Juvenile Medical God Chapter 110

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Chapter 110 Justice Banner

“Yang bro, I want that Qin Lang to drop dead immediately!”

After leaving Seven Mid on his car, the anger filled Qing Jun had already begun to think of ways to kill Qin Lang. And his first thought was precisely An Yang, because he knew Qin Lang was An Yang’s father murderer.

“Qing Jun…...I was also thinking of killing Qin Lang soon. But we can’t move now, the boss is still thinking of incorporating Qin Lang, he wants to make him a group head.” An Yang calmly said, he was not someone that would easily be a cannon fodder.

“What? I don’t know what my dad is thinking, this type of guys should be killed, is it necessary to rope him in?” Qing Jun coldly said, “An Yang, isn’t he your father killer!?”

“No need for you to remind, I know this. But, I can’t go provoke the boss, right? Qing Jun, if you want me to handle him, wait till the boss changes his decision.” An Yang reminded Qing Jun.

“Okay, I understand.” Qing Jun hung up the phone, he began to think how he should make his father change his decision, so that he could handle Qin Lang along with An Yang.


Afternoon, after five, Qin Lang received Han San Qiang’s call, Han San Qiang didn’t disappoint Qin Lang, he already investigated all the details regarding Wang Xing, this guy was indeed unemployed; idling about, frequently moving at western area, gambling, swindling and demanding payment to make a living, even the small street gangsters looked down on him.

The reason Wang xing had delivered the flowers to Luo Bin was because someone had given him two hundred yuan for it and also promised additional two hundred yuan after he delivered the flowers. Only, when Wang Xing returned after the delivery, that person who gave him money had disappeared. After a few days, someone had discovered Wang Xing’s dead body in a shabby room.

“Who was the one that gave the money to Wang Xing?” asked Qin Lang, this was what he wanted to know.

“It is not clear.” said Han San Qiang, “Reportedly, when Wang Xing didn’t receive the promised money, he had started cursing but didn’t mention that person’s name or appearance, it was just cursing and grumbling.”

“You should know the street where Wang Xing died, right?” asked Qin Lang.

“Yes, it is western area’s Sanyuan street.”

“Good! Pick me up at the school gate in a while. Also, ask Man Niu and the brothers who have gone through the training to make preparations, tonight we will do a ‘real combat training’!”

After ending the call, Qin Lang called Zhao Kan to the school gate.

As soon as Zhao Kan heard there was going to be a ‘war’ tonight, he became excited like he was shot with chicken blood; he wore a black suit, he didn’t wear a shirt inside, but rather a black t-shirt, and he put on a pair of snow-white sports shoes.

“Fuck! Why the hell are you dressed like this?” Qin Lang carefully sized up Zhao Kan, thinking this kid had overdone it in excitement.

“What’s wrong? Is this not okay?” Zhao Kan looked at Qin Lang with shock, “I went through Baidu; the modern genuine Jianghu figures dress like this, a suit on their body and a machete on their hands, very cool!”

“Alright, anyway you have already put it on.” Qin Lang was speechless.

In a while, Han San Qiang arrived at the school gate in a car, after getting on the car, Han San Qiang asked Qin Lang: “Qin bro, what are you planning?”

“Sanyuan street, who is the boss of that area?”

“Qin bro, you want to take action against Sangyuan street’s Zhang Xiang Liang? That is western area and it isn’t our territory.” Han San Qiang heard Qin Lang’s meaning to move against Sanyuan street’s boss, Zhang Xiang Liang, thereupon he reminded Qin Lang, “Zhang Xiang Liang is that street’s boss, right now we are still not certain whether he relies on An Yang or not.”

“So what?”

“I originally intended to have him join us.” said Han San Qiang.

“Alright, make a phone call to him immediately, ask him to come for a drink at Yi Ping Tang tonight, Xiayang city’s Jianghu people should know that he is our people, then I won’t do anything to him!” Qin Lang was completely out of his character, his current actions were violent.

Han San Qiang was slightly startled, he immediately took out his phone and called Zhang Xiang Liang.

After a moment, Han San Qiang put back his phone and said to Qin Lang: “He said he still wants to consider …….and asked me to wait for his message.”

“What qualifications does he have to make us wait!?” Qin Lang coldly snorted, “We give him face, but he doesn’t want to accept it!”

“Qin bro, Sanyuan street is not just a street, it has the biggest wholesale market of Xiayang city——’Sanyuan Wholesale Market’, so how could Zhang Xiang Liang not have many subordinates?” Han San Qiang felt it was necessary to warn Qin Lang.

“Even better, I still haven’t faced any challenges.” Qin Lang was unmoved as before.

“How many people do they have?” Zhao Kan couldn’t help but ask.

“It should be one or two hundred people.” Han San Qiang replied.

“So many?” Zhao Kan was horrified, then he looked at Qin Lang, “Qin Lang, you alone can take on six-seven people, right?”

Qin Lang didn’t pay attention to Zhao Kan’s senseless question, so he said to Han San Qiang: “Ah’Qiang, I will make a bet with you, Zhang Xiang Liang is already relying on An Yang! But it doesn’t matter, it will be very clear tonight! After tonight, this guy’s name will be erased from Xiayang city’s Jianghu!”

“Qin bro, you really want to make a move? How about I gather some people?” Han San Qiang was also not someone who was afraid, but since opening the company, he worked more cautiously than before, “Qin bro, our movement will be big …… how about you first inform the police over there?”

“No need, we are not going to be fighting for underground territory, we are only upholding justice! Even if the police knows, they will only praise us, so how will they seize us?” Qin Lang’s face was filled with justice, but his thoughts however were full of ‘evil tricks’.

To tell the truth, Han San Qiang really didn’t buy this action could be ‘upholding justice’, but through tonight’s affairs, he really wanted his brothers to be with ‘justice’.

Only after half an hour, Qin Lang and Han San Qiang arrived at the security company, because they dealt with another crucial matter en route.

At the company, Man Niu had already chosen thirty ‘guards’ with the aura of dragons and tigers, they were all ready and waiting.

Although these thirty brothers had received the special training for less than half a month, there was already a fundamental change in their temperament and inner quality, how?

Because they were put through genuine special forces training! And their trainings even surpassed the special forces training!

Originally, with these people’s physical conditions, only a few minority of them could persevere with the training, but the main thing was that Qin Lang had made secret preparations for them, a medical bath made from ‘copper skin iron bones method’; it could improve these guys’ physique, eliminate the excess exhaustion and injuries from the training, so these guys could persevere with the training. And seeing that these former gangsters actually had willpower comparable to special forces soldiers, the instructors’ expression couldn’t help but be heavy, so they slyly increased the training intensity.

Like this, although these brothers’ training time was short, they had genuinely turned over a new leaf.


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