IPASH Chapter 7 Pt. 1

The tub’s fragrance filled the entire room.

As soon as Qi Er Lun opened Fang Yun Luo’s doors, he immediately felt refreshed; half of his anger dissipating.

His anger originated from her and Yan Yue being inseparable these past few days; talking together and laughing together.

He knew Yan Yue’s character, and also knew that all their interactions were being courteous to each other. But his care for her caused him to both his mind and heart to become narrow-minded.

Jin Xiu currently was rearranging the bed; hearing the door open, she swiftly turned around. In a panic she called out: “My Lord!”

Qi Er Lun put his hand up to signal her not to make a sound and then waved his hands to order her to retire.

Jin Xiu did not dare to disobey a direct order, picking herself up, she retired from the room.

“Didn’t my Lady say that after the wedding night, the Lord will no longer come and bother my Lady and me? So why did the Lord unexpectedly come here?” When Jin Xiu left the bedroom, she hid in a dark corner, with a inexplicable and nervous feeling.

She suddenly thought that the Lord coming to visit her Lady was a good thing, as to avoid my Lady to not have children.  With the Princess position secured, what is there to worry about?

Thinking this, she felt at ease and returned to her room to rest.

Qi Er Lun made a small detour and walked to the intricately designed screen, standing at the edge of the bathtub.

This room belonged to the marshal; the best room in the entire camp.

From the bathtub, the steam rose in a spiralling motion, floating outwards: ‘these bursts of fragrance. They could be made from combining a thousand different flowers together, but he could not determine the fragrances origin.’

At the center of the dense steam, Qi Er Lun saw that the bathtub water was crystal clear. Not a single flower petal floated at the water’s surface, so he clearly saw that slim yet curvaceous body.

Fang Yun Luo leaned on the side of the bathtub, her silk-like black hair hung loosely outside of the tub. A pair of snow white breasts gently floated on the surface, creating gentle ripples in the water.

(TOO VISUAL AUTHOR ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄)

Although these past couple of days had tired her out, whenever she was alone, her thoughts often went to her heartless husband, whom fate brought to her.

She did not mind it; but why of all people, why did that handsome face from her mind become her husband. He had no heart to love her, yet he constantly came to tease her. How could she live her own life calmly?

With a sigh, Fang Yun Luo called out: “Jin Xiu, I know you have entered, so why don’t you join me to bathe? Do not always stand there.”

Seeing that Jin Xiu made no attempt to comply, and she knew that Jin Xiu did not dare to wash with her, she picked up a small washlet and filled it with water. Might as well drench her first.

When she poured……..

“My Lord, you………”

Fang Yun Luo swiftly sat back in the water, her hands covering her snow white breasts; her face red, her head down.

“The Princess is in a good mood. I will accompany the Princess to wash.” More than half of the clothes on his body were thoroughly drenched.

“My Lord, I have finished bathing. I want to get out now. Could my Lord please withdraw.”


His motive today was to teach her the reality of her situation; she was his Princess, his woman.  And he wanted her to keep her distance from other men. awwww, cute

“This Lord asks the Princess to help him bathe.”

Help him bathe? Of course she knew how to help him wash. In order to properly service her husband, she was given special lessons before marrying.

She once again sat into the bathtub, for she was unable to show her naked body to him. She could only disobey his command: “My Lord, please go to Lady Yun’s room. She will properly serve you!”

She had rejected him, his anger flaring.

He commanded her again: “This Lord asks the Princess to help him bathe.”

Fang Yun Luo was very shy and embarrassed, and very unwillingly to stand up. Slowly she stepped out of the bathtub, and walked to Qi Er Lun’s side. Helping him undress, her hands were shaking vigorously and her body was steaming hot.

After she took off his clothes, the bone reaching wounds that she had tended to, two years prior, had become dull red scars. Seeing these scars, Fang Yun Luo, unconsciously, gently stroked the scars.

As Qi Er Lun saw her flawless white body, he could not resist his desire rising from her touches, these scars were more sensitive than normal skin.

“Princess, it is you who first provoked this Lord.”

Qi Er Lun pulled her into his arms. Their two burning bodies, sticking close to each other.

Holding her body felt different from holding Lan Yun’s; Lan Yun’s made him feel satisfied, where as her body did not. The peculiar feeling he got from her body just left him wanting more.

