Juvenile Medical God Chapter 108

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Chapter 108 Wastrel

“You wastrel! Come back to the hotel in twenty minutes! If not, your happiness will be short lived!”

Old poison seemed to be extremely irritated and angry, from the message. At the same time, the message was also full of threat.

Right now, Qin Lang was also full of resentment towards Old Poison, he hated Old Poison for not saving someone who was dying, but facing with Old Poison’s threat, Qin Lang didn’t dare to take risks. He could only carry his exhausted body back to the hotel room.

The room door was locked, but after Qin Lang opened the door and entered, Old Poison was already sitting on a chair, waiting for him.

Regarding Old Poison coming and leaving without any trace, Qin Lang had already experienced it, so he didn’t feel it strange anymore.

“Old Poison, why are you so urgently looking for me?” Qin Lang said without any anger, sitting at another chair, “Don’t you see how tired I am now?”

“Be tired to death, it will serve you right! Wastrel thing!”

Old Poison coldly snorted, “Can it be you don’t know how much precious magical poison pills I wasted to train your formless poison body? But what did it result to? You so magnanimously used it for that girl!”

“Damn it! Old Poison, who told you to not save someone who was dying?” Qin Lang said in anger, “I didn’t have any ways and only could think of this method ——what? You didn’t expect it?”

“I didn’t expect——didn’t expect you were such a wastrel!” Old Poison coldly snorted, “Since that girl was in turtle breathe state, there was still some time, why didn’t you think of other ways? It is true your blood can absorb poison and detoxify, but couldn’t you have used your blood to concoct some detoxification pills? Truly stupid!”

“Using blood to concoct detoxification elixirs?” Qin Lang was stupefied, he had really not thought of doing this.

Clearly, concern caused chaos, if at that time he had thought carefully, perhaps he would not need to transfer blood. Of course, Qin Lang didn’t regret it because he could finally save Luo Bin.

“Kid, you are still complacent?” Old Poison coldly snorted, “You have already felt that something is wrong with your body, right? I will tell you, this is because the essence qi inside your blood has been wasted in large amounts.”

“Essence qi?” Qin Lang chuckled, “I haven’t done anything to damage essence qi.”

“Stop being flippant!” Old Poison snorted, “Essence and blood share the same source, you wasted so much essence qi this time in order to recover that girl’s vitality, however the essence qi you wasted won’t be able to recover in a short time.”

“Don’t you have blood and qi repairing pills? Won’t it be okay giving several of them to me?” Qin Lang was hardly concerned.

“Bullshit! You still haven’t realized the seriousness of this!” Old Poison’s tone was ice-cold, “The essence qi you wasted is the spiritual qi of ten thousand poisons, how much precious poisons you consumed before you were able to condense it!? To save a half-dead girl, you actually used up a small part of your spiritual qi, really stupid!”

“I don’t think so.” Qin Lang snorted, “Anyway, it has already been done and over with. Since my essence qi is in deficit, think of some ways to replenish them.”

The corners of Old Poison’s mouth trembled with anger as he threw a small bottle to Qin Lang: “These are my recently concocted poison pills of all kinds; after you take them for half a month, the lost essence qi should recover.”

“There we go.” Qin Lang laughed, “Oh right, master, since you knew of the method, why didn’t you tell me? If you had told me earlier, perhaps I wouldn’t need to waste so much essence qi.”

“Sigh, I thought you would repent after wasting so much essence qi this time, but how would I know ——you don’t even have any thoughts of repentance! It seems you are destined to die at woman’s hands!”

“Master, you have enmity towards women?” Qin Lang asked.

“I have already told you beauty invites disaster, but you stubbornly refuse to listen, you are doomed to suffer extreme sufferings due to this!” Old Poison coldly snorted, then he reminded Qin Lang, “Don’t forget the mission I gave you!”

Finished speaking, Old Poison walked out of the room.

Soon after, Qin Lang called Luo Haichuan: “Uncle, I intend to go back to school, help me tell that to Luo Bin.”

“So fast? Little Qin, your body is fine, right?” The concern Luo Haichuan showed came from his heart, and it made Qin Lang’s heart feel warm.

“Thanks for your concern, but I am fine.” Qin Lang continued, “Furthermore, there is a problem. Uncle, have you made people investigate who poisoned Luo Bin?”

“Yes, I already made people investigate this.” Luo Haichuan said in a deep voice, “Police has already investigated the nearby CCTV camera and found the suspect who delivered the flowers. However, this person already died two days ago due to poison. As for his identity, he was an unemployed, and because he died, we are unable to continue our investigation.”

“Uncle, can you keep the news of Luo Bin being cured, a secret?” asked Qin Lang.

“Of course.” said Luo Haichuan, “I also want to find out the person that wants to harm my daughter! Right, when are you returning to Xiayang city, I will find people to see you off.”

“I am returning right away.” Since he was going to be especially escorted back, Qin Lang didn’t decline.

Before leaving the hotel, Qin Lang had already taken a poison pill concocted by Old Poison, however he didn’t feel any difference after eating it, it felt like he had only eaten an ordinary medicinal pill.

The reason why Qin Lang was anxious to return was because he wanted to fully understand who was the one that poisoned Luo Bin.

‘Ghost demands life’ this kind of poison was not something that could be obtained by an ordinary person.

Moreover, the text that guy had sent to Qin Lang already showed: the action against Luo Bin was only the beginning, he might still make a move against other girls related to Qin Lang.

Qin Lang wanted to thoroughly eliminate this hidden threat.

After two hours, Qin Lang was back at Xiayang city.

When he had just returned to the school gate, he saw Ma Wei looking for him.

Looking at Ma Wei’s irritated appearance, he should have been waiting here for very long time.

“Ma Wei, what is going on?” Qin Lang asked Ma Wei, looking at the cigarette butt under Ma Wei’s foot.

Ma Wei had thrown the cigarette butt he was holding on the ground before he said to Qin Lang: “Qin bro, Qiang bro is waiting for you, he said he has a very serious matter to talk with you.”

“Ah’Qiang? Couldn’t he have just called me?” Qin Lang took out his mobile and called Han San Qiang.

“Qin bro, you finally called——this is what happened, Qinghuan group came to find me, they want us to join them and become one of their groups, this matter——”

“This is not negotiable!” Qin Lang said resolutely, “Immediately refuse them.”

“Qin bro, won’t that be bad?” Han San Qiang apparently had some apprehensions, “In case we offend them, I am afraid it will be tough to handle!”

“Ah’Qiang, are you confused?” said Qin Lang, “After all the difficulties, we were able to make the brothers walk the ‘correct path’, if we start having relation with Qinghuan group, wouldn’t we be going backwards? What’s more, Qinghuan group is powerless, they will fall apart within a month, and you are scared of what they will do!”

Han San Qiang carefully pondered, Qin Lang definitely didn’t say those words without any reason, if he surrendered to Qinghuan group now, that would only be going back to the old way, in which case they would be crushed by the country sooner or later.

Only, Han San Qiang didn’t know why Qin Lang was so confident that Qinghuan group would collapse in a month.

“There is one more thing, Ah’Qiang, ask people to investigate someone called ‘Wang Xing’, he died two days ago, check what background this guy had.” Qin Lang instructed Han San Qiang.

This Wang Xing was precisely the person who delivered the flowers to Luo Bin in Qin Lang’s name. In police’s eyes, he was only an insignificant unemployed guy, but Qin Lang believed an underground boss like Han San Qiang could investigate even more information than the police.


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