Juvenile Medical God Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Jiang Xueqing

“Hey - What are you doing!?”

Fu Yingxiao finally reacted. Qin Lang destroyed her good plans so her mood naturally became very bad mood. Pointing at Qin Lang, she began to curse at him, “What the hell? Have you never drunk iced water? You dare to snatch my stuff!?”

The female server also lashed out at Qin Lang: “Mister, how can you casually take someone else’s drink!?”

“What? Take someone else’s?” Qin Lang showed a very dissatisfied expression, “I ordered a glass of iced water before. You didn’t send it over and now, you have brought it, I took it to drink. What is the problem?”

“But this is their order.” The female server said with suppressed anger.

“That is also first come, first served, I ordered before them so naturally, I should be the one to drink first!” Qin Lang said in a very self-righteous manner, “Moreover, they have all drank several soda so I was certain you had prepared this glass of iced water for me.”

When Qin Lang was arguing with the female server, Tao Ruoxiang seized the chance to take a sample from this glass of iced water.

But even though Tao Ruoxiang’s movements were fast, she was discovered by Fu Yingxiao. Fu Yingxiao suddenly became alert and rushed towards Tao Ruoxiang and cursed: “You bitch, what are you doing!?”

While cursing, she reached out her hands to grab Tao Ruoxiang’s hair. This Fu Yingxiao deserved to be called the art school’s female bludger as it seemed that she frequently fought with people, hence, was very good at the women’s ‘free fighting’ style; grabbing hair and scratching face. Fu Yingxiao’s several sisters also rushed over to help, wanting to use many to bully the few.

Tao Ruoxiang was just taking a little iced water into a small test tube when she saw Fu Yingxiao trying to grab her hair. She had previously received combat training on throwing techniques so with conditioned reflex, she grabbed Fu Yingxiao’s arm and jerked it. With a graceful turn, she bent down and sent force through her waist, completing a beautiful shoulder throw, there was only a sound of crash, Fu Yingxiao’s body fell stiffly on a small wooden table in the booth, a painful cry came out and it seemed it would be hard for her to get up for a moment.

“I hate when someone pulls my hair the most!” Tao Ruoxiang coldly humphed. Since she caught their boss first, the other several art school female students were immediately deterred. For a moment, they didn’t dare to attack Tao Ruoxiang.

Qin Lang was also astonished. It seems Tao Ruoxiang hadn’t boasted, she certainly knew mixed martial arts, although not at an expert level, but against the likes of Fu Yingxiao, it was more than enough.

“You…...you are teacher Tao?” Jiang Xueqing returned to herself only at this moment and was looking at Tao Ruoxiang in astonishment.

“Come with teacher and leave here.” Tao Ruoxiang said to Jiang Xueqing. She didn’t plan to stay here any longer since she already got the evidence, and for the following affairs, she intended to let the police handle them.

“Stop this bitch!” Fu Yingxiao cried out in pain, “Oww…...cannot let her walk away!”

When Fu Yingxiao finished saying this, that young female server suddenly kicked towards Tao Ruoxiang and at the same time, smashed the tray on her hand at Tao Ruoxiang’s head, additionally, several female students lunged towards Jiang Xueqing. They were somewhat afraid of Tao Ruoxiang but they believed they were more than enough to handle Jiang Xueqing.

By contrast, Qin Lang, a magnificent male, had been neglected by everyone!


The Water Bar’s first floor door suddenly closed at this moment. Fightings happened outside the art school so this kind of closing the door ‘to begin the fight’ also happened. As such, there wouldn’t be anyone to go call the police unless there was bloodshed.

“Stop them——F*ck! Hurry up and help…...I am being bullied by another school’s boy!”

The most poisonous was a woman’s heart. Although, this Fu Yingxiao didn’t have any real ability, but she was very good at fanning the flames of trouble. When the male students on the first floor heard their school’s female student was bullied by another school’s student, blood flowed to their minds and they immediately charged up. Furthermore, two students unscrewed a wine bottle, and with a stool, they rushed towards Qin Lang in a threatening manner.

From just the number of people, Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang seemed to be in a complete disadvantage.

“Qin Lang, what are you still staring at ——” Tao Ruoxiang was already losing control of the situation so she said hastily to Qin Lang, “Hurry up and call the police!”

“I want you to call the police!”

One art school male student darted towards Qin Lang to prevent him from calling the police and then, with the momentum from the dash, he flew high into the air and kicked towards Qin Lang’s chest. Not only was his posture very dazzling but his kick was also very ferocious.

