agitated, and was always thinking of ways to make Fang Yun Luo break one of the seven rules of marriage. Constantly stuck in her daydream of being the Princess.

That day, when Fang Yun Luo had fallen into the cave. Qi Er Lun was beside himself with worry for her, Lan Yun was jealous of that. She had thought that they had grown closer, when they were riding together so intimately on the horse. Lan Yun had thought their relationship had begun to change; but she didn’t expect him to still visit her every night. It was just that he was not as gentle and enthusiastic as before that day; there were even times where he just laid down to go to sleep.

“Qiu Yue, do you know where the Lord is currently?” Lan Yun was sitting in front of the copper mirror, while Qiu Yue was brushing and fixing her hair.

Often looking at the flawless, beautiful reflection of herself. Her self-satisfaction for her appearance had reached the very limit

“The Lord and the Princess as well as……….Doctor Yan are discussing this epidemic.” Mentioning Yan Yue, Qiu Yue couldn’t help but blush and the hand holding the brush stopped.

Lan Yun heard Qiu Yue’s bashful tone, and saw her shy expression reflected in the mirror. Naturally she saw through her puppy love, holding love for a man, she guessed that this man is most likely Yan Yue.

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