Juvenile Medical God Chapter 102

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Chapter 102 Ghost Demands Life

Ghost demands life was not really a name of some ferocious ghost, but was a poison compounded by some poison experts.

This poison was colorless, odorless and was not easy to detect, and when the poison starts to develop, light black vein lines would appear on the four limbs and the neck of the poisoned, as if the spirit emissary had used a rope to ‘rein in’ its prey, hence it was known as ‘ghost demands life’ to the poison experts since the ancient times.

White arsenic, crest of a crane, heartbreak grass and such other deadly poisons were frequently heard by people whether they were in ancient times or in modern times; but regarding numerous mysterious deadly poisons, a lot of people have no idea about them, only some amazing traditional doctors and poison experts knew of them. These poisons could easily kill people with high status and tremendous wealth, even the ancient highest rulers —— the Emperors would be afraid.

Because many poisons were unable to be detected, the ancient Emperors would not only medically test their meal, they would also make specific palace eunuchs taste a small amount of these foods, this was because some poisons couldn’t be detected even with detailed medical tests.

And ‘ghost demands life’ was precisely a poison compounded by some poison experts. This poison was a colorless and odorless powder, it was very volatile and there would hardly be any trails of it.

If Qin Lang didn’t understand all kinds of poison ingredients like the back of his hand and have a keen reaction to them, it would be difficult for even him to speculate that Luo Bin might have been poisoned, with just the residual substances on this card. Moreover, it was one of the deadly poisons —— Ghost demands life.

In the present times, the poison were divided from 1~6, six grades according to their toxicity. This poison division was actually a classification that had continued on since ancient times, the ancient chinese doctors divided the poison into the following six grades: slightly poisonous, mildly poisonous, poisonous, highly poisonous, extremely poisonous and deadly poisons.

But those that could be classified as deadly poison, not only had to be very toxic, they also had to have no antidotes, because deadly poison existed to kill. Since they were to kill, the victims naturally won’t be given the chance to detoxify the poison. But nothing was absolute, Old Poison and Qin Lang were able to break many of the so-called antidote-less, sure-death deadly poisons——

They were the true poison experts!

Great experts!

But at this time, Qin Lang was more concerned of Luo Bin’s health condition.

Ghost demands life was a poison that could only be compounded by a poison expert, moreover once the poison attacks the heart, a final jet-black vein line would appear on the neck, and at that time, even the great golden immortal would not be able to save the victim.

Easy to be poisoned, but difficult to detoxify.

This was an unchangeable truth.

“Big brother Ma, take me to see Luo Bin immediately! I beg you!” Qin Lang’s mood was extremely agitated, he was even somewhat losing control of his mind.

“Brother Qin, it is not that I don’t want to help you, but —— what are you doing!”

Ma Zhenyong hadn’t finished speaking, when he saw Qin Lang pointing a gun towards Liu Fei, and the holster on Liu Fei’s waist was open. Clearly, Qin Lang had snatched Liu Fei’s pistol in a lightning fast speed.

“Brother Qin …… do you know what you are doing?” Liu Fei was looking at Qin Lang furiously; in one hand, he was rebuking Qin Lang for not knowing what was better for him, and in another hand, he didn’t know what to do since Qin Lang had seized the gun, very fast.

“Brother Ma, take me to see Luo Bin! She is really poisoned! It will be already too late if we delay this any further! I will bear all the consequences!” Qin Lang was begging earnestly.

Ma Zhenyong was clenching his teeth, he started the jeep and then said to Qin Lang: “Don’t get agitated, I will take you to see the head, because I don’t know which hospital Luo Bin has been admitted in.”

“Okay! Please be quick!” Qin Lang said to Ma Zhenyong.

“You also need to relax.” said Ma Zhenyong.

“Forgive me.” Qin lang said to Liu Fei, “Brother Liu, I have wronged you today.”

“Forget it, I only hope you can make the head listen to you.” Liu Fei shook his head.

At Qin Lang’s constant urges, Ma Zhenyong drove the jeep wildly, leaving the Xiayang city’s urban areas, and rushing towards Eight-Four armed forces’ encampment.

Because Qin Lang was holding a gun in his hand, the jeep was stopped by the security guards when they reached the encampment.

“Brother Qin, I told you this will not work!” Ma Zhenyong sighed.

“Brother Ma, aiding a person is like putting out a fire! Do you think I am demented? Help me contact your head!” It was impossible for Qin Lang to stop now.

“Don’t shoot!” Ma Zhenyong shouted to the security guards, so that no one would be injured carelessly, after all these people were carrying loaded rifles, and they were not for practice.

“Captain Chen, please help me contact the head.” Ma Zhenyong said to the security guards’ captain.

“Ma Zhenyong, what reason do you have kid!? Don’t you know the military rules!?” The security guards’ captain shouted at Ma Zhenyong.

“It is related to the head’s daughter’s life!” Ma Zhenyong also could only summon up his courage now.

“What!? It concerns the young miss’s life!?” The captain was scared by Ma Zhenyong’s words, so he immediately used the walkie-talkie to contact their head, he gave a brief summary of the situation to the head and then handed the walkie-talkie to Ma Zhenyong.

“You speak ——” Ma Zhenyong handed the walkie-talkie to Qin Lang, he didn’t have the confidence to talk with the head.

“I am Luo Haichuan! Please speak ——” A dignified voice echoed from the walkie-talkie.

“I am Qin Lang, Luo Bin’s classmate. Luo Bin has not fallen sick, she is poisoned!” said Qin Lang.

“Poisoned? Are you sure? I saw her just yesterday and the doctors said her body had only weakened because her body’s immunity had decreased ……”

“She is poisoned!” Qin Lang interrupted him, and shouted loudly, “Inquire immediately if her wrists and ankles have a faint black vein lines! If she doesn’t have it, I will immediately commit suicide!”

Qin Lang was angry and anxious, so he had no choice but to say this.

“Wait a moment ——”

After almost two minutes, the voice echoed from the walkie-talkie again, “You were right! Moreover, there is also a black vein-line on her neck ……”

“Finished!” Qin Lang felt like he was struck by thunder, his mind blanked out, the pistol in his hand dropped down.

“Hey——speak! Speak —— Ma Zhenyong, bring him over!” The voice from the walkie-talkie also started to get nervous.

Ma Zhenyong firmly pressed the accelerator and charged to the inside of the encampment.

After a moment, the jeep squeaked and stopped before the military command building, and because of the fierce friction, the wheels left behind a trail of black imprint on the cement.

When Qin Lang got off the jeep, a dignified senior official was already standing in front of the jeep. Ma Zhenyong and Liu Fei promptly got off the jeep to salute to this official, as they shouted ‘head’.

“You are Qin Lang?” The officer gave a simple and powerful introduction of himself, “I am Lu Haichuan, Luo Bin’s father.”

“Hello uncle.” Right now, Qin Lang’s heart was being torn with anxiety, “Uncle, can you take me to see Luo Bin quickly?”

“Let’s talk more about this on the helicopter.” Luo Haichuan firmly replied, “Follow me.”

A helicopter was parked behind the command building, when Luo Haichuan and Qin Lang hurried to there, the pilot was already ready to take off. Only after the two got into the helicopter, Luo Haichuan asked Qin Lang: “How do you know Luo Bin is poisoned and not ill?”


The raws have it as seven grades for the poison division, but there are only six names, so I changed it as six grades. This won't be mentioned much in the future, but if it does and the author has kept the missing name in the future chapters, I will be sure to edit it in and remind the readers of the change.


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