Juvenile Medical God Chapter 125


Chapter 125 Putting into practice

“Damn Qing Heyun, you are shameless! Don’t even have the courage to fight with me!”

Qin Lang who was hidden in the woods couldn’t help but curse. He had suddenly slipped away because when he and the old guy approached the fortified village, he saw many gunmen in the watch-posts. If he had entered the fortified village, he would have immediately become a live target for these guys. He wasn’t invulnerable so he didn’t want to take the risk.

Qin Lang finally realized why Qing Heyun occupied this remote territory. Because the restrictions of law in this place was truly weak. In here, Qing Heyun was the master as well as the emperor. Moreover, this was an area inhabited by minority nationalities, they didn’t need to worry about cross-interrogation by the police even if they have blades and guns in their homes. Moreover, the police weren’t even likely to come to this place. These people normally looked like mountain folks, but in a blink of an eye, they could change into fierce brigands.

Qin Lang had thought Qing Heyun was a valiant and powerful person, so he had come here to fight him and end this grudge between them two. Who knew Qing Heyun would gather so many gunmen, he clearly didn’t care about using many to fight young. If Qin Lang walked into the fortified village, he might have been shot into mincemeat.

As such, Qin Lang slipped away when he neared the fortified village, then entered into the woods. By doing this, Qing Heyun’s people would definitely rush out of the village, after all Qing Heyun was not likely to let the killer of his son, escape from right under his eyes.

But with this, Qing Heyun’s people became exposed, whereas Qin Lang was hidden.

Old Poison had once said, poison sect’s members were experts in assassinations, and were the combat kings when fighting in the countryside. Because as poison sect’s member, one must be adept at using poisonous plants and toxins, so they would be able to easily defeat their enemies in the countryside.

These Qinghuan group’s people definitely wouldn’t know that. In their eyes, this Mt. Baiping mountain was their territory. Besides distribution of all kinds of drugs from the village, they would frequently hunt in the mountain. So they knew Mt. Baiping’s terrain like the back of their hands. In their minds, since Qin Lang entered this Mt. Baiping, he could stop thinking about escaping.

However, these people wouldn’t even have dreamt that what was waiting for them was a nightmare!

It was already dark now, but these people weren’t worried, they had hunted hares and leopard cats many times in night.

One of the Qinghuan group members saw strange movements in the bushes ahead of him, so he raised his hunting rifle and tiptoed towards the bush. But when he walked to that bush, there was nothing there. Just as he was puzzling over it, he suddenly sensed something coming down from above. When he raised his head, he saw a person dropping down from the sky, just like a scorpion jumping at its prey. He felt a thunderous sound in his head and then lost consciousness.

“Hm, this ‘scorpion climbs the wall’ kungfu is really useful.” Qin Lang thought to himself, then he forced a pill in this guy’s mouth. This was to guarantee that the guy would remain unconscious for a whole day.

Then Qin Lang leaned on a big tree, using ‘scorpion climbs the wall’ movement technique; he was putting in practice what he had just learned. This technique’s advantage lied when climbing trees; not only was it fast, it was also stable, there was no sound just like when a scorpion hunts for its food.

Lightly approaching the prey and then delivering a fatal blow!

Qin Lang’s previous actions were the same; the guy was still confused until the moment he finished his move.

However, Qin Lang could tell that he could use scorpion climbs the wall so smoothly because of the Hidden Dragon Pillaring technique. This pillaring technique could not only create roots when on the ground, it could also ‘create roots’ on the tree. As long as there was an area to borrow strength from, Hidden Dragon Pillaring could allow Qin Lang to stably stand there. This was truly magical.

After making this guy unconscious, Qin Lang tied him up on a tree and then turned on his flashlight to lure the other guys. Qin Lang quickly hid himself in the darkness.

Sure enough, the intense ray of light attracted several guys over. But, following fleeting noises, three among these several people disappeared.

Pa! Pa! Pa!~

Some of the group finally couldn’t endure the pressure as they opened fire all around them.

These people were carrying hunting guns and rifles, the accuracy of these firearms when shooting intermittently was good, but when used recklessly like this, they had no use other than to scare the counterpart.

But Qin Lang was clearly not scared, he waited for these guys to finish shooting and made his move when these guys were reloading their firearms. Using the scorpion climbs the wall movement technique, he quietly approached them. His body was concealed and he could clearly observe this group’s movements, waiting for the optimum opportunity to make his move.

When Qin Lang made his move, he used mantis blade and not scorpion technique. He was like a scorpion when he approached his targets, but was as quick as a mantis when taking actions.

Scorpion for concealment and mantis for hunting.

After close to two hours of this ‘guerilla tactics’, all these shooters of Qinghuan group were unconscious within the woods.

Right now, the sky was completely dark. Making use of the hazy moonlight, Qin Lang quietly neared the fortress village.

He naturally wouldn’t force through the fortress village entrance. He chose to enter from the western side of the fortress village. That side was closed off by five-six meters tall rocks, but as far as Qin Lang was concerned, stone walls couldn’t even be said to be obstacles. As long as there were supports to borrow strength from, he would be able to climb over them with his bare hands, no matter how tall the walls were.

In less than a minute, Qin Lang climbed over the five-six meters tall wall.

Now, by occupying the high ground, the situation inside the fortress village was clear to Qin Lang.

The size of this fortress village was similar to a normal village. There were over hundred houses of all sizes. The upper floors of these houses were used as living quarters and the bottom floors were used for keeping livestocks and toilets. It was a typical Qiang building, even Qin Lang somewhat suspected that Qing Heyun was a Qiang ethnic person.

Among these buildings, there was a very imposing house; this house was located right in the middle of the fortress village, it was completely made of stone bricks and had a total of three floors, the wood used for windows and doors were new. Moreover, it had its own small courtyard. This was the sole villa in this village.

Needless to say, Qin Lang could guess this was Qing Heyun’s residence.

Qin Lang quietly slid down the wall, then he moved towards Qing Heyun’s villa with a cat like posture.

While moving towards the villa, Qin Lang kept on issuing low whistling sounds. But in the middle of the chirps and cries of birds and insects, Qin Lang’s whistling sound wasn’t distinct.

There were occasional patrolling squads within the fortified village. But since everyone thought Qin Lang was fleeing for his life, the patrolling squads within the village weren’t tensed.

Qin Lang reached the villa.

Right at this moment, sounds of dogs barking were heard.


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