Juvenile Medical God Chapter 106

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Chapter 106  Impasse

If these doctors hadn’t personally seen it, they wouldn’t have believed that there were medicines that could let a person enter a stable ‘suspended animation’ state, also called ‘turtle’s breathe’ in chinese medical words. A difficulty in modern medical study was to put terminally ill patients in suspended animation state and be able to prolong their life, because although there were a lot of medicines at present times that could slow down patient’s vital signs, the medicine dosages were not easy to control, and it was not only difficult to control, but in case a problem occurs, the patient could very well turn into a vegetable. So this study was still in an experimental stage and was not ready to be put to medical practice.

But somehow, Qin Lang’s Turtle Breathe pill was very efficient, as Luo Bin’s vital signs were very stable.

After a while, confirming that Luo Bin’s condition had not worsened, she was taken out of the emergency room and taken to the intensive care ward. The doctors let out a breathe of relief, no matter what was said, Luo Bin’s family background could not be neglected, there would be troubles for them if Luo Bin had not been saved today. What made these doctors feel somewhat comforted was this ‘barefoot doctor’, that Luo Haichuan invited, had some skills, rescuing the patient two times in a row from the gates of hell.

These doctors were able to let loose a breathe of relief, but Qin Lang and Luo Haichuan’s couple were unable to be at ease.

Even Luo Haichuan’s and Song Wenru’s relatives and friends had also hurried over after they received the news, apparently the news of Luo Bin being at death’s door had already spread like wildfire.

Naturally, all this had no relation with Qin Lang.

Luo Haichuan booked a room at a nearby four star hotel for Qin Lang, so that Qin Lang could rest and pay attention to the changes in Luo Bin’s condition at any times.

Luo Haichuan was able to see the situation clearly; the doctors were most likely unable to do anything regarding his daughter’s illness, so he could only rely on Qin Lang. Right now, he also believed that his daughter was poisoned and not ill. Luo Haichuan was a senior official of the military, he knew there were many fatal poisons that the doctors were currently unable to detect. These poisons were frequently secretly used in all kinds of assassinations.

Qin Lang took a bath at his hotel room to wash away the exhaustion, after which he sat cross-legged on the bed while thinking of a way to treat Luo Bin. Old Poison clearly showed he won’t put out a hand, and Qin Lang knew there was no use in begging anymore. Since Old Poison said better to do a thing oneself than ask help from others, Qin Lang could only request help from himself.

However, with regards to Luo Bin’s current condition, was there any way to save her?

‘Ghost demands life’, once its toxicity attacked the heart, a faint black line would appear on the neck, this signified the soul emissary had captured the neck, and that the situation was already beyond any help. In ancient times, there were also people that were poisoned by ‘ghost demands life’, but as they didn’t know the origin of this poison, they thought the victim had died because their souls were captured by a ferocious ghost.

Although Qin Lang could break down ‘ghost demands life’, but it was only before the poison attacked the heart, because once the poison attacked the heart, it would bring irreparable damage to the victim’s organs, and even if the poison could be detoxified, the organs would not function properly and recover vitality, so the victims would still undoubtedly die!

Unfortunately, the doctors that were involved in Luo Bin’s treatment didn’t detect that Luo Bin was poisoned, and thus missing the optimum time for detoxification. Now, even if Qin Lang had heaven reaching skill, it was also of no use.

However, Qin Lang didn’t give up, he racked his brains and searched through everything he knew about poison related knowledge and information, hoping to find that glimmer of hope.

Time quickly flew by.

Unknowingly, Qin Lang had already pondered for a whole night.

But, the current him still had no clues.

The ten thousand poisons pouch on his waist slightly swayed, Qin Lang knew this was a sign of Blood Mantis wanting to come out to exercise and eat, this also meant that it was already a new morning.

Qin Lang took out the Blood Mantis and then gave it insects feed.

Only, Qin Lang didn’t have the mood to watch Blood Mantis performing ‘mantis fist’ today, letting this little guy toss around the room and after it was perfectly satisfied, it returned back to Qin Lang’s hand.

Qin Lang was just about to put Blood Mantis back in the ten thousand poisons sack when a divine light flashed in his brains, giving him a small clue.

Soon after, these clues gradually started to become clear:

To save Luo Bin, in addition to getting rid of the poison from her five viscera and six bowels, the damaged five viscera and six bowels should also be recovered to bring vitality into them once again, this also can be said to be working on two tasks at the same time. Moreover, the treatment process should be very smooth, otherwise it could cost Luo Bin’s already endangered life.

However, how to finish the detoxification and stimulate the vitality at the same time?

There was only one way!

Qin Lang suddenly leapt off the bed and rushed out of the room.


Luo Bin was calmly lying on the hospital bed, the fragrance of carnations was unable to dilute the cloud of sorrow in the ward. Luo Haichuan and Song Wenru had not slept for the whole night because they were afraid that once they closed their eyes, they would lose their daughter.

Seeing this scene, those resentment towards Song Wenru disappeared from Qin Lang’s heart. Parent’s pitiful hearts, after all everything Song Wenru did was to protect her daughter, only that her methods were a bit extreme, that’s all.

“Little Qin, you are here?” Luo Haichuan lightly sighed.

“Uncle, aunt, no need to worry anymore, I have already thought of a way to cure Luo Bin.” said Qin Lang.

“Really? That’s great!” Song Wenru’s originally dim vision suddenly brightened up, as if someone who was lost in the night saw the dawn of hope.

“There is only one way, I have to transfuse my blood to Luo Bin.” Qin Lang told the idea that came out from racking up his brains.

“Blood transfusion? Can this work?” asked Song Wenru.

“No problem, my blood type is O, an universal donor blood type, moreover it is only a little blood transfusion and won’t have a bad influence.” Qin Lang made a random reason, “Since young, I have studied chinese medicine from my master and have taken a lot of anti-poison medicines, so it can be said that hundred poisons can’t invade my blood. So long as our veins are connected, my blood should be able to heal her body.

Actually, it wasn’t so simple. Qin Lang’s body wasn’t that hundred poisons couldn’t invade it, but rather he could absorb hundred poisons. According to Old Poison, Qin Lang’s body constitution was extremely special, it was an innate ‘formless poison body’ and the probability of this kind of physique appearing was less than one in ten million. Only because Qin Lang possessed the formless poison body , Old Poison took him as a disciple and passed him poison sect’s formless poison technique that no one had been able to cultivate to perfection.

“Alright, little Qin, I will immediately ask the doctors to make preparations!” Song Wenru promptly said.

“Wait a minute——”

Luo Haichuan prevented his wife from going, then he said to Qin Lang, “Little Qin, uncle is very moved that you have such thoughts, I believe little Bing will also be moved. However, little Bing is already poisoned, you will also face the danger of being poisoned if you do the blood transfusion. If anything happens to you, how can I explain it to your parents!?”


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