Juvenile Medical God Chapter 101

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Chapter 101 Saving the nation indirectly

Luo Bin was ill!

Qin Lang was torn with anxiety, but he knew pleading Song Wenru had no use; this woman was stone hearted, she definitely will not allow Qin Lang to approach Luo Bin.

Moreover, Song Wenru doubted that there were ‘lovers feelings’ between Qin Lang and Luo Bin, and they had been keeping in touch, which brought about Luo Bin’s ‘heart illness’, and since this was the root cause of the trouble, Song Wenru had personally came to warn Qin Lang.

After Song Wenru left, Wang Zhixiu came back to the room and she saw a worried Qin Lang, so she asked with concern: “Student Qin Lang, what happened?”

“Luo Bin has fallen sick.” Qin Lang distractedly replied.

“What!? How can this be?” Wang Zhixiu anxiously said, “Luo Bin was about to leave for America, how could she unfortunately fall sick at this time? What will happen if this delays up her studies —— of course, you don’t have to worry, superintendent Song will definitely provide the best medical treatment for Luo Bin, she should recover very quickly.”

“I hope so.” Qin Lang gave a light sigh.

“Student Qin Lang ——” When Qin Lang was about to leave, Wang Zhixiu called out to Qin Lang again and reminded him, “I don’t know what relation you have with superintendent Song, but her way of working has always been domineering, in the future when you talk with her, it would be better if you could be a little tactful in your manner of speaking and show some courtesy to her.”

“Thank you principal.” Qin Lang knew principal Wang was saying this with good intentions.

Qin Lang quickly returned to the classroom, and then looked for Zhao Kan: “Help me find Luo Bin’s contact details!”

Song Wenru suspected there was a lingering lovers feeling between Qin Lang and Luo Bin, but in truth, Qin Lang didn’t even know Luo Bin’s contact details, so how could there be lingering lovers feeling? Even more, Qin Lang hadn’t sent any flowers to Luo Bin, this matter was really fishy.

“Why are you so anxious? —— Fuck, you are not thinking of going to ‘airport to confess’, right? That is quite romantic …..”

“Don’t speak nonsense, find the details fast!” Qin Lang interrupted Zhao Kan.

Zhao Kan’s computer knowledge was rather strong, and to play games whenever he wanted, he carried a tablet pc with him, so Qin Lang thought of Zhao Kan first, to find out Luo Bin’s contact details.

Right now, Sun Bo was still teaching, and seeing Qin Lang and Zhao Kan conversing in low voice, he repeatedly cursed ‘black sheeps’ in his mind, but he only cursed in his mind. Anyway, as long as these two didn’t influence others, Sun Bo also decided to turn a blind eye to them. Moreover, these two would graduate soon, he could just let the police discipline them properly in the future.

Zhao Kan searched for a while in the internet, then he disappointedly said: “Luo Bin’s mailbox address hasn’t been published in the school’s forum, there is not even a need to talk of her phone number —— Right, Sun Bo is the homeroom teacher, he definitely knows Luo Bin’s home address!”

Qin Lang looked at Sun Bo, he knew Zhao Kan was correct. Only, Luo Bin had fallen sick, what use could there be knowing her home address, the main point was where she was at now!

So-called ‘things not involving you are ok, but once involved, chaos starts’, Qin Lang was disconcerted right now, so his mind couldn’t think properly.

“Forget it, I will think of some way.” Qin Lang forced himself to calm down, and started thinking of what to do next.

Qin Lang believed, as Luo Bin’s mother, Song Wenru’s concern for Luo Bin definitely was meticulous, and after Luo Bin fell sick, she definitely would receive the best medical treatment, but the main point was that Qin Lang felt this matter wasn’t so simple, or else someone wouldn’t have taken the risk to deliver the flowers in his name.

“Right, perhaps Ma Zhenyong might know something!” Qin Lang suddenly recalled Ma Zhenyong.

Last time, Ma Zhenyong went to the police station to protect Qin Lang, but ultimately it was because of Luo Bin. So, Ma Zhenyong should know of some matters regarding Luo Bin.

Thinking of this, Qin Lang swished out of the classroom.

