Juvenile Medical God Chapter 109

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Chapter 109 Unexpected Provocation

Following Han San Qiang’s call, the school dismissal ring rang.

“Qin bro, do you have anything else to do?” Ma Wei asked Qin Lang.

“It’s fine, you can leave.” Qin Lang indicated that Ma Wei could leave.

Right at this time, a sport car’s engine roared through the street, a red Porsche sports car speedily approached and then stopped at the school gate.

This was just at the time of school dismissal, many students couldn’t help gasping when they saw this red Porsche.

Soon after, a tall almost one meter ninety, wearing diamond ear studs, a short haired youth got out of the sports car, and in his hand was a bouquet of red roses.

This youth, in many women’s eyes, was the so-called man who was tall, handsome and rich, their lethality were extremely strong.

Moreover, the approach this youth was taking clearly showed that he was here to pursue a specific girl of Seven Mid. The students who liked to gossip, stopped their steps, waiting to see a good show.

Qin Lang was not the type to gossip, so he wasn’t interested in remaining here to watch the show, he was just about to head to the school cafeteria but who would have expected that he would bump into an ‘acquaintance’.

“Qin Lang——”

A sweet voice called towards Qin Lang, this person was Jiang Xueqing.

Qin Lang stopped his footsteps and smiled: “You are returning home?”

“Yes, school cafeteria’s food is too unpalatable.” said Jiang Xueqing. Suddenly, her complexion changed, her gaze landed on that ‘tall, handsome and rich’ youth who was walking towards her, she whispered in a low voice, “Really annoying!”

“Annoying? Are you talking about me?” Qin Lang was puzzled.

“No …….I wasn’t talking about you!” Jiang Xueqing promptly explained, then she turned around, her complexion immediately sank when she turned towards that ‘tall, handsome and rich’ youth who was holding a bouquet of roses, “Why are you here?”

“Of course, to give you flowers.” The tall, rich and handsome youth gradually brought the bouquet in front of Jiang Xueqing, “Xueqing, be my girlfriend and you will be the happiest girl in this world!”

“So romantic!” An infatuated looking girl to the side said enviously.

For a moment, countless gazes had gathered at Jiang Xueqing’s face, however there was not even a little happiness on her face as she coldly said to that youth: “I will say it again, I don’t have any interest in you! Not even a little!”


“Porsche wooed, but was also refused!”

“There is still a girl who isn’t attracted by money in this era, this is really hard to come by!”


The surroundings were in an uproar, a lot of people thought Jiang Xueqing would nod her head like a chick pecking the rice, they had not expected the result to be miserable, that youth was ruthlessly refused and the tone of the refusal was firm!

The tall, handsome and rich youth’s smiling expression slowly froze, he had been rejected in front of so many people, this made his expression somewhat heavy, he had originally thought there was ninety percent chance of success, “Tell me, why?”

“Because I already have someone I like!” Jiang Xueqing replied in a loud voice.

These words, she seemed to be saying them for that youth, but in fact she was saying it so that Qin Lang could hear it.

“Who do you like? I don’t believe it, could he be taller, more handsome and richer than me, Qing Jun?” The youth coldly snorted, then using the bouquet of roses in his hand, he poked Qin Lang’s back, “Is this kid the one you like?”

Qin Lang hadn’t wanted to get involved in Jiang Xueqing’s personal matters, but unfortunately trouble looked for him, so he turned around and faced this youth called Qing Jun, calmly saying: “You are taller than me by a little, but you clearly don’t have my handsomeness.”

The surroundings were in an uproar, the spectators thought in their mind ‘This kid is really not modest.’ Qing Jun even disdainfully snorted.

“You are not convinced?” Qin Lang gave a faint smile, then he faced Jiang Xueqing and asked, “Jiang Xueqing, you tell who is more handsome between us?”

“You are more handsome!” Jiang Xueqing gave a soft chuckle.

Rage flourished in Qing Jun’s eyes, because from what he saw, Jiang Xueqing and Qin Lang seemed to be in love.

“Did you hear? Don’t flatter yourself.” Qin Lang said to Qing Jun, “Since the girl already made clear that she has no interest in you, don’t be like a housefly and bother her, okay? Anyway, with your qualifications, there should be someone who would take over for her, right?”

“I want to take over!” A girl shouted loudly.

Only, this girl’s appearance was really horrible, one glance at her and Qing Jun didn’t want to take another look at her again.

“Since someone is willing to take over, how about you accept her?” Qin Lang smilingly said, Jiang Xueqing also couldn’t help laughing.

The rage in Qing Jun’s eyes intensified even more, he suddenly smashed the bouquet of roses towards Qin Lang’s face. Roses had thorns, Qing Jun seemed to be deliberately trying to scar Qin Lang’s face.

This youth seemed to be accustomed to being unbridled, without even trying to discuss, he directly attacked.

Moreover, what Qin Lang hadn’t expected was this youth actually had some kung fu foundation, his hand moved very fast, ordinary people would definitely suffer if they collided with him, no wonder he was so unbridled, but how much skill did he have to act unbridled?


This bouquet of roses violently exploded, but it wasn’t Qin Lang’s face the bouquet struck, but his forearm, Qin Lang easy blocked Qing Jun’s sudden attack.

Qing Jun didn’t expect his attack to be blocked, so when the explosion of the roses blocked Qin Lang’s line of sight, he gave a strong hook to Qin Lang’s ribs, if this blow struck, it would be sufficient to drop Qin Lang down to the ground.

“Courting death——”

Qin Lang didn’t expect this youth to be so sinister, he had not wanted to use violence in front of his schoolmates, but this guy was too rampant,


Qing Jun’s fist had yet to strike Qin Lang’s stomach when his whole body flew and fell heavily beside his Porsche.

Qin Lang calmly picked up a rose from the ground as if nothing happened, then he gave it to Jiang Xueqing, “No matter how this person is, this rose is really good, put it in a flower vase back home, okay?”

Jiang Xueqing received this rose, despite knowing Qin Lang didn’t have any other meaning, her heart felt very elated, after all this was the first time Qin Lang gave a flower to her and moreover, it was a red rose.

At this moment, Qing Jun stood up from the ground with some struggle, killing intent was already steaming in his eyes, he wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth and got into his sports car. He thought of running Qin Lang to death with his car, but seeing as there were many students here, he suppressed this unwise thought, but he coldly said in his mind: ‘Qin Lang, you just lost a girl and you are still trying to snatch young master’s target, you must really be tired of living! An Yang will take care of you, there is no need for this young master to worry …...Jiang Xueqing, this bitch really doesn’t want to have face! However, the girls this young master fancies, I have never been able to not get, you will soon be begging in front of me……”


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