If Qin Lang hadn’t learned martial arts, this flying kick could have directly ‘KO’ him to the ground but how could Qin Lang be so useless, just at the moment when the male student’s kick was about to reach his chest, his right leg suddenly moved forward a step, his Hidden Dragon Pillar landed on the ground and it was as if he grew roots on the ground, this one step immediately gave off a loud ‘bang’ sound, violently shaking the whole second floor. At the same time, Qin Lang’s left hand moved forward and grabbed the male student’s ankle area, then like whirling a stick, he wheeled the student and then let go of his hand. This unlucky male student’s body immediately flew out, seemingly like an ‘immortal’, and crashed towards other male students who were rushing over.

Loud cries echoed out, the whole second floor was thrown into chaos.

Qin Lang began to move, easily protecting Tao Ruoxiang and that female student named Jiang Xueqing behind him, the three people retreated to another booth in the second floor and Qin Lang blocked the booth’s entrance by himself.

Fu Yingxiao and her companions along with three female servers of the Water Bar surrounded Qin Lang’s three person.

“Stop! Which blind fellow dares to cause trouble in my place! Looking for death!”

At this moment, an extremely arrogant woman’s voice was heard after which, Fu Yingxiao and her companions hurriedly called out ‘Sister Quan”.

Very quickly, a delinquent girl with short spiked hair and her mouth still holding a cigarette, appeared in front of the crowd. This woman was at most, twenty years old but she gave off a kind of intense cold feeling to people; this was a shrewd and ruthless persona developed from being in the mixed society for a long time. ‘Sister Quan’ disdainfully sized up Qin Lang, Tao Ruoxiang and Jiang Xueqing. She first said to Jiang Xueqing: “Little girl, you should be clear on who I, Lin Xiaoquan am! I will give you five seconds, come to my side immediately! Otherwise, don’t blame me for not showing compassion!”

“Dream on! I will follow teacher Tao!” Jiang Xueqing didn’t know exactly what was happening but she naturally knew who was on the right side between Lin Xiaoquan and Tao Ruoxiang. Although, she was very afraid inside but she nevertheless appeared to be calm on the surface.

“Good! Little girl, you brought this upon yourself!” Lin Xiaoquan glared fiercely at Jiang Xueqing and then looked at Tao Ruoxiang again, “You are a teacher? How did you think you could take charge of the justice in my place?”

At this moment, Fu Yingxiao quickly whispered few words besides Lin Xiaoquan’s ear and when Lin Xiaoquan heard that, her complexion became black and she suddenly took out a butterfly knife from her waist, quickly revealing the knifepoint: “Leave behind all your belongings. If not, this knife is going to cut open your face——teacher!”

“That will do! Little delinquent! Don’t threaten my——the woman besides me!”

Qin Lang originally wanted to say ‘don’t threaten my woman’ but that would sound too aggressive and as there was Jiang Xueqing at his side, these words might be going too far so Qin Lang could only make a little change.

Although, Lin Xiaoquan was a delinquent, she didn’t like people calling her ‘little delinquent’ so hearing Qin Lang say these words, she immediately spat out the cigarette on her mouth towards Qin Lang’s face and then thrusted her knife towards his stomach.

Lin Xiaoquan proved herself to have been in the mixed society, she was extremely cruel and merciless.

Tao Ruoxiang and Jiang Xueqing couldn’t refrain from crying out in alarm, both of them were worried for Qin Lang.

But just when Lin Xiaoquan’s small knife touched the corner of Qin Lang’s clothes, her whole body suddenly flew up and fiercely hit the ceiling above and then again smashed into the ground, there was not even a cry of pain——

Lin Xiaoquan had unexpectedly lost consciousness by Qin Lang’s one kick!

Fu Yinxiao and her companions were immediately stunned, to theirs this group of people, ‘Sister Quan’ was quite a ferocious character and she was like their boss, but they had never thought that Qin Lang’s one kick would make her lose consciousness.

When these people were in dumbfounded state, Qin Lang made yet another move, he suddenly raised his hand and threw a cloud of white powder, covering Fu Yingxiao and her companions completely——

Lime powder?

Tao Ruoxiang was stunned, saying in her mind ‘Who is this Qin Lang actually? Even using the lime powder, the methods of ‘xiasanlan’.

I, my (in Italic text) - here, they are saying it in arrogant terms. Just like your father, here Fu Yingxiao is saying your great aunt and Lin Xiaoquan is saying your mother.

Xiasanlan - derogatory term for the three professions of prostitution, beggars and street artists.


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