Juvenile Medical God Chapter 111

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Chapter 111 Upholding Justice

Before participating in the training, these thirty people were only street gangsters, they didn’t have an organized discipline and even more, couldn’t understand tactics, teamwork and so on; they only had some brute force and fierce enthusiasm. But going through this special training, these thirty people changed to top quality guards: their body was much more robust than before, their responses were much quicker and their movements were uniform, their spirits and willpower had also increased. Given some time, if they continued with the special training, they could even be comparable with the retired special forces soldiers.

Right now, these thirty people were already wearing Yuanping Security Company’s special custom-made security clothes, these clothes were made after referring to a certain country’s SWAT uniform, so they had a lot of imposingness. In Luo Bin’s proposal plan, she had especially mentioned this point——brand!

At present, any company or any goods need a brand. Security companies’ product is precisely security, so this security also needs a brand. In hong kong movie 《Ashes of Time》, there is a classic phrase: There is quite a difference in fees paid to a shoeless swordsman and one with shoes. This was a simplest form of brand. Uniform clothes gave off an imposingness which could make the employer have even more confidence.

“Damn! These guys look truly imposing! This won’t do, I also want a set of the clothes!”

Seeing this group of brothers that had already changed from gangsters to formidable guards, even Han San Qiang found it inconceivable. Moreover, this uniform was really good, Han San Qiang and Man Niu both coveted it.

“Do I get one?’ Zhao Kan also asked.

“You are in management, this suit will do.” Qin Lang smilingly said, “Let alone, you are so fat, how will you squeeze in that dress——Ah’Qiang, the preparations are good, we will move right away and overturn Zhang Xiang Liang’s den!”

“Qin bro, we are already prepared, but what are we going to ‘equip’ tonight? Should we carry knives?” Man Niu asked in a low voice.

“Carry knives and be careless? Didn’t the instructors teach you to use sticks? Also those things like electric truncheon?” Qin Lang replied with question.

“They have.” Man Niu nodded, he was only somewhat reminiscing the ‘anesthetic’ Qin Lang had given them before, after smearing it on the knives, as long as the blade drew even a little blood, the enemies would lose their movement abilities.

“Then that’s done, no one will carry knives, you will all carry batons, electric truncheons or other such equipments!” Qin Lang said, resolutely, “We can easily trample on Zhang Xiang Liang’s people without using knives!”

“Okay!” Man Niu responded, then he took the people to select equipments.

Qin Lang faced an instructor and smiled: “Instructor Xu, do you want to go with us?”

Instructor Xu’s full name was Xu Zhengwei; he was the most skilled in this group of instructors and a comrade-in-arms of Ma Zhenyong. Only because of his insufficient academic qualifications, he had to retire when the time came, whereas Ma Zhenyong rose through the ranks.

“Sir Qin, didn’t we come to an agreement before?” Xu Zhengwei said somewhat awkwardly.

“Instructor Xu is mistaken.” Qin Lang smilingly said, “I am only inviting you to look at these students’ performance, examine the results of your work and see if they still have any shortcomings. I can guarantee that you absolutely won’t have to do anything!”

“Alright, since it is so, I will go watch.” Actually, Xu Zhengwei also had violence in his body, even if he couldn’t do the job himself, he wanted to see tonight’s ‘great war’ and also conveniently examine these students’ accomplishments.

This group of people deserved to be said to have developed good foundation, they had made all the preparations within only fifteen minutes, then they divided themselves into the four 9-seaters Jinbei Haise vans, which was newly allocated by the company.

Soon after, the vehicles speedily proceeded towards western area’s Sanyuan street.

Sanyuan street was one of the several Feng Shui aligned places of Xiayang city. In the opinions of the businessmen of Xiayang city, this place was even more profitable than train stations. Because it had the largest wholesale market of Xiayang city—— Sanyuan Wholesale Market; everything from small lighters to big furnitures and home appliances could all be found there in wholesale.

If there were profits, naturally there would be ‘profits taker’, Zhang Xiang Liang was precisely this Sanyuan street’s tyrant. Not to mention, this guy’s name was really ‘resounding’, there wasn’t anyone in Sanyuan huge market who didn’t know of his name, there was even a rumor that many stalls and the storefronts of this market actually belonged to Zhang Xiang Liang.

Five vehicles entered the wholesale marketplace in a row, giving rise to a lot of attention. Since this was a marketplace, there naturally were endless stream of traffic, with many people coming and going, it was very lively even at nighttime. But, when Qin Lang and Han San Qiang walked out the vans, there was a change in the situation.

Han San Qiang was a mighty figure of Xiayang city, naturally many people knew of him, the main thing was Zhang Xiang Liang’s little brothers definitely recognized him. And this was Zhang Xiang Liang’s territory, Han San Qiang suddenly intruded in their territory, bringing so many people, which meant that this was not a simple affair.

Sure enough, just as Han San Qiang and Qin Lang had gotten off the vehicle, they were surrounded by several people that looked like gangsters and in the front was a guy who had a soybean sized mole on his left cheek, this guy smiled towards Han San Qiang: “Qiang bro, what wind brought you here?”

“Black swine, don’t speak fucking nonsense! Ask Zhang Xiang Liang to come out!” Han San Qiang coldly snorted, “You don’t have the capital to talk with me!”

“Qiang bro, Liang bro is not here right now.” This guy that was called ‘Black swine’ seemed to be proficient in dealing with such matters. Actually, ‘Black swine’’s name was Zhu Er Hei, but because of the mole on his cheek, he got the nickname ‘Black swine’.

Han San Qiang suddenly walked forward and threw a kick at Zhu Er Hei, sending Zhu Er Hei flipping over to the ground, then he coldly said: “Shut up, you still won’t call Zhang Xiang Liang to come over!?”

Although Zhu Er Hei was full of anger, he didn’t dare to directly challenge Han San Qiang, and immediately called Zhang Xiang Liang.

After over ten minutes, Zhang Xiang Liang came with some people, some merchants saw the situation was abnormal, so they promptly closed their stores early, and some directly hid inside their stores, tightly locking the iron doors.

This was after all Zhang Xiang Liang’s territory, so within over ten minutes, seventy-eighty people had gathered and there were still more people hurrying over.

Qin Lang looked at Zhang Xiang Liang, this guy was a thirty-something middle-aged man, he was fat and his head was bald, he was also wearing a suit, and his dressing style unexpectedly was somewhat similar to Zhao Kan’s. The difference was that Zhang Xiang Liang was wearing a silver grey suit and his shoes were leather shoes, moreover he was wearing a sunglass and six gold rings on his fingers, giving off the impression that he was a nouveau riche.

“Qiang bro, what are you trying to do?” Zhang Xiang Liang asked with a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing, although he knew Han San Qiang’s strength couldn’t be underestimated, this was after all his territory, there is safety in numbers, he had many men so he wasn’t afraid at all.

“Of course, we came with some matters. Zhang Xiang Liang, remember that in the future, you cannot take ‘management fees’ from the four storefronts on the eastern side of this wholesale market. Also, the money you took from them before, spit it out!”

Han San Qiang got right to the point, there was a smell of provocation in his tone.


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