Juvenile Medical God Chapter 107

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Chapter 107 Drop by drop

Qin Lang was deeply moved by Luo Haichuan’s words. Being able to say this showed that Luo Haichuan was indeed an upright person, and someone worthy of respect.

“Uncle, you don’t need to worry. My physique is special, it is very difficult for me to be poisoned and even if I get poisoned, I have detoxification pills, a situation like Luo Bin’s won’t happen.” Qin Lang dispelled Luo Haichuan’s doubts.

“Exactly, Haichuan, little Qin’s medical skills are advanced, he has it under control.” Song Wenru already viewed Qin Lang as the last life saving straw, so she was really worried that Qin Lang would give up this method, “Don’t worry, little Qin. As long as you save little Bing, aunt will give you a generous reward——”

“Alright, Wenru, don’t speak anymore.” Luo Haichuan frowned, interrupting Song Wenru, “Since little Qin has suggested this, go and bring the doctors to provide assistance, okay?”

Song Wenru also realized that her words just now weren’t appropriate, so she nodded her head and went to consult with the doctor.

After a while, the head doctor arrived in the ward, he was looking at Luo Haichuan and Qin Lang with a somewhat odd expression as he said: “Two sirs, the medical proposal you suggested is truly horrifying, if it were not for this young sir’s medical skills being somewhat ——mysterious, we simply wouldn’t consider such a suggestion. But even so, if you want to continue with this medical proposal and want our doctors to provide assistance, I need to ask you to sign an exemption contract, so that in case any mishap occurs, our hospital won’t bear any responsibility, I hope you two can understand.”

“No problem.” Qin Lang said first.

“I also don’t have any problem.” Luo Haichuan nodded.

The contract agreement was quickly signed.

With this exemption contract, the doctors could help Qin Lang carry out this ‘eccentric’ treatment. Naturally, this was also because Song Wenru and Luo Haichuan’s identity were special, if not the doctors absolutely wouldn’t agree to do this.

After half an hour, Qin Lang and Luo Bin’s veins were connected to the blood transfusion device. Qin Lang said to the head doctor: “Luo Bin’s vital signs are very weak, so the blood transfusion process should be very slow, wait for me to enter the turtle’s breathe state like Luo Bin. Yes, it is precisely what you call suspended animation state, it will guarantee that the speed of blood flow will approach her’s. When my heart rates are almost similar to hers, you can begin the blood transfusion.”

“How do we bring you back to consciousness after you go to suspended animation state?” The head doctor asked the crucial question. If by any chance, this kid also didn’t wake up, wouldn’t it be losing another person.

“After twenty four hours, I will wake up naturally.” Qin Lang said with certainty.

The head doctor didn’t seem to believe it, but he didn’t ask anymore. Anyway, this treatment method already exceeded the limits of his understanding, if Qin Lang really was determined to ‘die together’, he also was unable to stop it.

“Little Qin, you really will be fine, right?” Luo Haichuan was still uneasy. Although he cared for his daughter, he also believed that Qin Lang’s parents cared for their son in the same way.

“Don’t worry uncle. I will be fine.” Qin lang smiled and then swallowed two Turtle Breathe pills.

After five minutes, the monitoring screen showed the rapid decrease in Qin Lang’s heart rates, this made the doctors and nurses to the side perspire in cold sweat, but fortunately it was the same as Luo Bin before, the heart rates finally stabilized when it fell down to seven-eight beats per minute. Qin Lang’s whole body seemed to have lost consciousness, entering what the modern medical science called suspended animation state.

“Prepare to proceed with the blood transfusion.” The head doctor began the slow blood transfusion process.

Drip! Drip~

The monitor occasionally gave off a faint sound just like the sound of passing time.

Through the blood transfusion tool, Qin Lang’s blood slowly entered Luo Bin’s veins, drop by drop. And Luo Bin’s blood also received purification through Qin Lang’s veins, because the poison in Luo Bin’s veins was bit by bit absorbed by Qin Lang’s body. Moreover, Qin Lang’s blood also gave traces of vitality to Luo Bin’s damaged organs.

Poison could destroy the vitality, but it could also stimulate it.

Could kill, but also could save.

This characteristic was very clearly reflected in Qin Lang’s formless poison body.

Old Poison made Qin Lang cultivate poison techniques, to kill; but Qin Lang was currently using it to save.

Blood was being transferred drop by drop, and the time was also passing bit by bit.

At first, Qin Lang’s treatment didn’t show any result, but after two hours, Luo Bin’s heart rates began to show improvement, gradually going over ten beats per minute, her vital signs were also showing improvement.

The doctors found this change inconceivable, but their hearts were somewhat happy, perhaps they were going to be witnesses to a miracle.

After two hours again, Luo Bin’s heart rates had increased to twenty, and Qin Lang’s was also the same, as if his body was responding in the same way.

Thirty …... forty ……fifty …...

After about twelve hours, Luo Bin’s and Qin Lang’s heart rates had already recovered to normal.

This showed that the cardiac functions had already recovered more than half, the on-duty doctors all let out a breathe of relief. Heart was the most crucial organ in the human body, and the current situation was sufficient to show that Qin Lang’s treatment method was already approaching success.

“Ah, Haichuan, that black line on little Bing’s neck has disappeared!”

Song Wenru gasped in a low voice, she thought her eyesight had become dim, so she rubbed her extremely tired eyelids.

“Don’t rub your eyes, you didn’t see wrong, that black line has really disappeared ——little Qin really has skills.” Luo Haichuan sincerely praised Qin Lang.

Luo Haichuan and Song Wenru had not slept for two days and two nights now. In their memories, the only other time they had been this exhausted was when Luo Bin was born.

“Disappeared, that’s great, that’s great.” said Song Wenru, “The black lines on the wrists and the ankles are also quickly disappearing, little Bing should also wake up then, right?”

“Wenru, get some rest, okay?” said Luo Haichuan.

“No, I want to see little Bing wake up!” Song Wenru insisted, “How about you go sleep?”

“You think I can sleep?” Luo Haichuan gave a bitter laugh.

“Then let’s both wait for little Bing to wake up.” said Song Wenru.

“And little Qin.”


Qin Lang’s words were not that accurate, despite eating two Turtle Breathe pills, he only took twenty hours to wake up.

When Qin Lang woke up, the day was just beginning to get bright, and at the morning light’s reflection, he saw Luo Bin who was lying on the neighbour bed, staring at him. And her two eyes were somewhat hazy.

Luo Bin’s expression was still very weak, but her eyes held deep concern for Qin Lang.

Qin Lang winked at Luo Bin, he suddenly felt he was suffering from unprecedented exhaustion, but looking at Luo Bin’s pair of large eyes that were filled with vitality, he felt that all the previous effort was worth it.

But this moment of tranquility was quickly interrupted by joyous sounds; Song Wenru and Luo Haichuan found that their daughter was already awake and her complexion also had a healthy luster, the doctors also became busy in inspecting both Qin Lang and Luo Bin.

Moreover, at this time, Qin Lang’s mobile also rang, he had received a text message from Old Poison.


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