IPASH Chapter 8 Pt. 1

“Congratulations to the Lord, congratulations to the Lord. Lady Yun is pregnant.” Fang Yun Luo released Lan Yun’s hand and placed it back, letting it fall back onto the bed. As soon as she was certain Lan Yun was pregnant, she announced the news.

This is a happy occasion, but after their intimate and loving night, she was currently very jealous and bitter, not even the four virtues could calm her heart.

(TLN: Four virtues, the four injunctions for females; virtues of morality, physical charm, speech and needlework)

She was pregnant? Swiftly a face of happiness flew onto Lan Yun’s face.

I crey, I crey so bad

Qi Er Lun’s expression did not change even the slightest, as if he was expecting this situation.

phew wait, bastard QEL

“My Lord, Lady Yun’s vomiting are normal symptoms. She is in no harm, so this servant will first retire.” Standing up, Fang Yun Luo immediately left Lan Yun’s room. T_T

Only at this moment, did she discover that her jealousy came from her love for him.

“Qiu Yue, properly serve the Lady Yun, allow her to rest, and go straighten out her luggage, for you will be returning to the Tai Yuan Mansion tomorrow. Since Lady is pregnant, it is not suitable her to continue staying in the army camp.”

“Yes my Lord.”

They were returning to the Tai Yuan mansion, that means she would not be able to meet Doctor Yan anymore. Qiu Yue dejectedly thought.

When Lan Yun saw that Qi Er Lun had finished talking, but did not say any private words to her, she hurriedly called out to him:

“My Lord, I am with child, are you not happy?”

Turning around to look at her, Qi Er Lun’s face was apathetic. “This is good news.” Apart from those words, he did not have any other feelings.

“Qiu Yue, you can leave first.”

“Yes Lady Yun.”

Once Qiu Yue closed the doors, Lan Yun rose up from the bed and walked to Qi Er Lun’s side. Worriedly she asked: “Did the Lord spend the night at the Princess’ place yesterday night?”

“That’s right.”

“Is the Lord not afraid that the Princess will have your children?”

“I have decided to allow the Princess to have my heirs.”

What is he saying? Doesn’t that mean  that in this life, for the rest of her life, she will always be a concubine!

“My Lord, did you not promise me that if the Princess died early or violated one of the seven laws of marriage, you would divorce her. And if I were to have your son, you would make me your Princess.” These words remained fresh in her memory, yet he changed his mind and wanted Fang Yun Luo to bear his heir?

“This Lord did say that, but all those events did not occur. Moreover, whatever this Lord wants to do, he will do. Why don’t you continue to be a happy concubine, like you always have.”

He did not need Lan Yun to remind him of these words he had once said, and had struggled over how to reply to those words. What he wanted currently was Fang Yun Luo’s heart and nobody could change that.

Naturally Lan Yun could not accept his words, but that did not matter. She had a plan that was underway. Swallowing her current anger, will result in a better future.

Taking a deep breath she struggled to say: “The Princess is virtuous, so of course she would not violate the seven laws of marriage. I am willing to serve the Lord alongside the Princess.”

“Be careful of your health and rest properly.” Turning around, Qi Er Lun left.

On the return journey back to Tai Yuan, Qi Er Lun and Fang Yun Luo left the camp on the same horse, slept together every night, fell deeper in love and took the scenic route.

Lan Yun was overcome by the morning sickness quite badly, and could barely stand up. She could only helplessly watch the pair of lovers flirt in front of her.

After some time, they had returned to that forest. Qi Er Lun ordered everyone to rest, he wanted to take Fang Yun Luo back to the cave to pick the Five Coloured Bewildering Butterflies immediately.

“Luo-er, this Lord will right away take you to the cave.”

“My Lord remembers?”

“Certainly I remember”

This caused Fang Yun Luo to laugh out loud, with a faint twinkling in her eyes she said: “Then my Lord must certainly remember your embarrassment in the cave!”

“Today I will take revenge, and be the one making you feel hot in the cave.” He purposefully said it next to her ear and lightly bit her earlobe.

Just as the two people were about to urge the horse to go, a large group of Han men riding horses surrounded them.

Swiftly, Qi Er Lun signalled to Ai Li. As soon as he received the order, he ushered the three women into the horse carriage and guarded it.

This road was used frequently by bandits during the war to flee; and according to rumors, even used by the Bandit King. But after the war, peace and prosperity reigned; coupled with his men of Tai Yuan, no bandits dared to run rampant here.

Even if these men held the majority in numbers, he, Qi Er Lun did not care.

Those large Han men slowly drew closer, and only when they had them completely surrounded, did Qi Er Lun recognise them.

“Tu Da!” Although he was dressed like a commoner of the Tang Empire, Qi Er Lun was still able to recognise him at a glance. “Why did you not stay in the grasslands and instead come to the central lands?”

Qi Er Lun had received an intelligence report informing him that the Turkish King was critically ill. And since he did not have any sons, and fell ill suddenly, there would be a great battle over the Throne.

Lan Yun opened the carriage curtain, and nearly fainted when she saw it was Tu Da.

