IPASH Chapter 9 Pt. 2

After Qiu Yue left, Ai Li came and took Fang Yun Luo away.

When Fang Yun Luo stepped into the South Wing, she didn’t know why Ai Li had brought her here.

“Princess, my Lord is waiting for you inside.” Ai Li still called her Princess, for he did not believe that she was such a malicious person.

Pushing open the door, Fang Yun Luo entered.

When she saw Qi Er Lun, she swiftly lowered her eyes; exaggerating the movement. He actually confirmed her crime so easily. Then the love between them was also broken!

“Lift up your head!” Qi Er Lun ordered. He couldn’t control himself, he constantly thought about her; no matter how many women he had, they could never satisfy him. Why did she happen to be an easily jealous woman?

Fang Yun Lun ignored his order; stubbornly she kept her head still lowered.

Grabbing her chin, Qi Er Lun forcibly lifted up her head, each word he spoke was cold and detached. “Just because I pampered you, you thought you could do whatever you please. I have divorced you today, but I did not ask for you life.”

“Why do you not trust me? I cannot bear your affections. Could you please release Jin Xiu for she is innocent. I will bear all the crimes.”

“I do want to trust you, but the facts are indisputable, how can I trust you? The affection I give you, you must bear, even if you cannot.”

“It is not that you can’t trust me, rather it is because you have long intended for Lady Yun to become the Princess.”

That was a past truth, and she dared to use that matter to slander him! “Take back your words.”

“What I said was the truth. You had promised me that if one day you no longer pampered me, you would give me my freedom. Allowing me to live the life that I would like. If Lady Yun wants the Princess position, I am more than willing to give it to her. But why would you trap me? I wish for you to return my innocence and allow me to leave the mansion.”

The more she said, the more outrageous it got! “It was your who let your jealousy cloud your conscience. Yet you dare say I framed you! You want to leave the mansion, don’t even think about it! I will continue to pamper you.”

“You are a heartless man and a fickle lover. I won’t obediently sit around waiting for my death.” Fang Yun Luo started to move her hand with the intention to press his pressure point, then force him to release Jin Xiu, before taking her leave.

Qi Er Lun caught her wrist in the nick of time, and pressed her point instead. Although she could still move, she had lost all her strength. Before she fell, he caught her limp body.

“You say I am a heartless man, and a fickle lover! Yet I can’t help but think of you.” Picking her up, he carried her behind the screen and over to the bathtub.

“What do you want to do? Drowning people to death is not what heroes do. You could just use a blade to kill me.” Saying this caused her to swallow quite a few mouthfuls of water.

“Drown you?” Listening to her talk like this, Qi Er Lun laughed loudly. This is his Luo-er; her passion, her character and her words all made him feel good.

He did not care whether she was really a jealous woman or not, all he cared about was, that she was alive. Who cares whether she had committed heinous crimes or not, he still wanted her.  

“Luo-er, I just want to help you bathe.” Since she had been locked in the dungeon for many days, she didn’t have the opportunity to bathe. Yet the sweet floral scent her body exuded was still as strong and pure as ever.

Taking off his robes, he quickly entered the bathtub and took off all her clothes.

“You want to wash me until I’m spotless, so I don’t look too unsightly when I die and embarrass you, right?” She really didn’t know what he intended to do.

“I will not let you die. From now on, you must come here every night to sleep and return to the dungeon during the day.” Holding her in his arms, fulfilled his sense of loneliness and the pain he had suffered these past days.

“Qi Er Lun!” What did he take her as?

“This Lord forbids you from using this Lord’s name.” Qi Er Lun purposely ignored her anger. Kissing her, he hungrily devoured her.

Fang Yun Luo was suddenly thought of a brilliant plan, and placed her soft and powerless hand on his neck, fervently kissing him back. “My Lord, undo my seal, then I will be able to serve you better.”

She is mostly definitely planning something! Whatever she was thinking currently, how could he not be able to guess. “First serve me properly, then I will consider undoing it.”

Fang Yun Luo stopped her kissing, ferociously glaring at him. “Wily old fox.”

Qi Er Lun was amused by her again, he frivolously replied: “Do whatever you want, or I can serve you. I am willing to serve you.”

Fang Yun Luo pouted, attentively looking at him for some time before very unwillingly kissing him.

Qi Er Lun calmly leaned against the bathtub, enjoying her unskilled techniques designed to entice him.  

Her touch, her kiss, all were unskilled, yet they were constantly able to arouse his most passion, and cause reactions in his body no others could.

As Fang Yun Luo was provoking him, she had stirred up her own desire too. Gradually she stopped all her movements, and calmly lay down on his body, listening to his heartbeat.

At this moment, she wanted this moment to last forever.

Qi Er Lun gently stroked her back, and contently inhaled her fragrance until the water turned cold, before carrying her back to the bed.

Outside, Ai Li listened to Qi Er Lun laugh. Looking back on the past few nights, tonight was the first time he blew out his candles. It looked like Qi Er Lun would no longer drink away his worries every night.

“You did not live up to your promises.” Fang Yun Luo said, with a red face. Last night, she had used all her energy to serve him, and he still had not undone her seal after enjoying her service.

(TL: Seriously, when did the guy ever live up to them? Everything he promise, he broke it or twisted it some way or another.)

Since he did not undo her seal, she could not press his points, she even could not execute her Golden Needle Arts. So how could she escape?

Qi Er Lun stroked her delicate cheeks, and cherry red lips. “I was afraid that you would escape. You just need to serve me every night and then one day, I will undo your seal.”

Last night she had practically melted his body and soul with her passionate service.

“I will no longer trust your words. I did not harm your Princess’ child, so you better believe me. Release Jin Xiu and I, for I want to leave the mansion.”

“Leave the mansion? Don’t even think about it.”

“Then you might as well kill me.”

“Kill you? That’s not even an option.”

Tears then began to fall from her face, her thin, white fists powerlessly pounded on his broad chest. Voicing her grievances she asked of him: “Then what do you want to do to me? You are treating me as a tool to warm your bed, and what do you do to me? You said you wouldn’t touch me, yet you did, and now you have even divorced me.”

Qi Er Lun gazed at this vulnerable side she was only now revealing to him, tenderly embracing her he said: “It’s okay, now obediently listen to what I have to say. To atone for killing someone, you must pay with your own life, so the reason why I divorced you was to save your life. I will find a suitable reason to shorten your sentence. After you leave, I will make you my concubine.”

“You did not even investigate before asking why I did it. You even asked  it as if I was already guilty. You were too excessive! Unless you kill me, sooner or later I will escape Tai Yuan, and this mansion.”

“Since you put it that way, all the more reason to not undo your seal. You must stay in this Tai Yuan Governor's Mansion forever.”

“Why are you so persistent in trying to get me to stay?”

“I just want you to stay by my side. Apart from you, no other woman can arouse my interest.” He honestly replied.

“Release me.” He really treated her as a tool to warm his bed.

“Don’t even think about it.”

“I hate you!” Tears flowing, she softly sobbed.

Hate him? Then let her hate him!

Qi Er Lun allowed her to cry, and paid no attention. In order to punish her for her disobedience, he roughly placed various hickeys on her body.

Next he seized her red lips and ravaged her like a storm for a while. Once he was  satisfied he helped dress her, ordering Ai Li to take her back to the dungeon.  


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