Sun Bo took a hateful glance at Qin Lang, but he could only take a laissez-faire attitude, cursing in his mind once more ‘black sheep’.

After he came out of the classroom, Qin Lang called Ma Zhenyong while on the corridors.

Ma Zhenyong received the call and said: “Brother Qin, is the company running smoothly?”

‘Yes, everything is smooth. Big brother Ma, I am calling you because of a very important matter!” Qin Lang said to Ma Zhenyong: “Luo Bin fell sick, I want to see her as soon as possible!”

“Brother Qin, I really can’t help you with this.” Ma Zhenyong promptly refused, “You might not know how famous our head’s wife’s temperament is —— in short, I really can’t help you with this!”

“Big brother Ma, don’t hang up the phone!” Qin Lang hurriedly said, “This time, it isn’t as simple as Luo Bin falling sick, Luo Bin’s mother already visited the school just before to denounce me. She said that Luo Bin fell sick after she received a bunch of flowers from me, but I haven’t sent any flowers to her, someone deliberately did it to stir up trouble! Perhaps with a frightening intention!”

Qin Lang decided to speak gravely of the situation, only then would Ma Zhenyong consider it.

Sure enough, when Qin Lang said it could be a ‘frightening intention’, Ma Zhenyong’s tone became serious: “Brother Qin, do you have proof to what you said?”

“Yes!” said Qin Lang, “That card is still in my hand!”

“Alright! Wait for me at the school gate! I will reach there within twenty minutes! Ma Zhenyong immediately hung up the phone after he finished speaking, he was worthy of being a special force soldier, as he was decisive in his actions.

Ma Zhenyong wildly drove the jeep, it was after all a military vehicle and there were also no traffic police that stopped him, so he reached Seven Mid’s entrance gate in less than twenty minutes.

Ma Zhenyong exited the jeep, there was one more soldier with him in the jeep.

“That card?” Ma Zhenyong asked Qin Lang.

“Here.” Qin Lang carefully handed the card to Ma Zhenyong, “I used my fingers to hold the card from the edge before, so you can check and see the fingerprints. Moreover, this name-sign absolutely is not mine!”

Ma Zhenyong handed the card to that soldier who was in the back row of the jeep, that soldier used a scanner like device to ‘scan’ the card, then he scanned Qin Lang’s palm, after comparing them, he said: “The fingerprints found on the card are indeed not his. As for the name-sign, it might not be yours, but this doesn’t mean that you didn’t find someone to do it.”

“I believe brother Qin.” Ma Zhenyong guaranteed for Qin Lang, then he spoke, “Is there any other information from this card?”

“The card has these words written on it: ‘I wish for your eternal beauty, always be happy.’ Signed, Qin Lang.” That soldier replied, “With the current situation, we can only guarantee that this card was not personally written by student Qin Lang, and nothing more.”

“The main thing is I don’t even know Luo Bin’s address, even if I found people to help me deliver the flowers, I would have to know her address first ——”

“Brother Qin, don’t be agitated. Liu Fei is not doubting you, he is saying that if there isn’t a proof to make people convinced, the head wouldn’t believe the ‘frightening intention’ you mentioned.” Ma zhenyong explained, “If not for this, I would have brought back this card to be carefully tested to check if we can find the sender’s identity. Brother Qin, think carefully if you missed some information.”

“I will have to trouble big brother Ma.” Qin Lang somewhat helplessly said, he originally intended to find Luo Bin through Ma Zhenyong, with the goal of saving the nation indirectly. But the matter clearly was not moving smoothly according to his expectation. From Ma Zhenyong’s tone, Qin Lang already felt this method most likely wouldn’t work.

Soon, Ma Zhenyong would leave. Qin Lang suddenly said to Ma Zhenyong: “Big brother Ma, can you let me take a look at that card?”

“Take a look.” Ma Zhenyong handed the card to Qin Lang.


Qin Lang took the card and tore a corner of it, chewing that piece of card in his mouth, as if he was tasting some delicacy. After a moment, Qin Lang’s expression had a huge change, “Not good! It is ‘ghost demands life’!”


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