Juvenile Medical God Chapter 103

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Chapter 103 Powerless

“Uncle, I followed an old chinese doctor since young, so I have researched into all kinds of medical skills and medicines. This morning, aunt Song visited the school to question me regarding the flowers that were delivered to Luo Bin, I immediately felt it was strange. Later, I discovered, this card has some remains of medical ingredients ……”

Qin Lang knew if he wanted to see Luo Bin, he must persuade Luo Haichuan.

Fortunately, Luo Haichuan was much easier to talk with, compared to Song Wenru. On the surface, he seemed very fierce, but actually was fair and reasonable.

Luo Haichuan heard Qin Lang’s narration of the events, he slightly nodded his head: “Thank you, student Qin Lang. For a classmate’s life, having the courage to rush into a military camp is truly not easy. However, you said ‘finished’ before, what does that mean?”

“Uncle, the poison in Luo Bin, after it breaks up, there will first be black vein lines on the knees, then on wrists and only finally on the neck. And in case the black line appears on the neck, that means the poison has reached the heart and has already spread over the whole body, I am afraid ……. I am afraid that …….”

Qin lang was unable to continue to speak further.

“I understand.” Luo Haichuan knew what meaning Qin Lang’s words contained, but this was related to his daughter’s life, after all, so he was not resigned, “Then, you have some ways, right?”

“If that black vein hadn’t appeared on the neck, I could still cure it, but now …… I can only do my utmost! At least, I can allow her to live for much longer!” Qin Lang was vexed.

Luo Haichuan didn’t question again. After thirty minutes had passed, the helicopter stopped and landed at the helipad of a hospital at the central area of Pingchuan province. This was the best hospital in the whole of the Pingchuan province, and Luo bin was placed in the high-class ward of the hospital, this was a treatment which couldn’t be enjoyed by ordinary people and households.

When Luo Haichuan arrived at the ward, he found out that Luo Bin was no longer there. Upon asking the nurse, he learned that Luo Bin’s illness had suddenly gotten more severe and she was already admitted to the emergency room.

When Qin Lang heard this, he immediately rushed towards the emergency room, and Luo Haichuan also followed behind him, regardless of his image.

However, the two were stopped off by the medical personnels outside of the emergency room.

In particular, the single person who was stopping Qin Lang was —— Song Wenru.

Song Wenru saw Qin Lang as looking at a thorn in her eyes and flesh, she coldly said: “How did you find this place! Get lost —— if my daughter has any mishaps ……”

“Aunt, please calm down, I am here to help Luo Bin!” Qin Lang didn’t want to dispute with Song Wenru at this time.

Fortunately, Luo Haichuan also arrived right at this time.

Luo Haichuan said to Song Wenru breathlessly: “Little Qin he ….... he ……. really came to help little Bing, you ….. misunderstood him ……”

“I misunderstood him, if it was not for him, how could Luo Bin be like this? ——”

“Uncle, there is not enough time, the poison has already started up, the situation will keep on getting bad, let me in the emergency room and I will be able to temporarily stabilize the situation!” Qin Lang requested help from Luo Haichuan.

“Haichuan, you are not allowed to listen to him!”

“Wenru! This time, you must listen to me!” Luo Haichuan had always respected his wife and children’s words, but today he was very strict, going out of his character as he shouted at Song Wenru. Then he turned to a nurse at the side, “Tell me, the patient’s condition is still continuing to worsen, right? Or are you still going to pretend?”

“I am sorry, head, please believe in our doctors, they are doing their utmost …….”

“Tell me my daughter’s condition, now!” Luo Haichuan suddenly raised his voice, the nurse’s body trembled with fear as she promptly said: “Head, please don’t get angry …... I will immediately request a doctor to explain the situation, please wait a moment …….”

Quickly, a middle-aged doctor came out of the emergency room, he was actually only a backup doctor and was not actually participating in the treatment work. Because Luo Bin’s family background was not ordinary, the wages were also not on the same level, altogether five doctors were working in her treatment.

This doctor also knew Luo Bin’s family head was not someone to be trifled with, but right now, he could only summon up the courage to explain: “Sir and madam, the patient’s condition has suddenly worsened, we were also caught unprepared but we gathered the best doctors of our hospital, they will definitely do their utmost to treat her ……. however, we have to ask you to prepare for the worst.”

“Prepare for the worst!? When my daughter was admitted to the hospital, wasn’t it only fever and cold? Now, how can this …… prepare for the worst? If anything happens to my daughter ——”

“Wenru! Calm down!” Luo Haichuan interrupted his wife, then said to that doctor, “Since you already aren’t certain of saving my daughter, then let him enter!”

“Him?” The middle-aged doctor looked at Qin Lang and thought if Luo Haichuan had gone insane.

“He is a doctor!” Luo Haichuan resolutely said, “Let him enter!”

“We cannot do that! If there is any mishap, we won’t be able to bear the responsibility ……”

“Then I will also enter!” Luo Haichuan coldly said, “I will take the responsibility! Hurry up, or I will blow your head off!”

The doctor had thought Luo Haichuan, a leader character, would be reasonable, but he had never expected the latter to pull out a gun, how would he still dare to speak nonsense, so he could only say: “Okay, you can enter, both of you can enter! But if there are any problems, our hospital won’t be responsible!”

Luo haichuan didn’t pay any attention to this doctor, he followed Qin Lang directly into the emergency room.

“Hey —— you need to sterilize yourselves! What kind of doctor is this!?” The middle aged doctor whispered, but he could only helplessly lead Qin Lang and Luo Haichuan inside the emergency room.

When Qin Lang and Luo Haichuan appeared into the emergency room, all the doctors and nurses inside the room were stunned.

Moreover, at this time, one of the doctors was just about to make an incision in Luo Bin’s windpipe because Luo Bin was already having difficulty in breathing. When Luo Haichuan saw the surgical knife in that doctor’s hand, he suddenly pulled out his gun and shouted: “All of you, get lost!”

These doctors and nurses were stunned, all of these several doctors promptly retreated to a side, Luo Haichuan then said to Qin Lang: “Kid, your turn! If you can’t save my daughter, you can accompany her in death!”

But right now, Luo Bin’s breathing was weakening and her heart rate had already fallen down to thirty or so beats per minute. There wasn’t much time, she was on the verge of death.

Qin Lang wanted to use Nine Fragrant Jade Dew pill on Luo Bin through her mouth, but he was worried she would have trouble swallowing it. This was a critical juncture, Qin Lang inserted a IV pipe in Luo Bin’s arm, then he let two Nine Fragrant Jade Dew pills dissolve in a small bag of distilled water, after which it quickly entered Luo Bin’s veins through the IV pipe.

At some aspects, western medicine still had its merits, such as this intravenous method which worked much quicker than directly taking in the medicine; within two minutes, Luo Bin’s vital signs were already getting stable, her heart rates frequency had returned to over fifty beats per minute, her breathing had gradually become steady and her consciousness also slowly recovered. When she opened her eyes, she looked at the situation in the room and weakly said: ‘Dad ……. don’t kill ……. Qin Lang!”

Luo Haichuan promptly put back his pistol and approached Luo Bin, speaking in a low voice: “Daughter, father wants to kill this group of charlatans. Qin Lang is not a charlatan, he is a good guy!”


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