She had clearly said to him to execute the plan once they had returned to the Tai Yuan mansion. Then she would help him lure Fang Yun Luo away, and then Qi Er Lun could go and kill Tu Da. She had never imagined he would have commenced the plan in this forest. Could it be that he saw through her trick?

“Grand Marshal Qi, I have come to challenge you to a duel.” Lan Yun’s method was not something a hero did; although he listened, he decided he would not use it and wanted to use his own methods.

“You want to duel me? I am willing to accompany you.”

They had often met on the battlefield, but always missed the chance to battle each other one-on-one. It was not only Tu Da who wanted to have a duel, he also wanted to test the strength of the Turk’s number one warrior.

“My Lord, who are they? Why do they want to have a duel with you?” Fang Yun Luo turned her head to ask Qi Er Lun, unfazed by the situation in front of her.

“They are turkish people, and Tu Da is their number one warrior. Why don’t you go sit in the carriage and protect yourself. If I lose, run away quickly.” He did not believe that he would lose, but he was worried about her safety the most. It was better to plan ahead before the rain!

“I want to stay with you, so even if you lost, I would be able to protect you.” She counted the number of people present, her needles were definitely able to suppress these people.

(TL: She sounds like a Tang San with hidden weapons)

“The wouldn’t that mean I owe you yet another favor for saving my life? And what if you make me promise not to touch you, then would that mean I would have to hit your pressure point every time I want you?”

(TL: Really? A duel is about to happen and you’re arguing about this?)

He actually still had the heart to joke around! Fang Yun Luo just looked at him.

“Grand Marshal Qi, with this duel, I have some conditions.” Tu Da stated.

“What conditions?”

“If I lose, you can dispose of me as you like, but if you lose, I want your Princess and Lan Yun.”

As soon as Qi Er Lun heard this, his eyes narrowed, his mouth straightening slightly. “Tu Da, of all the conditions you could state, why do you want my women?”

“Who made your women to rare found in this world. Your Princess’ medical skills are exquisite and the grasslands lack doctors. While Lan Yun is our clan’s’ most beautiful woman and matches with me perfectly; the number warrior in our clan.”

Qi Er Lun shook his head, sneering he said: “Only if I die.”

“Then we shall put our lives on the line!”

In the next moment, both men flipped off their horses and landed on the ground and exchanged blows quite a few times already; the metal of their swords ringing.

All people present held their breaths, and became restless. The Turkish men, Ai Li, Fang Yun Luo, all were tensed; ready to jump into action to protect their fighters’ at any given second.

The blades struck powerfully, Qi Er Lun’s swordsmanship was already dominating. You could see Tu Da straining to block his strikes, gradually losing.

In one stamp, Qi Er Lun flew over Tu Da, kicking his back mercilessly before landing. And when he landed, his sword was already at Tu Da’s neck.

Tu Da had lost and from within the group of Turkish men, one yelled out: “Tu Da is not fit to be the number one warrior. He is not fit to become King. Brothers, let us band together to bring down Qi Er Lun and his men. If I were to become the King, I will definitely treat you well.”

With his yell, those men were roused to battle.

“Brothers, today I have lost to the hand of Qi Er Lun. I am willing to accept whatever he decides to do with me. Qi Er Lun and his father should not have been used by Li Shi Min. If you were to bring down Qi Er Lun’s men, then quickly return back to the grasslands. Don’t go killing the innocent and starting a war.”

Laughing loudly, Qi Er Lun spoke. His laughing was both confident and domineering, crushing their spirit. “Tu Da really is the number one warrior, clearly differentiating between gratitudes and grudges. I Qi Er Lun am willing to be used by Li Shi Min. That is because Li Shi Min is benevolent to all. So if you guys want my head, come try take it.”

Originally the man who said this wanted to say something more, but instead he just rode towards Qi Er Lun. All of a sudden, he fell down from the horse.

Everyone who saw this reined their horse quickly, the horses’ neighs echoing throughout the forest.

Fang Yun Luo walked to face these men, with a flick of her wrists, the golden needles appeared within her fingers. Calmy she spoke: “Whoever dares to act rashly, my Golden Needle Acupuncture will target your meridians, turning you into a state like him; neither alive or dead.”

Golden Needle Acupuncture!

Even if they were born in the grasslands, they still knew of this technique. Looking back at the person lying on the ground, they didn’t dare advance a single step.

Qi Er Lun looked at Fang Yun Luo, under these circumstances, his eyes showed gratefulness. Soft, tender emotions naturally flowed out.

“Tu Da, the Turkish King is gravely ill, and a large fight will occur to chose who is to be next in line. I will order some people to accompany you to help you become King. But you must must swear eternal loyalty to the Tang Empire.” Qi Er Lun seeing that he was a true hero, voluntarily offering to help him ascend the throne. By giving him this bit of kindness, it would make Tu Da forever respect him.

Tu Da muttered to himself for a while.

The Turkish men at this moment, timely called out: “Tu Da! Tu Da! You are our King! The number one warrior!”

“Okay then! Tu Da swears his eternal allegiance to the Tang Empire, and allegiance to the Lord.” Tu Da finally proclaimed, cupping his hands and bowing.

Qi Er Lun ordered Ai Li to tell Marshal Zhou his intentions, then left with everybody.

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