“My Lord, I have not.” Why did he always say that she provoked him?

“You have.”

Picking her up, he took her to the bathtub, and slipped into it with her. Immediately he leaned in to kiss her, whilst his rough hand traversed  her body.

With no clothes to block the sensation of his coarse skin, her skin was in pain, but also an unusually wonderful feeling travelled throughout her body. Her senses was in disarray, like she had been enchanted by some sort of magic.

Qi Er Lun lost his reason because of her, his heart was in a frenzy, and he was explosively angry at the men around her; that godforsaken agreement. And her godforsaken reason of not wanting to compete for his love, making his body and mind tormented.

“My Lord.” Fang Yun Luo, if this close, intimate physical contact situation continued, it would result in something she did not want.

“This Lord will spend the night with the Princess.”


Qi Er Lun decided he will no longer accept her rejections. Picking her up, he stepped out of the bathtub and entered the bed chamber.

Fang Yun Luo knew what he was going to do. Pulling up the blankets, she covered up her naked self, promptly speaking. “My Lord, you really should go to the Lady Yun’s place. This servant does not know how to properly serve the Lord.”

“Once you start, you will know how.” He moved closer.

“My Lord, isn’t Lady Yun enough. Please do not forgot our agreement.” She really wanted to do it again, to press his pressure point and immobilise him.  here it is! Pressure point

Again, she used the agreement to refuse him!

Narrowing his eyes, Qi Er Lun looked at her mesmerising charm, it made him unable to resist. “You are my wife, so we must have a proper husband and wife relationship. I promise you, apart from Lan Yun, I will take no more concubines. You do not have to worry about competing with others.”

Hearing him say this, Fang Yun Luo was slightly moved that she was already in his heart.

But after seeing Lan Yun’s beauty, she knew that she would never be able to be his favourite. Even if she did become the favourite, it would not be for long. Besides in her Princess position, even if the Lord had other wives, he had to pay her some attention; however this was not the type of husband and wife relationship she sought.

“My Lord, forgive this servants inability………”

Qi Er Lun actually went to press her pressure point. Rendering her unable to move a single inch.

“My Lord, please undo the seal on this servant.” Fang Yun Luo, who did not fear the heavens or the earth, in her eyes you could see a rare trace of fear.

The blanket on her body fell off, revealing her flawless white, naked body to Qi Er Lun, who devoured her with his burning hot gaze.

His gaze sweeping across her body, the corners of his mouth curving upwards into a smile of satisfaction.

Since she was unable to move, he pulled her up. “Princess, you are no longer allowed to disobey me. I would rather break my promise with the moon then allow you to continue guarding your purity.”

In short, he wanted her. Irrespective of his promise, or a worthwhile reason not to.

“My Lord, if you break your promise with the bright moon, I will poster notices all over Tai Yuan about how you bully women.” She angrily said.

“Then you have to write very clearly on the notice, that the woman who was bullied was the Governor of Tai Yuan’s wife and how she did not allow her husband to touch her.” He responded while looking at her with an evil smirk on his face.

Fang Yun Luo gazed at his handsome face, unexpectedly allowing herself to be captivated. Gazing into his eyes, unbelievably, she saw a trace of tenderness within.

While her blushing cheeks, rosy lips, her angry eyes, her soft and flawless body, were continuously fueling his desire. men…….or typical QEL

“Luo-er, Luo-er, you are my Princess, my waifu. In the future, you are not allowed to be close with other men. Do you understand?”

He stuck close to her body, while his hand went to caress her secret place.

Fang Yun Luo shuddered, because she was unable to move, she could only endure the strange sensations produced by his hand touching that place. She had no method to control her senses, leaving her defenseless to his attack.

Softly she moaned: “This is not allowed. This is not allowed. You can’t do whatever you want. It is unfair!”

“Fair? A woman wants to argue fairness with me? Prime Minister Fang said you do not bother with small trifles, so I must carefully teach you. Looks like I really do have to teach you well.”

“Ah……..My Lord, I beg you, please undo the seal. Undo my seal.” Listening to her own moaning sounds, made her blush too much.

But if she did not speak, than that strange hot sensation will travel from her lower abdomen, through her veins and around her body. Tormenting her and leaving her wanting something more.

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