IPASH Chapter 8 Pt. 2

Lan Yun didn’t expect that her plan would fail like this. On the road back to the mansion, Qi Er Lun and Fang Yun Luo were even more intimate than before and hardly separated. This was more than she could bear; during the entire trip, she racked her brains for another way to get rid of Fang Yun Luo.

“Lady Yun, the Princess has sent over a medicine to supplement your body’s needed nutrients. You should drink it hot!” Qiu Yue showed the medicine to Lan Yun.

Fang Yun Luo was worried that the frightening experience in the forest had scared Lan Yun, affecting the child in her stomach; also affecting Qi Er Lun’s treatment towards her. She was somewhat softhearted and felt sorry for Lan Yun who had lost his affection.

Medicine for her? She would be so kind? “I don’t want to drink it. If she was really that kind-hearted, then she shouldn’t hold onto the Lord and not let go.”

“Lady Yun, who the Lord loves cannot be controlled by the Princess. This is a token of the Princess’ goodwill. Why don’t you drink it while it’s still hot!”

“Qiu Yue, who is your master? You are constantly supporting the Princess, behave accordingly otherwise I will wed you to the old chef Fang.”

When Qiu Yue heard this, she knelt down. “Lady Yun, of course I am always thinking about you.”

Her lord had given her to the Lady Yun, so naturally she had the power to decide her fate.

“Go pour this medicine out.”

“Yes.” Swiftly Qiu Yue stood up and prepared to leave.

“Wait a minute!”

A plan suddenly flashed across her mind, Lan Yun quickly called out.

Qiu Yue turned around to look at Lan Yun: “Lady Yun.”

“Put the medicine down. Go help me buy this medicine.”

Putting down the medicine, Qiu Yue asked: “Buy what medicine?”

“Come closer so I can whisper it.”

Listening to this, Qiu Yu whole body trembled: “Lady Yun, you can not possibly do this!”

“Listen to me. If I can successfully become the Princes, I will wed you to Yan Yue. But if you were to leak news of this affair out, then I will wed you to the old chef Fang.”

Yan Yue? The old chef? Qiu Yue was left without choice. “I will go buy it now.” Her heart tight, she had no choice but to obey Lan Yun.

“My Lord, my Lord!” Qiu Yue stumbled into the East Wing. Without even a notice, she stormed to the Lord and Princess’ bedchamber.

She did not except Lady Yun to drink down the medicine in one gulp. Afterwards, she was in so much pain, she was rolling about in the bed. Blood flowed out, staining the entire bed; without Lady Yun to urge her, he ran towards the East Wing.

When Fang Yun Luo heard Qiu Yue cries of panic and grief, she promptly threw off Qi Er Lun’s hug, put on a robe and went to open the door.

“Qiu Yue, what is the matter?”

“Lady Yun, she, she……” Qiu Yue’s hands and feet felt weak.

“Whatever words you have to say, say them slowly.”

Taking a deep breath she finally spoke: “Reporting to the Lord, the Princess, Lady Lun she………she is bleeding rivers!”

Qiu Yue was really nervous, one, it was her first time seeing that much blood and two, she felt guilty for it.

“Qiu Yue, return first. The Lord and I will quickly follow.”


After Qiu Yue returned to the West Wing, Qi Er Lun and Fang Yun Luo were already inside Lan Yun’s room. They had clearly rushed there.

Lan Yun kept on screaming out painfully, so Fang Yun Luo first pressed on her point, numbing her pain.

“My Lord, the child is gone. This servant was unable to save it.”

“Of course you are unable to save it, for it was all your doing.” Lan Yun wailed out.

“Lady Yun, I really did try my hardest.”

Even geniuses were powerless at times.

“My Lord, I miscarried because I drank the medicine the Princess gave me. It’s mostly likely the Princess was jealous of me, bearing your blood and flesh; her evil scheme.”

“Lady Yun!” Fang Yun Luo not believe the words she had just heard.

“What did you say? Repeat what you just said.” Qi Er Lun also could not believe the words he had just heard.

“My Lord, today the Princess ordered send Jin Xiu to send some supplemental medicine over. As soon as I drank it, my stomach began to hurt and blood began to flow profusely.”

“No! What I sent over was only supplemental medicine. My lord……..” Fang Yun Luo looked towards Qi Er Lun, only to see that fires seemed to have been lit in his eyes.

“Did you really send the medicine?” Qi Er Lun coldly asked.

“I sent over supplemental medicine. It can only supplement nutrients during childbirth not…….”

“Shut up!” Qi Er Lun shouted loudly, stopping her explanation.

He was always reluctant to believe that her unwillingness to compete for his love was not because of jealously. He did not think that she would allowed her jealousy to cloud her judgement.

Was his pampering not enough? Must she kill the other and monopolise him?

“My Lord, you must take justice for our child. The one who died was your own flesh and blood!” Lan Yun sobbed out.

“What I sent was really just supplemental medicine. My Lord, do you really think that this servant would really do these types of things?” Fang Yun Luo knew that she was fighting a losing battle, but she believed that Qi Er Lun would believe her.

“What I believe is what I see.”

“My Lord!”

She had thought he would understand her, understand her character, her heart. She thought they shared a mutual love, yet it could not even withstand a single misunderstanding!

“Someone come over!”


Two guards promptly entered the room.

“Go send the Princess immediately to the dungeon to wait for her punishment. Take Jin Xiu and also lock her in the dungeon.”

Fang Yun Luo shook her head wildly, tears streaming down; “Why do you not trust me? Even if you do not trust me, this is unrelated to Jin Xiu. Please spare Jin Xiu!”

“My Lord, Jin Xiu cannot be spared. They most likely conspired together.” Lan Yun sat to the side, timely adding oil to the fire. Jin Xiu absolutely could not be spared. She was afraid she would return to Chang’an to call for help.

To the side, Qiu Yue was ashamed and guilty to the extreme.

Seeing the Princess and Jin Xiu being set up like this. Whether she could marry Yan Yue or not, was becoming insignificant. She had become good friends with Jin Xiu and respected the Princess. But she could only follow behind Lady Yun’s treachery, afraid that Lady Yun would marry her to an old man.

Thinking of the old man and his wrinkles, her heart trembled uncontrollably.

Qi Er Lun gazed at Fang Yun Luo, this was his first time seeing her cry. Those misty eyes, which held great sorrow made others feel unbearable. But she shouldn’t have committed this inhuman crime

(TL&ED: F**K! She didn’t! It was all that bit*h, LY’s fault!)

Turning around, his back facing her, he ordered: “Detain her.”


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