Juvenile Medical God Chapter 105

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Chapter 105 Rely on yourself

Old Poison was indeed hiding from Qin Lang.

Because when Qin Lang went to Old Poison’s ‘residence’, he was not there.

In fact, Old Poison was normally an ‘invisible person’, this work was simply not important and his main work usually was just to lock and open the gates. Moreover, due to the school having many security guards, his work of opening and locking the gates was not essential and many people didn’t even notice his existence.

Old Poison would normally stay at a small room beside the iron gate. The black and white television inside the room would always be kept open and it gave people a misconception that he was inside, all the times.

However, right now, he was not there at all.

Moreover, Qin Lang knew that if Old Poison deliberately hid, he simply couldn’t be found!

What to do now?

Qin Lang continued to foolishly stay outside Old Poison’s house, but he didn’t see the old guy at all, until he heard a familiar voice: “Eh, Qin Lang, why are you here? Don’t you have school today?”

Only then did Qin Lang come back to his senses, and when he looked around, it was already nightfall and the one who had called him was his father, Qin Nan.

Qin Nan had already been working at this laboratory for close to twenty years, but he was still only a lecturer and a lab assistant, not even chosen to be an associate professor. However, Qin Nan was used to it and he put even more enthusiasm in research.

Qin Lang’s sudden appearance had astonished Qin Nan. Qin Lang’s mind moved and immediately came up with a reason: “My classmate was hospitalized at the province’s central hospital, so I came to visit her ——she is a female classmate!”

Qin Nan was a little distracted, then his face showed happiness: “Great, child! But, although dating is important, it should not waste up too much study time, after all you are going to take the entrance exam. Right, you might not have enough money, since you are visiting a female classmate, shouldn’t you buy some gifts?”

Qin Nan’s implication was that if it was to visit male friends, then there was no need to spend money?

“Yes …….I came here for that.” Qin Lang took the opportunity, “Could you give me two hundred yuan?”

Qin Nan didn’t hesitate and directly gave two hundred yuan to his son, then he said: “Do you want to come for dinner?”

“Today won’t do, I have urgent works.” Qin Lang still wanted to remain here and wait for Old Poison.

Although waiting for gains without plans was silly, it might not be completely useless. Qin Lang believed Old Poison definitely knew he was here, and he might even be observing his every movement from nearby.

“So it was that …….all right, persisting a while for love is also good.” Qin Nan patted his son shoulders, “If you have anything, you want to discuss, you can phone your father.”

Qin Lang nodded his head to agree, then after his father left, Qin Lang directly made his way inside Old Poison’s small room——waiting for gains without plans.

Right at this time, Qin Lang received a text message, he immediately thought it was from Old Poison, so he promptly browsed the message in his mobile, but what he never expected was that it was unexpectedly a strange message:

‘Qin Lang, your beloved girl has died, does your heart hurt? This is only the beginning!’

“Fuck! This was actually directed at me!”

Qin Lang felt a big regret in his heart, he hadn’t thought Luo Bin being poisoned was unexpectedly because of him!

Qin Lang didn’t reply to this message because there was no need to. However, he could see from this message that the counterpart believed Luo Bin was already dead from the poison. In reality, if it wasn’t for Qin Lang’s intervention, Luo Bin might have already died.

The fury in Qin Lang’s heart overflowed, but he didn’t pay any notice to this message and rather sent a message to Old Poison: “Old Poison, you help me save her, otherwise don’t hope for me to carry out your funeral duties!”

This was a typical threat message!

Since begging was useless, Qin Lang could only make a threat.

But, Old Poison was very stubborn, he didn’t care about Qin Lang’s threat at all; he still didn’t reply to Qin Lang’s text message and when Qin Lang phoned him, the call was still not answered.

Qin Lang was torn with anxiety, but he had no alternative.

Old Poison really was a heartless person, Qin Lang waited there for the whole night but he didn’t even see the old guy’s shadow.

Only in the morning, Qin Lang received Old Poison’s text message: ‘Better to do a thing oneself than ask help from others!’

“Fuck!” Qin Lang couldn’t help but curse, he almost threw the phone, he had waited an entire night just for this message?

Better to do a thing oneself than ask help from others.

Old Poison clearly meant for Qin Lang to resolve it himself.

After his anger passed away, Qin Lang felt this message was not so simple and felt that there was another meaning to it.

“Is the old guy suggesting that my ability is enough to deal with this issue?” Qin Lang wondered in his mind.

While he was being puzzled, Qin Lang’s mobile rang, this time however was from Luo Haichuan and he was asking Qin Lang to hurry back to the hospital because Luo Bin’s vital signs were starting to become unstable again.

Qin Lang’s heart tensed, this signified that Nine Fragrant Jade Dew pill was no longer able to suppress the poison inside her body.

Death followed once the poison manifested, this was a destined ending.

Qin Lang rushed back to the hospital at top speed, Luo Bin was again sent to the emergency room, but this time, the doctors didn’t try to do any surgical operation on her, they only administered nutrient fluids and supplemental oxygen to her body.

Even till now, the doctors didn’t believe Luo Bin was poisoned because the blood tests showed completely no signs of poison. Only the body’s immune system was failing which was causing organ failures.

“Qin Lang, your master?” Luo Haichuan saw Qin Lang was alone, his heart couldn’t help feeling cold.

“My master, he has left Pingchuan province.” Qin Lang had already cursed Old Poison hundreds of times in his heart, this old guy really had a heart of stone; refusing to help someone dying.

“Then what’s gonna happen? Where is he, I can send people to receive him …….” Luo Haichuan was frightened out of his senses.

“There is no use.” said Qin Lang, “Now, the only method is to slow down the poison breakout and give her more time, let me think of how to deal with this.”

“Is there still anything that can be done?” Several doctors were staring at Qin Lang, Luo Bin’s body and organs were both failing, even Hua Tuo would be powerless to do anything, were he to be alive.

Qin Lang didn’t pay attention to these doctors’ guesses, he took out a Turtle Breathe pill and mixed it with the nutrient fluids which then entered Luo Bin’s veins. Once Turtle Breathe pill was taken, the patient would enter a suspended animation state; the heartbeats and the vital signs would enter the lowest state, innate metabolism rates and everything else would decrease by a big margin, even coming to a standstill, this could naturally also slow down poison breakout process.

Only, with this, Luo Bin would remain unconscious.

If Qin Lang still couldn’t find the solution to the poison, Luo Bin would die in her sleeping state.

But this at least prevented her from suffering the pain from the poison breakout.

After Turtle Breathe pill merged into Luo Bin’s body, her heartbeats and breathing suddenly lowered, the doctors and Luo Haichuan were quite startled by this, they thought Qin Lang, this barefoot doctor had screwed up. However, when Luo Bin’s heart rates fell down to six-seven beats per minute, something unfathomable happened, her heart rates stabilized, other vital signs also likewise stabilized——

This was simply inconceivable!


waiting for gains without plans - hoping for something good to happen when you have done nothing for it.
200 Yuan - ~$30
Hua Tuo - Ancient Chinese physician.



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