Juvenile Medical God Chapter 104

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Chapter 104 Requesting Old Poison’s help

Luo Bin was taken out of the emergency room and sent back to the hospital ward. However, her body was still very weak because although Nine Fragrant Jade Dew pill was a holy grail for detoxifying poisons and could also restrain the toxicity of ‘ghost demands life’, Qin Lang had already missed the best time for using it; the toxicity had already entered Luo Bin’s five viscera and six bowels. Right now, the Nine Fragrant Jade Dew pill could only stimulate her vitality and postpone the final poison breakout.

Song Wenru looked at Qin Lang with a complicated expression; in one side, she was still blaming Qin Lang for her daughter ‘falling ill’, in another side, she also knew Qin Lang had just brought her daughter back from the gates of hell.

Now, she didn’t know how she should face Qin Lang.

Hence, she could only keep her silence and calmly look after her daughter.

Luo Haichuan called Qin Lang outside of the ward and asked him: “Little Qin, how is little Bing’s condition? Tell me honestly, I can bear it.”

“The poison’s toxicity has already infiltrated her five viscera and six bowels, now I can only procrastinate the time for her poison breakout. With the current condition, she has at most twenty to twenty four hours of time left, and at that time, I will also be powerless to do anything!” Qin Lang said bitterly.

“What!?” Although Luo Haichuan had already guessed a little, he still couldn’t accept it after hearing the truth.

“Uncle, although I am powerless, perhaps my master might be able to help.” said Qin Lang, “I will go implore him!”

Qin Lang said ‘implore’ and not ‘ask, because he knew Old Poison never easily agreed to saving people.

“Little Qin, no matter how much money is needed, whatever conditions, as long as your master can cure my little Bing, I will spare no effort to satisfy them. I know saying it like this is very inelegant, but this is my, Luo Haichuan’s promise!” Luo Haichuan said with a deep voice.

“I understand.” Qin Lang nodded his head, “I have a request, can I speak with Luo Bin?”

“Alright.” Luo Haichuan nodded, he gently opened the ward door, then said to Song Wenru, “Wenru, let little Qin and little Bing talk alone, okay?”

Song Wenru was about to oppose, when Luo Haichuan whispered beside her ear: “Our daughter might not have much time left, will you not let her be happy for a bit?”

Song Wenru’s whole body trembled, her eyes became red, she hurried turned around and with the support of Luo Haichuan’s arms, she walked out of the ward.

“Qin Lang.…..”

Luo Bin gave a faint smile, that smiling expression was like a white plum blossom shaking in the cold wind; delicate but beautiful, “I had thought …… I wouldn’t be able to see you again …… hadn’t expected, you would send flowers ……. to me ……. those roses was really beautiful ……”

Qin Lang really wanted to say those flowers were not sent by him, but he swallowed the words that were on the verge of coming out, and merely said softly: “Even if the flowers were more beautiful, they wouldn’t be more beautiful than you. Luo Bin, rest properly, I will send you even more beautiful flowers later.”

“I am dying ….... doctors said it is a rarely seen …… lack of immunity …… I heard this illness has no cure.” said Luo Bin, “At the final moments of my life …… I could see you again, I feel very nice ……. shows …… we are still bound by karma.”

“Luo Bin, don’t let your imaginations run wild! You are fine, don’t believe in those charlatans’ words, didn’t you see your father wanted to shoot these charlatans? Trust me, I will protect you, even if the Grim Reaper comes, he will have to go through me! Wait for me, I will definitely cure you!” Qin Lang’s expression was resolute.

“Don’t leave …… I still have a question, tell me your reply ……when we were little, at that kindergarten garden during summer, there were many ‘wheat midges’ …….my whole body was swollen from their bites …….later, you took off your jacket…...and sat by my side with your naked body …....you said you were doing it so that the wheat midges would all go bite you …….then after those mosquitoes bit you …... they all died, I have always remembered it ……. but I didn’t know the reason ……. I had been waiting for you to tell me, can you tell now?”

In Luo Bin’s mind, a warm and unforgettable scene presented itself; that was of a little boy who used his own body to attract those mosquitoes, just so that she won’t get any mosquito bites. At that time, Luo Bin had felt that this little boy was her fairy tale knight in shining armor; he would protect her, although he was not riding a white horse, although he was naked to the waist …....

“Not right now.” Qin Lang softly laughed, “Wait till you have recovered and then I will give you an answer. So, you need to persevere! Don’t worry, I am going to beg my master to come, he can definitely save you!”

People’s willpower was very strong, Qin Lang was stimulating Luo Bin’s willpower to survive.

“Okay, then…… don’t break your promise……”

“Don’t worry, I could protect you during the childhood, there more so won’t be any problems now. Take a good rest and wait for me to return!” Qin Lang showed a strong confidence, although he didn’t have the least bit of confidence in his heart.

When Qin Lang said his farewell to Luo Bin and left the ward, Song Wenru called for him and said in a low voice: “Qin Lang …… the previous matters, aunt misunderstood you, I hope you won’t blame aunt, you must make sure to cure Luo Bin.”

Just before, Luo Haichuan had already narrated about the course of events to Song Wenru, only then Song Wenru realize that those flowers were not sent by Qin Lang, hence she was apologizing to Qin Lang and hoping he could cure her daughter.

“Alright.” Qin Lang didn’t want to waste time with Song Wenru, he knew even if there were no misunderstandings, Song Wenru’s impression of him won’t be too good, so it wasn’t necessary to waste time on each other.

While coming down the tall hospital, Qin Lang took out his mobile phone and dialed Old Poison’s number.

It wasn’t answered!

Old Poison unexpectedly didn’t pick up Qin Lang’s phone.

Qin Lang again continue to phone several times, but there was still no reply.

When he dialed the number again, Old Poison had actually switched off the phone!

“Damn it, Old Poison!” Qin Lang couldn’t help cursing, he knew it was absolutely not by chance that Old Poison had switched off the phone, it was very likely that this old guy had already known of Luo Bin’s situation.

And him switching off the phone, clearly meant that he won’t make a move!

Qin Lang had already anticipated that Old Poison was not likely to easily save someone, but he didn’t expect Old Poison would take it even further and not even give Qin Lang the chance to ask for a favor!

Qin Lang knew Old Poison had veiled criticism towards his dating life, because Old Poison believed this ‘woman’s pity’, so-called love would only make Qin Lang weaker. Hence, Old Poison simply was not likely to go save the girl Qin Lang liked. He might even be thinking that after Qin Lang’s beloved girl died, Qin Lang would become resolute and stronger!

“Old Poison, I will definitely catch you!”

Qin Lang coldly snorted, he exited the hospital’s gate and then called a taxi, “Sir, to the southern school of the Southern China United.”

Southern China United, not only was this the work place of Qin Lang’s father, it was also Old Poison’s hideout.

Because Old Poison’s other identity was none other than the gate-keeper of the school of biology at the Southern China United.


wheat midge here means a type of silent mosquito.


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